Therapist Resource - Script - Bubble Of Safety


This script is useful to help

your client relax, and feel safe, to be reflective, and to increase confidence and self worth. A great script to help build rapport too, as the client creates a safe space to work with you.

Excerpt One

.... And as you lay comfortably stening to the sound my voice you feel relaxed and calm, knowing each time you listen to this recording you become more familiar with the sound of my voice, more relaxed and rested, more at ease with yourself. 

And I would like to take you on a gentle safe welcoming journey so I want you to imagine that while laying comfortably listening to my voice, you continue to allow the muscles and the joints to relax in the way your body knows best how to do, knowing that my voice will become more familiar on each listening, knowing the comfort will become more familiar on each listening, recognising your expectation is becoming one of well being and comfort on each easy listening of this recording.

So in this relaxed comfortable state of well being and inner calm, I want you to imagine that you surround yourself with an invisible bubble, nothing can enter this bubble unless you want it too, but you can expand it,....


Excerpt Two

So in this moment in this bubble of safety and comfort, allowing each breath to relax you, allow the bubble to slowly expand and grow, pushing back the rest of the world, pushing back the time, pushing back even further any concerns, worries, apprehensions

or self limiting beliefs, any other feelings which are negative, any thoughts or feelings which contaminate or sabotage your recovery, any feelings which may contaminate or sabotage your moving on, or preventing your development of positive thoughts and feelings.

All these and any others are being pushed back as the bubble grows and expands, you relax more, breathing comfortably, rested and at ease. 

And then let the bubble remain at the size you want it to be. In the space around you, there is light, air, comfort, well-being, relaxation and stillness, your body is relaxed and resting, replenishing inner energy ....