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If you are looking for help with:

  • IBS
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia or,
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Emotional recovery
  • Breast cancer recovery
  • And others!

You have come to the right place.

We spend our time, looking for health solutions for you. We create condition specific hypnosis audio programs. Our reason for being is to help you live your life better.

We do this by dedicating ourselves to understanding the conditions our audio programs are designed to help.

We understand in depth about the physical and emotional symptoms of IBS, we understanding the feelings and pressures, anxiety and stress brings to the person living with those conditions and the sometimes seemingly ending oppression the conditions bring.  

We understand the emotional recovery process after breast cancer.  We also understand about the frustration and desperation insomnia brings into a person's life.  

And we certainly understand the effects that lack of confidence and self-esteem has on a person's life, future and relationships. 

Rest assured, we understand where you,are and how you feel, and we have worked hard to develop our innovative health solutions.

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We have been providing innovative health solutions using hypnosis since 1998. Our products are original, developed by us, and researched by us, so that they meet the needs of the user as they and we, understand them to be.

And because some programs are award winning, we belief our product development structure is a winning process too!

IBS Audio Program 100 for Adults

 All our audio programs are developed by Michael Mahoney a medical centre based, UK award winning clinical hypnotherapist who has been in practice since 1986 

  • Some of our programs take years of researching and developing before we are satisfied with the end result.
Our goal is to bring relief to as many people as we can through our portfolio of tried and tested hypnosis audio programs.

    We have been researching, developing and bringing innovative health solutions to market since 1991

    Anxiety Audio Program MP3 Download

    We aim to:

    • provide the professional resources you need, at an affordable price to help you feel better and to live life more fully
    • take the time to listen always have and we always will,
    • work with patients and clients, who test our products before we release them to market

    provide ongoing support to our users too.

    Confidence and Self esteem hypnosis program

      We and our products have a very long history of being there when it mattered, to hundreds of thousands of people - we look forward to being there when and if you need us!

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