Osteoarthritis Audio Program - MP3 Version or Streamed to your device

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This course is specifically designed for the Osteoarthritis Sufferer.

Osteoarthritis as you know can be a very painful and debilitating condition. It causes pain and swelling and stiffness of joints in many individuals.

In addition to the physical symptoms of the condition, often overlooked are the emotional aspects which in themselves can be draining and debilitating, but together with the pain, can be very restricting for the individual. 

Confidence and self-esteem goes down, stress and anxiety can rise, and for some individuals depression can follow.

The mind and body are inseparably linked. How you feel in your mind is reflected in your body and vice-versa.

If your mood is low then the pain and discomfort is felt more acutely, and if mood is higher the pain often becomes less troublesome. 

The body and mind working together produce this effect, without external influence such as medications.

Of course medications are needed for many, but they all have side effects, and as well as having the pain and low mood, those who have no option but to take medication, may also have side effects of medication to contend with too.

For many it is like an ever decreasing spiral, and the further it spirals downwards, the physical and emotional self suffers.

This course provides a structured process of helping both the physical and emotional symptoms often endured by the Osteoarthritis population.

This structured Osteoarthritis course provides easy, gentle processes to aid reduction of pain naturally, improve mood, confidence and for many improve sleep too.

It does not claim to be a cure, you wouldn't expect it too, but rather see it as an aid in developing comfort in mind, body and emotion. It can be used alongside other treatment options or can be used as a standalone support system when other avenues of support have proved limited or none effective.

It is a structured 60 day course

to aid in the management of Osteoarthritis pain, but not only that, it was also developed to help improve mood, feelings of confidence, relaxation and general well-being.  In short it was developed to be a supportive aid.

Hello my name is Michael Mahoney, I am the author of this course and its contents. I have been in private practice for over 30 years, and for almost 20 of those years I have been developing specific audio programs to help people with a wide range of conditions of mind and body. 

By profession I am an award winning medical centre based clinical hypnotherapist, author, independent researcher and developer of self help audio programs, of which some have been used in hospitals, support groups and elsewhere. 

You don’t need me to tell you the impact Osteoarthritis has on your life, nor the impact it has on those in your life, so I am hoping you will find this course useful to you.

Within this program or course (if you stream it)

are eight full length recordings comprising of seven therapeutic, interlinked recordings and a recording of ambient music.

This program can be downloaded in MP3 format, it comes with its own recommended listening schedule, helping you to maximize your listening experience. 

The program is structured in such a way to guide you from the introduction, to developing a basic understanding of the processes you will be working with, to guiding you through specific imagery and suggestions and more besides. 

The really great thing is, this process is natural, there are no pills or potions, however it can be used in conjunction with other medical interventions if required.

It is also available as a streamed service!

If you prefer to stream the recording, you do so over your wi-fi connection via your smart devices. (Data charges may apply-check with your provider)

Within the streamed version of the O.A course are eight full length recordings comprising of seven therapeutic, interlinked recordings and a recording of ambient music. In addition, there are informational videos and audio tracks, and encouraging pictorials.

This course takes away having to check and remember which track to listen to, as we send them to your email address to listen to on your smart device, PC or Mac.

Got to the streamed version for sample videos and sound tracks   (Note: Streamed version price is $60.00 conversion set at time of purchase. Depending on conversion rates price may differ to UK£ price).

For MP3 download versions, order from this site. 

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The audio recordings are the same on both MP3 download and the streamed version.

When you feel you just need something more to help with the pain and emotional aspects of Osteoarthritis, when you really aren't sure what else to do, do our OA program, structured and developed for the OA sufferer. 

If you have any concerns about using this course, consult your medical professional before using.  Check your device agreement for any data charges that may apply. If in any doubt about using these recordings please consult your medical professional before using.