Stress Audio Program 80 - Immediate Streamed Version

Stress Audio Program 80 - Immediate Streamed Version

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Stress treatment system

The stress audio program 80

has 14 interlinked sessions (plus ambient music track) and consists of over 5 hrs 15 mins structured recording –  with an accompanying booklet, including listening schedule, faqs, and other information.

Streamed Version 

In these strange and difficult times, protecting your immune system is important.  Long term high-stress levels are known to reduce the functioning and effectiveness of your immune system.  In short, reducing your stress can help protect you from infection.  To play our part in helping and encouraging our customers to protect themselves this program is currently discounted. *
According to recent statistics from the American Institute of stress 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress! 

This stress management program is structured, easy and enjoyable listening which could bring you positive results in your goal to improve your quality of life. Using hypnosis, relaxation, suggestion and imagery to bring a positive approach to stress relief.   

This streamed version delivers a link to your phone/desktop/smart device every day with the appropriate listening for that day.  

Stress management audio program 80

Stress Audio Program pictured on iPhone screen

helps you to manage stress effectively. You were not born stressed you have learned to be stressed due to a whole raft of reasons.  If you have learned to be stressed you can learn something different!

Sample Clips:   Session 1    Session 2    Session 3   

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Stress relief at home… 

(All for a fraction of the price of one to one sessions, giving huge savings. Taken as one to one sessions would genuinely cost you in excess of £1,000 / $1,250)

The use of hypnosis works on the subconscious level to develop new positive coping mechanisms and reinforces existing positive inner resources.  It helps to achieve balance and harmony between the mind and the body, instilling relaxation to release tension and other physical symptoms;  whilst also instilling more positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Stress Audio Program 80

This stress relief hypnosis program offers you options of choice, consideration and lots more besides.  Positive stress exists of course, and we want to retain its benefits. It is the negative areas where our stress relief hypnosis program so often helps.

So what is special about our stress relief hypnosis program.  

Well, quite simply it's different. It has interlinked sessions which means it is structured, and with structure, new information, options and considerations are more easily understood and retained. Also, this stress relief hypnosis program uses a process called 'ongoing progressive session induction method' or OPSIM for short. Developed in the early ’90s by the program author Michael Mahoney a clinical hypnotherapist who developed the first IBS home use program the IBS Audio Program 100.

Since then, he has produced several other recordings including this stress relief hypnosis program, and with its built-in OPSIM structure to maximize its benefits to the listener.

Please take a few minutes listen to sound clips above, and then scroll down to see more about the structure of the program,   

14 structured interlinked tracks and 1 track of ambient music.

Session 1: Commentary Introduction (approximate running time 20:29)

The mind and body connection are inseparably linked, they respond to internal and external stressors which may be real or perceived. The mind and body connection result in changes in our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This introduction simply outlines this process, helping you to understand what is going on inside yourself, and gives a foundation for you to build upon. You are encouraged to listen to this introductory session as a reminder and reinforcing process to help obtain maximum benefit from this program.

Session 2: Learning to Be More (approximate running time 17:54) *

This very gentle, easy to listen session is designed to encourage you to begin the process of taking part in your own healing. Learning and relearning to relax is the key to successfully managing stress. Time taken here will help you to better understand the process and is paving the way for you to become much more aware of your ability to feel rested and relaxed and to expect those feelings to be with you more and more often.

Session 3: Moments of Relaxing Emotions ~ 'MORE' (approximate running time 20:38)

Man with arms out stretched with the word motivation between

This session continues the process of developing relaxation and reduced stressors. Gentle imagery encourages you to release demands, stresses and negative expectations while encouraging positive use of inner space. The process of unburdening allows for positive thoughts and considerations to be poured into space once filled with negatives.

Session 4: Letting Go (approximate running time 20:21)

This session brings awareness of how negative thoughts and expectations can resonate within us. The process used in this session will help you to take in gentle suggestions revealing to you that even though in the past you may have made progress and then perhaps faltered and returned to the familiar negative thought patterns, now you are different, now you are taking a different path, choosing a different way of moving on. You will be gently reminded that you now are doing something different and something structured, and being encouraged positively, and because of this the outcome can be different.

Session 5: Each Moment (approximate running time 17:49)

This session encourages you to begin to use your new way of thinking to push back barriers and limitations which have held you back in the past. Acknowledging that there may have been times when you needed to rest, recover or simply remain still, but now recognizing that you can be more, much more! Now you are changing, feeling stronger, better, freer and more in control.

Happy smiling face of a cuddly yellow teddy

Session 6: Reflection (approximate running time 15:33)

Those days when it perhaps felt you were uncertain where to turn, or what to do and how to climb out of those difficult times are far in the past, the rungs of the emotional ladder are much closer together now, climbing higher into emotional well-being and general happiness is now much easier, life more enjoyable and thoughts more positive and sure.

Session 7: Confidence (approximate running time 20:07)

Confidence is not difficult to grow, you have to simply learn to trust yourself, to let yourself be in touch with your own awareness and understanding, in touch with your innate ability to learn and relearn new ways of thinking and feeling. You are now learning to have renewed confidence in yourself and to know that you can and will achieve those things you want to achieve in a way that is gentle yet effective.

Session 8: Light of Consciousness (approximate running time 26:58)

This is a longer gentle session which encourages you to go deeper into relaxation using imagery and suggestion. Also using colour with the suggestion to help you to allow negative thoughts and expectations to dissolve and be replaced with further calm and positive thoughts and feelings. This session not only builds on the previous ones but helps to anchor in the learning so that you can be a more relaxed and balanced individual, and able to meet challenges more easily as mind and body work together.

Session 9: Parachute Time (approximate running time 20:56)

Poster reading words have power

By encouraging you to let go of negatives, this session uses the gentle imagery of drifting down slowly and quietly into relaxation as if beneath a large parachute of safety. You will be reminded that whatever needs to be changed in your life, can be changed and that you can let go of whatever needs to be released. You can embrace every positive emotion, recognizing that even negative emotion can provide learning and understanding too and can then be released.

Session 10: Inner Universe (approximate running time 26:05)

Using metaphor to reinforce positive suggestions and learning, this session encourages you to build an inner universe. You will benefit from an abundance of pleasant imagery that will ease you gently into relaxation while you still move on and progress, by letting go of stress and demands, allowing negative thoughts and attitudes to drop away. As you continue to move on in a positive way, you will be free to develop new positive thoughts, pathways and ideas.

Session 11: Dilution of Negatives (approximate running time 21:31)

Using gentle guided imagery, this session encourages you to relax completely, broadening and expanding this relaxation as it becomes more and more a part of you. Through the new relaxation, you will reduce stressors, anxieties and negativity. You are guided with gentle imagery of clouds and sunshine which helps you to reinforce control in your life while letting go of burdens.

Picture of mannequin forming the I in VIP

Session 12: Golden Threads (approximate running time 20:26)

Each negative thought is supported by memory and emotion. This session uses imagery and suggestions to release what is no longer needed while encouraging your new strong internal support system for keeping and enhancing positive thought patterns.

Session 13: Your Uniqueness (approximate running time 18:06)

We all have a place in life! In fact, we have many places we are meant to be, a place in relationships, socially and all aspects of our life. Wherever your journey in life takes you, there is a place for you. But you can also find better places because we don’t have to be stuck, we are constantly changing and moving on. Your uniqueness is your key to success in any and all aspects of your life.

Session 14: Bridges to Cross (approximate running time 22:01)

A reflective session, which again uses imagery and metaphor to maximize the benefits of the journey you have made through this program, and in life. Problems have been overcome, released and let go. Positives have been embraced; suggestions and ideas have helped you to find your way. You are building your own bridges to overcome problems, and your new resources help you to build more bridges, to greater success.

Session 15: Ambient music (approximate running time 31:10) Not included in the listening schedule

*taken from the self-esteem program of Michael Mahoney…Because it fits nicely!

Lets work together to make things better!

Let's work together to make things better!

*Discount: We reserve the right to withdraw or amend discount levels without notification.

The Stress Audio Program 80 - Immediate Streamed Version was developed to help make each day easier. Every. Single. Day.

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