About Us

Here at Healthy Audio Hypnosis, we work to bring the best hypnosis products to our customers. 

The short version:

We help people to have better health, which leads to a better life. Simple!  

  • Can you imagine, how the IBS suffer would feel if they managed or eliminated their IBS symptoms?
  • Or the person with Anxiety, when they are free of its grip?
  • The stressed person, who learns they, had the answer within them all the time?
  • The breast cancer survivor, who learns why they feel wretched even when physically they are healing?
  • Or the the parent whose child has IBS, and they go to school again?  
  • How about the insomniac, who finally gets to dream.

Well for many thousands of our customers all the above is not a dream, it's reality. We specialize in bringing innovative health solutions to market, and our teams have been doing it since 1998!

The slightly longer version

What makes us different?   Several things really.  Firstly, all our products are our original work, developed through sometimes years of research, development and patient piloting.

Many of our audio programs use the Ongoing Session Induction Method (OPSIM) a specifically developed suggested listening structure developed to maximize user benefits. 

Healthy Audio Hypnosis are a small company making a massive positive impact in the lives of our users. We are large enough to develop award winning programs, and yet mall enough to care.  

We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our products, which include the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100 for adults, and the IBS Audio Program 60 for Children, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress, Emotional recovery after breast cancer and many others, all developed using our structured approach of bringing ideas to life, so you live your life better.  

Many of our products are available on CD Set and all are available on immediate MP3 download.

We are located in Cheshire, England, we have a distributor and an associate in the USA. Healthy Audio have been in business since 2006, when we took over the TL Recordings company who had many years of development before then.

This site is fairly new but we have been selling online since 2007, and before then our MD, Michael Mahoney was selling online since 1998.  

Our products have a pedigree which is the envy of many of our competitors, our IBS Audio Program 100 for example is used in over 45 countries, has been mentioned in many books, and has been used by hospitals and support groups.

As mentioned, we are a small company headed by Michael Mahoney an award winning clinical hypnotherapist who still works with patients in his medical centre based practice. Helen, in customer sales will be a main contact.  With a growing team, you can be certain you will be treated with professional courtesy at all times.

If you need to contact us, use the contact form and we will respond as quickly as we can. We are UK based (GMT) 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday (except national holidays and annual holidays).