Therapist Resource - Script - Bridges to Cross


This script encourages the client

to reflect on their journey through life, and uses imagery and suggestion relating to the seasons to help release and to let go of those things no longer needed and to embrace positives and to more forward, more easily. One of authors favourite scripts.

 Excerpt One

.....The path takes you over a bridge spanning a large frozen pond.  The surface is frozen solid, ducks, geese and swans waddle comically on the ice, searching for a break in the ice.  The ice is thick, for the pond has been frozen for several weeks and may well be, for some time to come, until the warmer spring returns.

The birds simply turn and fly away, knowing when they come back it will be different, more hospitable for them. A snow flurry brings a cold wind and covers the frost laden grass and branches; you make tracks in the frost and snow, footprints which remain for only a short while, until covered by the falling snow.  The sun is covered by large snow clouds and you know that it is now a time of reflection, to reflect on your journey and the time you are taking for you.

 Now imagine your journey on this path is now in the spring time, it is about mid-day and the sky is blue, the sun is getting higher and warmer and you are dressed comfortably and you see the new buds and leafs on the trees, the grass getting greener and the air is fresher, the wind is moderate and you are welcome of the feeling of change.

On this part of the path you are seeing new growth all around you .....

Excerpt Two

...Those seasons are in the past, and though there may be other testing times, you have a history of moving on successfully, you have overcome challenges, you have embraced change and made important changes in your life.

You might want to think of the seasons as moods and attitudes, some more helpful than others, some denying and delaying progress, making life more difficult than you should, others, motivating, spurring you on, increasing confidence, perspective, drive and ambition and much more, and you remember you have control over your thoughts, you have proved that to be the case time after time in your life, and changed them for the better many times in the past.

And you look over the brow of the hill and you see lots of different landscapes, and lots of bridges, and you know now that each of those bridges is a way forward, built by your experience of the past, and the bridges become higher wider stronger all of them built by your continuing accumulations of growth, strength and determination.  

In fact the bridges are appealing to you for each one is built to be crossed, each one firm and sound, and each one leading you to a better place, with more opportunities to be embraced.

Each bridge in the future is ....