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Therapist Resource - Script - Letting Go -Anxiety

Therapist Resource - Script - Letting Go -Anxiety

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This script is useful in helping clients with

Anxiety, Stress, Confidence and can be used widely in part or whole for other situations.

Excerpt One

.....Sometimes we look for ways to escape negative thoughts and feelings, and yet if we try to move away from them or change them, we can feel as if we are being prevented from moving on by some invisible force, we simply then fall back into the every day routines of thoughts and behaviour including those which are not needed.

But what if you could change all that? What if you were to be given the power and the authority to change what you want to change? Escape the inescapable?   What if you were given the resources to make whatever changes you wanted to make, and to do them in a way and in a time frame that was comfortable for you?

Well, the real exciting issue now to consider is that you already have what you need to change, you may need guidance, and you may need to use your energies in a more productive way, and you may need to practice letting go, and becoming ....

Excerpt 2

......So for now, imagine how the past thoughts and routines which in the past have prevented you from moving on look.

These may look like the roots of a plant, slowly weaving their way towards you, slowly draining your resolve, and eventually taking hold and preventing you from moving on and when in their grip they pulled you back into the old familiar thought patterns.

Or imagine the old thoughts as threads of cotton, weaving their way into your life, becoming a part of your life, their influence touching many areas of your life.

These old threads are worn, and thin for they are old, they are weaker than in the past, because you have in the past done battle with then, defied them and although they won in the past, you are now stronger, your thinking is more positive, you are more aware of their being and aware of your growing power and your authority in your life. No longer are you feeding them with doubts and uncertainties, now you are using that precious energy for your precious self.

So now simply imagine those old threads snapping, or being stretched and then snapping or being cut or fraying and then snapping, and when ....

The Therapist Resource - Script - Letting Go -Anxiety was developed with people like you in mind. We structure every program to maximize outcomes for you.

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