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Skype Sessions

Skype Sessions

This service brings a cost effective, highly experienced option to those wanting one to one sessions with Michael Mahoney.

No matter whether you are in London or Lisbon, New York or New Zealand the service is available to you. 

Outside the UK, we might have to tweak meeting times due to time zone differences but everything is doable. 

Simply it works like this.    

You register your interest in this service by completing the personal history form (see link).

Michael will contact you with availability, and you agree a mutually convenient time to hold the initial consultation.  See information on personal history form.

Any subsequent session are discussed over skype and prepared. Within 24 hours a session will be sent to you by drobox for your listening.. 

Easy and quick, no fuss or hassle. 

Click here for more information and personal history form for completion.


Note: you agree to submit your details over this form. While every effort is made to ensure security, we cannot guarantee confidentiality over any internet connection. Your information is deleted if we do not arrange to hold sessions within 3 days. We will not hold any information about you once the sessions are completed. All notes will be deleted.