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Great new Rewards Program Launched Posted on 31 Jan 19:34 , 0 comments

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Why do I bother? Posted on 26 Jan 16:49 , 0 comments

Before I answer that question, let me ask you one!

If you had the skills and ability to help someone in need and they asked you for help, would you?

The vast majority of readers would say yes.   And it was that need which triggered the development of my first audio program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS.

I was seeing patients in my professional practice in 1991, and in the same week three different women came to see me, all going through the distress of the IBS condition. 

It’s no joke, the doctors tried but couldn’t help, the women were desperate, and there was little I knew about IBS as the time.   

But there and then I decided to do something about it.  My life changed from that moment on.

I began researching, day and night, I was driven, the faces of those three women were etched into my brain. Something had to be done.  That was the start of an 8 years journey.

I quickly learned how debilitating IBS is, how it affects not only the individual physically, but how it causes huge emotional distress too.  It is no respecter of age, background, gender or social standing.

IBS affects up to one in five of the population,

it is a huge cost to society, health service providers, and employers through absenteeism, and presenteeism!  It can strain and destroy relationships, and yet it is classed medically as none serious! 

Not serious as it won’t kill you, but the individuals’ quality of life is significantly reduced.  And for some, those whose mood is affects by it, leading in some cases to depression, then that is a different story.

Not serious?

That depends on which side of the desk you sit.  In fairness I know many medical professionals who are as frustrated as their patients with the lack of effective pharmacological treatment.  I am pleased many primary care doctors and many secondary care health providers are aware of my IBS program, referring patients to it, or my practice for treatment.

And I dare anyone to say ‘It’s only IBS’ to an IBS patient who has been suffering for even a relatively short space of time with the IBS condition.

During those eight years, I re-mortgaged my family home – twice, to raise funds for the research and development of my project, later to become the IBS Audio Program 100.

I was ridiculed by many, some in the medical profession doubted my sincerity, leading me to walk out of several important meetings, important to me, and many IBS patients.  But the job had to be finished!

Five years researching and developing, and testing again.   Then three years patient piloting.  I was determined if I was going to put all this effort in, it had to be the very best I could achieve.

From 1991 through to 1998

when the IBS Audio program 100 was released, every free moment I worked on its development.  From concept to a click of a mouse, and to me it was worth it.

For several years after I answered email after email from IBS affected individuals who were unsure where to turn, if the IBS Audio Program 100 was for them, as they had tried many other things without help.   Put I persevered, and I am grateful for the many who had patience with me, as this quest consumed me.

Many friends fell by the wayside, many others came in to help, in fact most were after making a quick buck on the back of my work, I dropped them quickly, others wanted to contribute but when they saw the size of the challenge soon dropped away.

Creating a program from idea, to the click of a mouse, took a lot of time, money and effort. And yet it was worth it. Totally worth it.

Regrettably the three women who triggered my journey were never seen again, I do hope that somewhere in the intervening years they managed to find their own solution, or even better found my IBS program.

Little would they know that their visit to my practice all those years ago, would have set in motion a sequence of events that resulted in the development of a home use audio program used by hundreds of thousands of people in over 40 countries!   


For audio samples and more information about the IBS Audio Program 100 and other health improvement recordings click here.

A ghost from the past. Posted on 26 Jan 15:15 , 0 comments

A few weeks ago

I had a Facebook request to connect with a person I last met some 47+ years ago.  I was delighted to hear from her. Her parents were good friends of our parents and we all got on really well.  I remember those days fondly.  I remember hearing our parent laughing in the other room as we were playing some board game, or listing to the replay of the pop top 20, yes that is how life was back in the day.

Anyway, this reconnected friend reminded me of how we used to tell ghost stories, and stories of the unexplained, we of course tried to scare each other, dimming the lights and using torches or flashlights for my American friends, to help create a suitable atmosphere.

My friend reminded me how one particular story told by that young Mahoney, had made an impression on her, even to this day. I am not sure she remembers the story, but she certainly remembers the feelings the story created with her. I think Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud of me!

And that got me to thinking,

how powerful words are. How they can create emotion and feelings and memories which even after decades leave an impression.

Of course having been in professional hypnotherapy practice for more than 30 years, I am fully aware of the power of words.  They can change behaviour, actions, and even the way the body functions.  They can make us brave, or melt us to mush. They can inspire us or bring us down.

The power of words can of rouse crowds and governments to justify war, and they are used to bring peace. Words can change lives, save lives and bring romance to create life.

In all the years I have worked with people in my practice and all the self-help audio programs I have created, I have never lost sight of the importance of words, and the help, love and health they can bring to people who need encouragement to move on, determination to be resourceful and structure and guidance which we all need as we go through new learning in life.

So my friend from all those years ago, thank you for mentioning your memory of me, and I’m pleased to know, if you remember me for anything, it will be for my ability to use words to entertain, but I hope now we have reconnected you will see from my years of work that my early years of telling stories with you, have led me to be able to help hundreds of thousands of people, reclaim their health, lives and relationships, and for that, I thank you!


Click here for all health recordings

Perceived "Set-Backs" and "Mind-Armies" Metaphor Posted on 23 Jan 17:34 , 0 comments

I am often asked by my medical centre patients

and users of my structured health audio programs why their symptoms sometimes return for a short while before going again. This can happen several times before we finish one-to-one sessions or the audio program is completed.  The reason is a complicated one, but I explain the reasons to them in a simple way, which I have outlined below.

When people have lived with Stress or Anxiety, IBS or Insomnia etc. and are moving through their recovery, they are starting to feel better, and start to expect the good feelings to be there again all the time, then out of the blue the symptoms return and you think, “Oh No! The Anxiety or Stress or IBS or Insomnia etc. are coming back, and they feel even worse than they were in the past”. Fear grips them and the negative thoughts feelings and worries feel like they are pouring back in.

And yet this is natural, it happens to some people and not to others, either way it doesn’t really matter because we can understand the reasons why, when it does occurs.  It is much more difficult to explain why it happens to some and not others, and to be honest the reasons are not fully understood (code for we don’t know!)

Anyway, as the individual progresses through the therapeutic journey whether it is with one-to-one sessions in my practice, or through listening to my structured audio recordings, on occasions it is likely that symptoms will come and go, But I will explain the best way I can.

It is perhaps easiest to understand if we use a metaphor.

Let's set the scene:

Imagine that the Anxiety or IBS or Stress or Insomnia symptoms that you have been experiencing, which have been a part of your life for so long, as a resident army of negative thoughts.   This is what we need to change, or to wipe out.

Then imagine my one-to-one sessions, or any of my full audio recordings and their imagery, suggestions, considerations, options of choice and learning's as another army, an army of positive thoughts, that are going to displace the army of old negative thoughts.

The learned thought processes of the Anxiety, IBS, Stress or whatever other issue you are working through have become a part of you. The subconscious has learned them, and that is the place where they reside within you.

Background: Think of the subconscious as an over protective parent and not very intelligent. Generally it has learned a new thought process, and the new thought process is, in its understanding helping you.  That belief is flawed and needs to be changed.

However, despite the fact that you try all sorts of things to reduce the negative thoughts and feelings you will invariably fail.  Why?

There is resistance to change from the subconscious mind.  Despite your conscious mind knowing change is needed, resistance is met, the fact you know once the symptoms are reduced, managed or even eliminated you will feel better, this too is met with resistance from the subconscious mind.

Remember you were not born anxious or stressed, they are a learned responses, as are so many other debilitating conditions. Those living with these types of feelings can often run negative thoughts in their minds relating to their anxiety / stress / IBS condition, sometimes even before they open their eyes in the morning. Thoughts such as

  • what's the anxiety / stress going to be like today?,
  • how am I going to get to work?,
  • what happens if there are traffic queues?,
  • what if I have a panic / anxiety / IBS attack?
  • And many other thoughts beside.

These thoughts add to the fear, add to the worry, and add to the belief that you are going to spend the rest of your life thinking and feeling this way.

That too is false, as long as you find a way that is right for you and you work at taking the steps needed to start the process of healing and change. 

The subconscious does not want change, because the anxiety feelings are familiar. They are part of the sufferer’s life. No matter how bad the feelings feel, no matter how often the symptoms are felt, or fears experienced, you have a history of surviving them, and you have and you will continue to do so.  But your quality of life will not improve until you introduce change to your thinking.

Once you change a thoughts, these create a change in feelings, it is as simple as that. And that is what the one-to-one sessions do, and so to the structured audio recordings.

So while these negative feelings are uncomfortable, they are not life threatening, so why should the subconscious want to change?

The subconscious does not like change, and will resist it!! It will use excuse after excuse to 'do something else' with your time.   That thought process needs to be disrupted, and that is what the sessions in my practice, and in my audio programs do.    


Back to the Scenario again; After a while of listening to the recordings (and the time varies), the individual will often begin to feel better, in reduction of symptoms, and frequency of presentation, and feel more relaxed and less anxious in the case of the anxiety sufferer, the IBS sufferer will feel more control of their digestive system, or the person living with stress will feel calmer, more confident for example, or as happens sometimes, might not even be able to put their finger on the reason, but they do feel better in themselves generally.

This is a sign that the new thoughts, the new army of positive thoughts have begun to displace the old negative anxious thoughts. Once this happens - the new army of positive thoughts and new positive feelings begin to relax a little, they are making progress.

However! As any general in warfare knows, if they are being beaten, they do an organised retreat, and regroup, ready for another attack. When the old thoughts attack again, then the old feelings come back, and often feeling as if they are just as bad as before, however this is not true!

The fact that the old army of negative thoughts is pushing back is natural and normal. However, since the individual has been feeling better, they are more relaxed and therefore don’t put as much energy into defending their new found space and comfort. In short they get over confident!

But then the negative army of thoughts pushes back again, and they begin to feel how things used to be again, they are reminded of the old discomforts. In some people their negative feelings and symptoms return, but it is only temporary.

Alerted to the changes, the new positive thoughts fight back, these have been reinforced by the continuing support of the structured audio program listening and they once again push away the old army of negative thoughts, but the old thoughts are weakened now, they are once again fought, and pushed back.

Remember the subconscious really does not like change, and generally does not learn quickly. Once again the positive army of thoughts are encamped, their position is strengthened.

At this time the subconscious begins to understand that it can still survive with the new positive thoughts, it begins to feel better too, it begins to understand that the new positive thoughts and feelings are not going to hurt it or you, and because of that, the subconscious, through gentle learning realises that it too is feeling better, the body is feeling better, and the outlook and attitude of mind is better too. All these things come together to move the sufferer forward, reducing symptoms and frequency of presentation, reinforcing positive thoughts, feelings and expectations.

The army of negative thoughts will fight back again, however the strength of the old thoughts is much less, the times that the old thoughts try and come back become less frequent, and that continues until the old thoughts, feeling and negative expectations are a thing of the past. The subconscious finally learns that the new information and understanding gained through learning new ways of thinking is the better one.

The establishment of new positive thoughts change the way the individual feels, in body, mind and self. And then they once again feel empowered by their new learning and understanding, resulting in a better quality of life, which is really all we need.

Feeling better in your thoughts, feelings and emotions can bring empowerment, growth and further understanding, of the mind and body connection.

Do you still think people or situations cause your stress? Posted on 09 Jan 13:41 , 0 comments

Do you still blame other people for how you feel?

Do you still blame situations or circumstances for your stress?

If you have said yes to any of the above then you might be in for a surprise!

The cause of stress is not ‘out there’, it isn’t caused by external events or people!  The cause of stress is inside you!

You cause your stress by how you interpret external events, whether they are real or perceived!

If that statement stings a bit, or you simply don’t believe it – wait a moment and let me explain.

There are many definitions of stress, but after 30+ years in professional practice the definition of stress that rests comfortably with me – and it does because I see it every working day in my medical centre based practice is this: 

Stress is experienced when your internal energy is outstripped by external, or internal demands, whether they are real or perceived!

Think about it for a moment. 

  • Think about how you may have stressed about exams weeks before sitting them,
  • how you may have, or do, stress about meeting deadlines at work even if they are a few days or weeks away,
  • or meeting new people,
  • socialising,
  • going to new places,
  • or doing a presentation etc. etc.

And each time you feel stressed, that is a clear example of the mind body connection.  Every thought creates a physical response, in this case stress responses. 

BUT the really great thing is, if you change your thought you change the response.  If you can just bring yourself to recognise that the source of stress is within yourself, you can CHANGE IT!

Because it is within you, you can learn new ways of thinking and feeling. You can learn to be relaxed, to have clearer thinking and better judgement.   And the better you feel in your mind the better you feel in your body and vice versa.  

Stress suppresses the immune system making you more susceptible to illness and disease.  And long-term stress can lead to many serious life threatening diseases, so the sooner you start to take control, to think differently the better you feel.

How wonderful is that!! 

You are in control, and while you may not feel like it at the moment that is because this inner control, this latent ability has just been explained to you, and it will take a bit of time to feel comfortable.   Also you are not exercising that control yet, but when you do, you will feel the difference!

Take a look at our comprehensive, 14 full track Stress Audio Program with over 5 hours of structured listening. Click here.

Each thought creates a physical response.

Each moment is an end and a new beginning.  

Start today to take control, in a few clicks of a mouse, you can be starting your journey to feeling better, in mind, body and emotion.

Lets take the journey together. Starting now!

The IBS Journey - Potentially for Years - Act sooner rather than later! Posted on 04 Jan 18:52 , 0 comments

The IBS Journey

It goes without saying we are all different, but there are often common threads which link us together in certain circumstances. Take a few minutes to read through the ‘IBS Journey’ below and you will find the ‘common thread’

Before you knew what IBS was…

You knew there was a problem, usually painful and you were hoping it would pass. You tried to ignore it and it didn’t go away, but if it did, it came back again, and usually a little worse than it was previously. Voice on Shoulders

People didn’t understand or you didn’t tell them about the problem you were experiencing or the worrying thoughts that just kept going through your mind. And there were the background thoughts too, those that you tried to push back deep in your mind. You might have done some basic research and hoped that you didn’t have everything you read! You may have got impatient with people who didn’t know what you were going through.

The embarrassment was just embarrassing! And it just kept being a problem and in time – perhaps after a lot of time – you just knew you were going to have to do something about it, because you noticed that your moods were changing too, not only were you having to deal with the physical pain, discomfort or whatever else you were coping with, you were finding your thoughts were changing, and your confidence might be a little less than it was, and also your self esteem perhaps was waning, your sleep pattern might be affected and lots of other things you noticed too, but weren’t sure if you were imagining it, or if you were just overtired. After all you have been coping for quite a while now. You had to go and get it checked, finally, reluctantly you listened to that little inner voice which you had been ignoring hoping it, and the symptoms would go away.


On the day you visited the doctor…

Tense worried and perhaps thinking that you just had to get it sorted, well there was no option really, you couldn’t bear to think about living like that for the rest of your life.Doctor

Get a pill or medicine and that will be it you tell yourself. The doctor will have heard it a thousand times before, but you were still anxious, but were brave and strong, and just wanted to get it sorted. And you were right the doctor had heard your worries before, from the many other sufferers before you.

Perhaps the symptoms vanished that day of the appointment, should you really go now? Is it starting to get better by itself? Perhaps just a bit more time is needed? But then you remind yourself that lots of time has passed since this started, perhaps it is even a haze as to when it did start, were you always like this?

You can’t seem to remember when it started exactly.

Or if you do remember exactly when it started, are you recalling it right? So many thoughts but at least the doctor has heard it all before, thank goodness!

Well not quite! It could be IBS you hear, it’s a common digestive problem which affects one in 5 of the population. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – perhaps not quite sure of all you were being told, but you are booked in for some tests to make sure there was nothing to worry about, just to be on the safe side your are told. Oh well, more worry, until you get the results.

On the day you were diagnosed with IBS…

Hospital visits and investigations later, with all the hassle and worry they bring, you are told all the tests come back clear, nothing to worry about, it’s nothing serious, and it was as we suspected IBS. Yes you remember IBS, its nothing to worry about, or so you were told, and if you asked you were told “you’re not going to die because of it, just take some exercise, these tablets and watch what you eat and all should be fine”.

If you had the presence of mind to ask further questions while you were there, well done, but many sufferers might have suppressed the urge to ask more, and simply want to get out of the door, thankful that you had been spared from the nightmare of IBS – brilliant, exercise, tablets and watch what you eat and all should be fine – those words chiming in your ears.

Had you asked a few more questions you might not have been so optimistic? However in time you will have found out that in reality, there is no medical cure for this condition, in fact it often gets worse.

No magic pill – no exercise secrets – no quick food avoidance solutions. You will soon discover that the medics, the researchers, the drug companies don’t even know why IBS starts! Yes you remember Irritable Bowel Syndrome, those words again, little did you know you would be hearing a lot more about them in the future, and understanding what they really mean.

“Take the meds and call me if there are any more problems” are the optimistic and hope filled words of your GP or GI Doc ringing in the ears of the eagerly departing sufferer. Hopes are high, a little more time and all will be well – the optimism for many is not very long lived.

When you have suffered with IBS for 6 months…

Back to the doctor again, perhaps several visits are now behind you, new meds, sympathy knowing nods and acknowledgment that yes it isn’t easy living with IBS. And what about your mood, with the growing frustration, fear and dread?Rain on man

What can the doctor do to help with the time from work you are losing due to the IBS (that more than familiar term now!), what can he/she do to help you to live more confidently and socially. The world may well seem to be getting smaller. The change of diet hasn’t done much for you, the change of medications make you feel fuzzy or not all quite here. The exercise hasn’t done anything and worse of all perhaps those you love are finding it hard to understand what it is you are going through.

The kids can’t understand why you’re not as much fun, why days out are cancelled, and your partner is making other demands which you just can’t be bothered with. The doctor is sympathetic, and tries to be upbeat. And maybe you hear the answer to the question what causes IBS, and then you hear they don’t know.

But let’s do some more tests, more medical prodding and poking and waiting and worrying, and confirmation, (again) that it is ONLY IBS. That word Only, it might be Only to those who don’t have it, but to you it’s starting to be a real problem. You found it easier to tolerate in the early days because you thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel, it was something that would pass. But it isn’t.

Well you have to remember there is nothing really wrong with you says the doctor. Remember!!! This hasn’t been said before, you would have remembered this. Nothing really wrong? So why is it so painful, what is making my life a misery? And affecting my work? And my family? And social life? The pain and the symptoms and the lower mood are real enough.

It’s just what IBS is and does, perhaps is the reply.

So where do I go from here? ‘Well the good news is there is nothing sinister going on, so that’s something to be grateful for’. Sorry it doesn’t feel that way. Let me know if it gets worse – the upbeat, optimistic hopeful tones of the doctor now strained, or simply have vanished. The reality is the doctor often feels helpless for his or her IBS patients. Are you going to become a ‘heart sink’ patient?


When you have suffered with IBS for 12 months…

Several more visits to the doctor have passed. Now you may be greeted with a resigned look of understanding, you realise that the medical arsenal for IBS is drying up. You have visited the doctor more this last 12 months than the previous 12 years! World girl

The moods and faltering confidence are now just accepted. The physical symptoms are being tolerated, you’re coping but other things are getting away from you. Social life may now be less than it was, at home people are coming to terms with the fact you have an ongoing problem, they are finding it more difficult to understand, but they are trying. Your concentration is not as good as it was; the IBS seems to be draining you physically and mentally. You do your best to try to remain positive, but it’s not easy.

The doctor might have suggested antidepressants – you don’t feel depressed – but the doctor didn’t have time to explain that often antidepressants calm the nerves in the stomach. You leave feeling you’re on the slippery emotional slope.

When you have suffered with IBS for 5 years…

It has been a long five years. You have decided you are on your own. Over the last five years you have been doing your own research, spent a fortune on all sots of over the counter medicines, taken the advice of your friends on other products and none were right for you.Lightbulb broken

The IBS is an unwelcome part of your life, your quality of life is now much less than it was, and yet you have got into new routines. Hopefully not lost your job, or changed hours to make it easier for you. The mornings are definitely the worst for many people, and yet you have heard for others it’s the evening times that are difficult.

You are well aware of your change in your wardrobe, the elasticated waistbands help cope with the stomach distension. You have spent lots of time and energy trying to find the solution to this problem. You hear of alternative treatment methods but you decide they are not for you, and your search continues. Perhaps there have been more tests but nothing different to report. The hope is well and truly dashed – it is still ONLY IBS!

There are days better than others but the overall quality of your life is significantly lower than it was. You feel tired still, resigned to the fact that IBS is with you forever. But then there are other days when you feel a little stronger and more determined to carry on with the fight. It’s not easy, but no one has told you anything different. You acknowledge the fight has to go on. You remain strong, determined but underneath the stoic veneer there is a growing sense of the emotional equivalent of treading water, you know a longer term solution is needed, but what?


When you have suffered with IBS for 10 years…

Lots of money has been spent searching for a solution, people around you acknowledge you have your ‘off days’, and your not happy very often. Little do they know the pain and the problems continue! There may have been other tests done again just to be sure. More ‘helpful’ advice from friends, doctors and acquaintances and you try them all out of desperation.Image of IBS Audio Program 100 CD and booklet

How can this be, in this day and age, how come there is still no medical answer to this?

The doctors are as frustrated as you are. They want to help but their arsenal is well depleted, you are on your own. Maybe you are just resigned to putting up with it, perhaps there is still some fight in you. There are days when you can cope better than others, but your quality of life is perhaps a shadow of how it was before the days of IBS. But you keep going, and you see adverts for ‘amazing cures for IBS. ‘Cured in days’, new alternative treatments and you are tempted to try them all, but you have been disappointed many times before. Perhaps this is how it is meant to be, but you know deep down inside there has to be an answer somewhere.

When you have suffered with IBS for 15 years…

All those years, all that expense, all that hope, all those disappointments! How time flies, perhaps you now think you’re too old to change, perhaps this is your lot and you just have to get on with it. IBS – that cruel shadow in your life which has affected you so deeply, for so long. And how you have had to adjust your life, the days out you have missed, the work pattern changed or worse, the socialising circle is much smaller than it was, going out remains problematic, needing great planning by you and understanding by others.

Nothing you can say now that has not been said before, so you keep quiet, and put up with it. But your thoughts are with you, the hope that there may be just one thing you find that can help, perhaps tomorrow is that day?

When you have suffered with IBS for 20+ years…

You have heard it all, you have tried it all, you have spent a fortune, you have little confidence in the doctors, you’ve had other tests over the years but all come back as IBS, you know that your life has been affected significantly with the IBS, and yet you can still acknowledge there are days when things are better, it hasn’t all been bad you tell yourself.

There have been easier days and there have been difficult ones too, but you have survived and you can be pleased at that. All those years, and you have been looking and searching and pondering and trying the occasional new treatment or idea. You are still looking forward to that one day that you might just stumble across something that just might help, but there again you have heard it all before. But have you?

The one thing perhaps you have never heard about is the IBS Audio Program 100, which is a home use audio program developed specifically for IBS sufferers. It has helped people early in their IBS journey and those who have had IBS for many years; this program has a track history of helping many, even when everything else has been tried and failed.

The program was developed for physical and emotional aspects of IBS; it is for all ages over 13 years of age, and suitable for men and women, whether they are at school, college, working or retired. It has been helping IBS sufferers since 1998; with users in 48 countries, and it has proven the test of time. Of course there is no panacea, but for many IBS sufferers over the years, who used it as a last resort – many wished they had done it sooner.

How can simply listening to someone talking be useful?

This program helps you to understand the mind and body connection, how every thought, whether it is conscious or subconscious, creates a physical response. You, like many thousands before you, can hear how to speed up or slow down your digestive system. You can understand how to reduce pain differently, how to reduce it and control it. Using simple yet effective imagery and suggestion you can take part in your own healing. A structured suggested listening schedule is provided to optimize your listening experience.

With 19 years of symptom management history and years of testimonials from grateful users it is the common thread for IBS users.

No matter how long you have suffered with IBS, no matter how many other things you have tried, now consider our IBS Audio Program 100 for adults. It has been produced by a company that cares, a program with 18 years history; by a clinical hypnotherapist, researcher and program developer who really understands. The IBS Audio Program 100, developed for adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, don’t wait any longer to get your life back. Give yourself the gift of good health – starting today.

CD Set or Immediate MP3 download. The IBS Audio Program 100 for Adults

And for Children with IBS /RAP use the

The IBS Audio Program 60 for children between the ages of 8 – 13 years.

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As year-end approaches

we look back and see 2016 was one heck of a special year.

Our customers make us who we are.  Since 1998 we have been producing health and well-being audio programs, starting with the highly trusted and acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


From that point on, we steadily invested and developed other health and well-being programs.

Now we have a wide ranging suite of audio programs,

2016 was also our ‘birthday’.  Celebrating 18 years of delivering health and well-being products,  and also the year our MD, Michael Mahoney celebrated 30 years in service practice and 25 years developing innovative health solutions.

2016 brought the official launch of our sister site, Healthy Audio Hypnosis which allows us now to offer Gift vouchers, Single Audio Recordings in addition to all the great titles available from the original Healthy Audio site.

We also introduced an affiliate program for anyone with a website who wants to make money from our programs.  We also released our Osteoarthritis Audio Program our first streamed program sending daily listening to your smart device or desktop.

2016 also brought a very special new program we are working on a step closer. We send a special thank you to those who kindly donated to its development. Watch out for news and updates!

In 2017 we have new programs to release, more research to be done ensuring we develop the very best products.  New online courses will soon be announced as will the streaming of some of our best titles. 

We continue to invest in our site, our people, service levels and product development so we will be here when we are needed, just as we have been supporting many thousands of people in over 45 countries since 1998 through our audio programs.

We hope you have had a wonderful year also.  

If you haven’t yet achieved all you want, remember you have to feel well enough to achieve those things you want to achieve.  When you don’t feel well, it is difficult to achieve anything.     We are here to help.

Why not take a peek at our new site and see the great offers, and sign up for our newsletter. Make sure you know about new products, news and special discounts first!

Happy New Year to you all.


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Why do I spend my life researching,

developing and bringing affordable new health products to market? 

The answer is quite simple.

No matter:

  • How much money someone might have,
  • Or how big their car is,
  • Or how large their home, and,
  • Even how many holidays they take each year.

None of them are important if we don’t have our good health.

And by good health I mean, the same definition as the World Health Organisation (WHO) Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

My background of working with people for over 30 years leads me believe, Good health adds life to years, and years to life!

It is as simple as that. With good health of mind, body and spirit quality of life improves, not only for the individual, but for those around them.

For example, the IBS Audio Program 100 is now helping people in 45 countries and my programs for Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia and many others are adding to the quality of life of people around the world. 

See what one recent user said about the IBS Audio Program and the insomnia programs.

So if you, or someone you know or love is struggling, and need help please take a look at all our audio programs. Or send them a gift card to help them start 2017 better than they did 2016.




Great customer feedback for IBS Audio Program 100 and Insomnia Audio Program 60 Posted on 12 Dec 19:32 , 0 comments

Thank you,

Michael Mahoney for your wonderful audios.  

They are truly life-changing.    I ordered the IBS audio program for my daughter a couple of months ago. My daughter had constant almost unbearable abdominal pain for 18 months, as well as chronic diarrhea and chronic fatigue.  She was living halfway around the world and I felt so helpless.  

Allopathic doctors told her that it was all in her head - but she is a very optimistic, athletic, positive, cheerful person, so that made no sense at all.  I listened to the audio before sending it to her, to make sure it was safe.  

I knew right away that it would help.  It is so beautifully created with such dedication to provide comfort, relaxation, peace, trust in yourself, being yourself and allowing the old subconscious beliefs that keep you trapped in this disease to fall away.  

I have studied hypnotherapy myself, and worked with many audio-tapes, but have never seen anything like this before.  On the third day of listening, my daughter phoned me to say that she was starting to feel like her old happy self again.  

She has now almost completed the 100 day program, and we are both thrilled with the results.  My daughter feels like she has a life purpose now - to help educate other people about IBS and to provide a living template that they can step into.

I liked the IBS program so much that I treated myself to the 60 day Insomnia program.  I have suffered with insomnia most of my adult life.  It got so bad that I could not really enjoy life any more.  

I gave up making plans to do fun things, because I was pretty sure that I would have a poor night’s sleep and not be able to drive, or to have a good time.  I shut myself off more and more from the outside world.  

With the audios, the quality of my sleep improved greatly.  I would sleep deeper and wake up rested, relaxed, and ready to greet the new day.  

Instead of expecting poor sleep, I started expecting good, restorative, rejuvenating sleep.  And then a wonderful thing happened.  I no longer even needed to expect good sleep.  It just happened naturally, all by itself.  I now look forward to each day, to what adventures I will have, and how I can spread this joy to others.

I am so grateful for the time and research and dedication that you have put into these audios.  What I love is how they take the “issue-ness” out of a seemingly horrible condition and turn it into a blessing; because of all we have learned about ourselves and our journey on this earth.  


Sheilagh Marissink, Ontario, Canada

10th November 2016