Therapist Resource - Script - Ice Breaker


This scripts is approximately 2,950 words long ...

Excerpt 1

Just allow the breath to come and go as it always has, letting the relaxation develop and deepen in that way which is becoming easier and easier, as time simply passes by. Remembering that each moment is an end and a new beginning, each new moment leaving the previous moment behind, and it feels right and it feels good.

In this quiet time simply allow your mind and body to relax a little more. Letting each moment simply pass by, each breath relaxing you a little more, mind and body relaxing, muscles and joints relaxing and being comfortable.

  • In this time of quiet and comfort, I want you to take this time to relax and reflect on your internal energies and accomplishments. 
  • Energies which are deep within you,
  • Energies, that allow you to keep going when you want to stop but have to keep going.
  • Energies that you use to function in any and all situations. 
  • Energy which allows you to accomplish those things you want to achieve.
  • Energies that you can replenish in these times of quiet and comfort.

Also reflecting on your accomplishments, achievements, the positives that have happened in your life, your abilities to think and feel, your abilities to do those things you want to achieve.

Abilities that have helped you to live your life up till now, and will continue to do so in the future.

These energies and accomplishments are those things that allow you to learn and understand, that allow you to make decisions and achieve things in life. 

These and many more energies and accomplishments are there to help you now and in the present.  You simply have to be aware that you are capable of doing and being more.

Recognise that you have your own talents and gifts, your own strengths and resources, your own life skills and education. And recognise you are successful. You are successful, because all the things life has thrown at you, you have survived them all  .......

Excerpt 2

All this comfort and calmness and well being, and these feelings of comfort develop and deepen as time slowly passes by.  As you bathe in this glow of ever growing harmony and balance, you know that you can move on more easily now, and that you are able to let go of those things no longer needed.

So for now, I want you to imagine in front of you a large block of ice. This block of ice can represent all the self limiting thoughts and feelings, self limiting rituals or habits which keep you from fulfilling your true potential, prohibiting you from reaching the goals you want to achieve in life.

For these self limiting feelings bring you no warmth or joy, no happiness or comfort.  They radiate nothing that is welcome or needed.

It simply represents coldness and hardness. And you can do without them.

Now in the quietness of your mind imagine, you have this block of ice in front of you, and you imagine stepping closer to it, and as you do, that block of ice is bathed in the glow which is around you, and quite soon you see that block of ice beginning to melt.

Gradually your warmth and glow, your positive thoughts and feelings begin dissolving the cold negative unwelcome thoughts.

And the more you watch, the more the block of ice melts. The more and more you want it to melt, because this has been a burden to you. The block of ice representing the negative thoughts and feelings you have carried around with you, and it is finally loosening its grip, losing its strength over you, losing its authority, for now ....