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IBS is much more than an Inconvenience!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS

is no respecter of age, gender, background or social status - for some people it strikes out of the blue, for others the symptoms are gradual, they creep up on you, until all the suspicions, and denials that something is not right cannot be ignored any longer, you have to do something about it!  Your life gets turned upside down!

It is classed as a 'none serious' condition but that depends where you sit!

(but there is hope, read on!)

The journey of IBS can be extremely long, drawn out and frustrating, once 'in the system' medical appointments, travel costs and lost work time all add costs to you, and your employer and increases existing worry, frustration and increasing insecurity.

Picture of a teddy bear peek out behind a door

The medications and appointments continue,

another visit and another doctor review, another, 'come back and see me in 6 weeks'.   After six weeks, another appointment and 'come back and see me in 12 weeks', eventually you lose heart, you go on your own hunt for something, anything, that might ease the IBS symptoms. 

You may have been lucky and found a medication that suited you, but it becomes less effective over time. The hunt is on for something else.

Meanwhile the:

  • pain
  • bloating
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • gas
  • cramps
  • urgency
  • nausea
  • bloating
  • headaches
  • full bladder feeling
  • reduced sex drive
  • sleep problems
  • tiredness

or any combination of these continue.

PLUS the emotional impact of continuing IBS, (No, your not often told about these!) take their toll by:

  • reducing confidence and self esteem
  • increased anxiety
  • increased frustration
  • increased stress
  • increased worry
  • low energy, and
  • difficulty concentrating

And while all this is going on, you have a job or home to keep, family and relationship responsibilities to meet. And after a while, they get more difficult to do by the day.


wooden tiles spelling the word HOPE

You hope upon hope, that something sooner or later will help, optimism begins to fade, those three little letters, IBS now possibly affecting your every waking moment. Tiredness and frustration become more common, but you keep going.

  • Where is the nearest bathroom?
  • what happens if I get stuck in a traffic jam?
  • or a lift? or,
  • my stomach makes loud growling noises when in a meeting?
  • what if you are a teacher in front of class
  • or police officer on duty
  • a delivery driver
  • a waiter or waitress?

Worrisome thoughts and concerns affect many IBS sufferers, regardless of their occupation!

In fact IBS makes is almost certain that your confidence in and outside of work, college or school classroom is not as it should be!

In addition to the 'normal' things like shopping trips and days out may be cancelled last thing due to sudden onset IBS symptoms. 

One of my patients put it this way: 

"It is very frustrating to one minute feel fine, and the next minute be doubled over in excruciating pain, and rushing to the toilet. And it is embarrassing. Most of the time, you just lie about what is wrong, because people either will laugh at you, or just say, get over it, don’t eat that again, you are looking for sympathy, snap out of it, you do this every time you have to go somewhere, etc.

Sometimes an attack can happen out of absolutely nowhere. While enjoying yourself, while relaxing, or playing, it doesn’t have to be a stressful situation to happen".

She went on to say: 

“It is like having the intestinal  flu every day of your life, and still having to be responsible for parenting, work, and functioning like other people do.” She says that most of her parenting was done in intense pain, and also thru the bathroom door".

Young woman with black hair and black top look down and to the left

Welcome to the world of an IBS sufferer.

Of course symptoms vary, in frequency and severity because we are all individuals and we all have our own history and life story. 

Many IBS sufferers will be able to relate because they have told me how their life is affected by IBS and after working with IBS patients since 1991 I have a good grounding in how life is for them. 

I have heard many such stories over the years. The medical profession are frustrated too as they don't have the answers or solutions they want to give.

Sadly some medical professionals actively discourage the use of hypnotherapy for IBS management and symptom reduction, even when they and their patient have tried everything offered, without any progress.

Perhaps they are not aware that hypnosis has a proven track record of nearly 40 years in medical trials, with professional papers and journals recording and reporting these findings.  Happily times are changing!

Hands held up to the blue sky, with handcuff hanging off one wrist, white clouds are seen in the distance

Meanwhile, in the real world, real things are happening!

IBS sufferers are living lives made so much more difficult by IBS.  Not only does IBS affect the individual it affects their loved ones too.

But there is hope, new drugs are being released, some find help with dietary changes too.  Only the individual can decide what is right in the long term for them. 

What I have learned by working with IBS sufferers since 1991 and as author of the IBS Audio Program 100, which has been helping IBS sufferers since 1998, is this;

until the IBS sufferer makes changes to their thought and expectations, little if any long-term change will happen. 

The IBS Audio Program 100 recognises the emotional impact IBS has on the sufferer, way back in 1998 that was new!  Now medical professionals talk about the importance of the mind/ body connection, the brain/gut axis, in IBS psychological treatment and rightly so. 

When I work with an IBS client, or they use the IBS Audio Program 100 one thing they will, and must do, is recognise the importance of emotional energy.

I will explain.

A person who comes to see me or uses the IBS program, may have had IBS for years, sometimes much shorter time, but on average IBS symptoms will have been presenting for 6 years before I am visited.

They have been dealing with IBS on a daily basis, for all those years. And despite the figures showing that up to one in five of the population may have IBS as some stage in their lives, socially IBS is treated lightly, it is literally the butt of jokes, but it is certainly no joke. 

Like my client I mentioned earlier, who felt she raised her kids through the bathroom door, unless you are living with IBS, or someone with IBS you will not understand its impact on life. 

BUT when you are living with IBS, all your emotional energy is demanded from you so you can carry out your daily duties and routines, and each day you need to put more energy in to your emotional reserves than you take out, but this rarely happens, so over time the emotional energy drains away, quality sleep helps, but this is often a rarity in this day and age of constant and immediate demands which are made upon us.

Each day, these demands are there, but IBS sufferers not only have these life demands, but IBS demands too, as mentioned in the bullet points of symptoms above. 

And because these demands take energy, the IBS sufferer gets to a point where they have no energy left to get well! 

Think about it - they have no energy to get well.

They are literally coping day by day, sometimes hour by hour, in addition to all the previously mentioned symptoms, they seriously run the risk of burnout, and other serious emotional conditions. 

That is why it is so important to stop the draining of energy, to put a metaphorical plug in the bucket of emotional energy and save some every day towards getting well. 

Picture of IBS Audio Program sessions on mobile device


I recognise I am often the 'last resort' for most of my clients, and the IBS Audio Program 100 is the same, but after everything else has been tried, it is my turn, and I see this as a complement.

I would of course be happier if they came sooner, or used the program sooner but all things in their right time. 

Whether I am working with a client or they are using the IBS Audio Program 100, both will learn to structured their recovery, starting with understanding the importance of their emotional energy.

Once the importance of emotional energy is understood, progress is made, with a structured approach to listening and a specific IBS protocol to work with, emotional energy is now used productively.

And the more energy you have, the better you feel, IBS is controlled, symptoms become less, sometimes disappearing altogether, confidence increases, self esteem goes up, negative thoughts go down and the better you feel, the more positively you can use your emotional energy,  which makes life easier for you, and those you love.

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I wish you well.


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