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Many Health Audio Programs - SALE ON

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Full, multi-session programs with nothing taken away.   Available on MP3 or Streamed formats.  

All our programs have a suggested simple listening schedule to work to.

Get yours now - SALE ON!

You missed this one - but we still have programs for £39.00! (updated 17 February 2023)


  • IBS Audio Program 100  - for Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
  • Anxiety (GAD) Audio Program 120 
  • Insomnia Audio Program 60
  • Burnout Audio Program 75
  • Chronic Pain Audio Program 110
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem Audio Program 
  • IBS Audio Program 60 for Children
  • Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60
  • Stress Audio Program 80
Don't let another year pass by without looking at our health focused audio programs.  We have been helping people around the world since 1998, join the growing numbers of people discovering our programs. 
When you decide it's time to work with something different, let us help you to achieve your goal.  

When you think health + hypnosis - think - Healthy Audio Hypnosis!

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