Therapist Resource - Script - Pathways Of Choice


This script guides the client

to recognise that each moment is an end and a new beginning, and that each decision made has contributed to where they are at this moment in life.

It encourages letting go of negatives. It guides through decision making processes and aids in re-balancing thoughts and feelings. It also encourages client quiet reflection. 

Excerpt One

but all the decisions you made in the past have led you to where you are now, in this moment with the knowledge and experience you have now, the life skills and wisdom and education and more.  You perhaps didn’t know your decisions then, in the past would take to today, to this moment, but they have, and the great thing is, if you were not aware of the power of each decision and step you make in life, you are now.  You now know literally everything in your life you chose to do, think, act upon has an impact on your life and the lives of those around you, sometimes on lives far away too.

In this quiet time you can simply rest and listen to the sound of my voice, and as you do let your mind wander, let it simply begin to grasp the

Excerpt Two

Secondly you introduce change, and that begins and a new learning pattern, you leave behind the old pattern and begin to process the new feelings and thoughts.

Thirdly, a degree of internal chaos may be felt, this is the time when the subconscious starts the real process of change. It begins to evaluate the new information you have, whether it is better than what was experienced previously, is so does it replace the old totally, or is there parts of the change which will be adopted and embraced, and other parts rejected. Or is the entire new learning rejected? These internal questions will be processed quickly,