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Once upon time … there was stress! Posted on 15 Jan 17:41 , 0 comments

Once upon a time ...

in a land much different than it is now, I worked for a company which no longer exists, becoming a casualty of the early 1980’s recession. Back then, the technology we now take for granted did not exist, we had to make do with comptometers (unknown I suspect to those under 40 years old) to do calculations, computers were big bulky things filling a medium size room, ledgers and accounts were filed on paper, the very thought!

Yet I remember one aspect of that time vividly. Stress was prevalent, whether it was because the company was floundering, or that is how it was generally, I do not know, but at times you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Directors seemed to totally lack any personality management skills, some of them lacked personality altogether.

I remember scowls and raised voices when the figures did not make good readingHealthy Audio hypnosis programs. As a youngish lad in those days I found it interesting why people reacted as they did. You may recall my tale mentioned some time ago, of how one stressful event at that same company lead me to view life in a totally different way.

The young Mahoney noticed

that stress was contagious and it would build as tempers would fray, and arguments became common place, especially as month end arrived and the accountants had to explain to the financial director why the figures achieved were not those projected.

In those days, or at least in the environment I worked in (though in fairness I was sheltered from many issues by protective, mindful colleagues) it was not uncommon for offensive language to be slung about, levelled at those who had no impact on the statistics produced or the standing to answer back. Sometimes bullying was near scandalous, but in those days, that was the norm, whereas now it is something frowned upon, with some aspects now illegal in employment and common law, and very welcome too!

I remember seeing grown adults cry due to stress. I worked in offices where some people smoked 40+ cigarettes a day, back in the days when smoking was still seen as being socially acceptable I saw individuals still drunk from the night before after trying to drown their sorrows, dealing with stress in destructive ways. I knew then that I didn’t want to be in this environment. And eventually as the company closed I was made redundant, and grateful for it, although it was scary at the time.

Those days have helped to shape my life;

I understand the effects of stressful environments, bullying and poor coping strategies. Little did I know then that I would go on to do occupational health, become a clinical hypnotherapist, do research and patient trials, or develop self-help audio programs which help people around the world.

Stress today is just as destructive, to individuals and families and to the economy. It needs to be understood, and dealt with, otherwise Mother Nature will stop us. If we ignore the physical and emotional signs of stress we do so at our own peril!

Happily, the not so good old days are well in the past, yet my learnings of those days remain with me and have been built upon, and are put to good use helping others avoid the traps and temptations of trying to avoid stress, and giving them an emotional tool kit to manage it instead.

See my stress management audio program here, or go to to see all my well-being audio programs.

Freedom  Posted on 15 Jan 17:04 , 0 comments

Freedom is something we may often take for granted.

Some may feel we don’t have enough freedom, others perhaps think we have too much. For me freedom is a human given, we are entitled to freedom, it should not be something somebody gives us, though many would try to take it from us.

Freedom is not simply about personal liberty and the enjoyment of political and civil liberties.

In my Healthy Audio Hypnosis and hypnotherapy audio programs and downloadswork I meet people who want inner freedom from guilt and shame, freedom to develop, freedom to express themselves, and be who they want to be. They often want the freedom to make decisions for themselves and their future, to break out of their shell, or to be mentally and emotionally stronger.

But this freedom is often elusive,

due to work and family responsibilities, financial, and relationship pressures.

While we have to live according to the laws of the land, we really do have the ability to set ourselves free from burdens and demands that we either place on ourselves or have allowed others to place upon us.

With freedom comes responsibility for what we choose to do and what we choose not to do.  As children we are taught the implications of our actions, the impact of what we do or don’t do which brings the ability to balance our thoughts and actions.

Experiencing self liberation is certainly life changing. As we learn and begin to expect positive change to occur within our thoughts, feelings and emotions, we begin to experience these moments more frequently and easily.

July and August are often seen

as the freedom months where holidays are taken, schools are on their break and society generally is less stressed.  And yet for many it is only a temporary state, we all know the feeling of freedom from work and study routines, and we all know the feelings of back to the grindstone, trudging the path of responsibility again.

Yet even though we have to meet the routines and challenges of life, we can also meet the needs of inner freedom. We don’t have to carry burdens and limitations, these days it is more important than ever that we exercise all our ability to grow and develop, to be free of the negative emotional chains and shackles which hold us back. 

We have the personal choice whether to grow and develop or whether to allow personal stagnation. We have the personal choice of making changes to enhance our lives and the lives of those we love, or whether to simply put up with what life brings. 

When we are unsure of what to do,

we often do nothing. If you feel that life is one long return to work feeling, then an inner part of you is telling you change is needed. We need to listen to what our mind and body and instincts are telling us, for ignoring them will most certainly lead us further down the captive path of despondency. 

With even a small amount of forward momentum, change is possible, even just a change of inner perception and a concentration on the positive aspects of our lives rather than a pessimistic focus. We can learn it doesn’t have to be that way – even just a simple change of outlook can make all the difference! 

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New Year 2016 Posted on 31 Dec 17:55 , 0 comments

Another year has passed,

and here in the UK we are still waiting for the cold winter, rather than the torrential downpours experienced here over the past few weeks. The adverts for summer holidays to exotic places have already begun. Traditionally this is the time of year when we think about what we want to achieve in this New Year - our goals, aims, hopes and wishes.

It is also a time when we look back on the previous year, our failures and mistakes, but also our achievements and gains, absent friends, and new friends.  And then we close the door on the past and look forward to the future, hopefully more prepared and experienced than we were this time last year. 

Our past and future are in our own minds and thoughts. We decide whether we are going to plan the route to our goals or whether we let events take us to wherever they might lead us.  One thing I do believe, and something I do see in my work as a clinical hypnotherapist almost every working day, is the drive and strength that is present in the individuals who come to my practice.

Whether it is someone

wanting to lose weight, stop smoking, deal with deep and long standing issues of life’s journey, those needing support and or guidance, understanding or direction., or whatever else is presented, what is present in almost all of them is an internal drive, an instinct to achieve and for them to be better people, to walk away from the past habits or routines, threats or fears and to change for the better.  I admire and respect each and every one of them.

Initially it is not always easy to identify the fact that we are in need of a change, that change may be our decision or it may be forced upon us through circumstances, but, when we finally make the decision and find the courage to begin the journey of change, we often find at that exact moment a burden is lifted. 

Most of us know

the adage ‘the longest journey starts with a single step’ but fewer realise the fact that, before we begin that long journey, we have usually completed the journey in our mind. We ‘play’ the thoughts through in our mind. The question is whether we imagine making the journey successfully or making the journey in the most difficult, disastrous of fashions.

The difference is - only a thought.  For those readers who may be thinking of making some changes but are unsure where to start, I would suggest my confidence and self-esteem CD or download available from

The same site covers CDs and downloads for Stress reduction, Anxiety, Insomnia, IBS, Chronic Pain and Emotional Recovery after Breast Cancer, and much more.

Whatever you hope

to achieve this year, make a note of it. On the top of a piece of paper, write down your goal. Then fold your paper over, and write what you will have achieved 9, 6, 3, 2 and 1 month from now, folding your paper each time. Then 4, 3, 2 and 1 week from now.

Then unfold your paper and see each step, follow it and adapt it, and this time next year, let me know how successful you have been. I wish you well on whatever journey you plan to make over the course of the next year.

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When you have had enough of IBS Posted on 19 Dec 19:19 , 0 comments

Had enough of IBS

Just an idea!!

Columbus Day - IBS Independence day? Posted on 12 Oct 13:49 , 0 comments

Congratulations to all those who made that important decision on 4th July 2015 to take control of their IBS.

They decided to start the IBS Audio Program 100 and they finish today.  Congratulations to one and all. Results will vary of course since we are all individual, but the IBS Audio Program 100 has been helping people with their symptoms of IBS since 1998.  It has stood the test of time, so it bodes well for the majority of users!

Since they started on 4th July 2015 they have been working their way through the structured program which was developed specifically for IBS symptoms – both physical and emotional.

Of course the majority of users begin to get relief from IBS as they go through the recording, whether their program begins after hearing the introduction, which sets out in such easy ways to understand what is happening inside – physically and emotionally.   Just getting that understanding is often enough to instil a belief system that change is possible.

Or perhaps after the first session with its imagery and suggestions, or the second, third, fourth or fifth session (which are all different) when all is brought together, each session building on the proceeding one.

Coupled with the unique on-going progressive induction method (OPSIM) specifically developed for this program – and now adapted and used in all Healthy Audio programs – such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, confidence and self-esteem and many others.

So back on 4th July 2015 that decision to make a difference began to pay off, so once again congratulations to those who made that important decision for themselves. And this Columbus day – 12th October 2015, I expect they will have discovered something about themselves too – that IBS does not have to rule their life.

As Columbus Day is a holiday, and you decided today to start the IBS Audio Program 100 tomorrow, you would be completed on the 20th January 2016 – the day Franklin D Roosevelt was inaugurated for an unprecedented fourth term – making history.   Will you start the IBS Audio Program tomorrow and give yourself the opportunity to make your own history – and start the New Year with the great gift of good health?

Don’t look back with regret – look forward with optimism and encouragement and be guided by this tried and trusted IBS program.  Enjoy your journey!  Available on CD Set or MP3 download.

Labour Day Weekend & IBS sufferers Posted on 04 Sep 16:09 , 0 comments

Labour Day Weekend - IBS Audio Program 100 sale.

Are you planning to do something special this weekend?   Perhaps going on a trip, meeting friends, a planned shopping trip, or simply having time to rest? Whatever you do I hope it is a peaceful and happy weekend.

However you might be, or know one of the millions of sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, a common gastrointestinal condition which is no respecter of age, gender or background which affects up to one in five of the population.   

It is a debilitating condition, which affects not only the sufferer but also their loved ones, it often prevents, travelling, socialising and shopping trips, and limits eating and drinking

And yet this labor day could be the beginning of the end of their IBS.   The IBS Audio Program 100 is a discrete home use audio program which has been helping IBS sufferers since 1998.

For those who start the IBS Audio Program 100 on Labor Day, they will finish this structured program on 15th December.  The day in 1791 when the US Bill of Rights was ratified, the day in 1887 Thomas Edison patented the phonograph.  

IBS sufferers have the right to live a life that is worry and pain free, and since 1998 we have been championing the IBS Audio Program 100 for IBS sufferers in over 45 countries.

Those who started their IBS Audio Program 100 on 4th July – their independence day is on 12th October – Columbus Day!  They made their decision in the summer to do something about their IBS, now they have only 34 days left of their structured program.

The IBS Audio Program 100, despatched from the UK and from the Mid West USA - Also available on immediate MP3 download

ibs audio program 100 fr adults with irritable bowel syndrome

Are you anxious? Do you know how you can help yourself? Posted on 29 Aug 12:57 , 0 comments

Lets take a look at Anxiety.

Many people use the term anxious far too loosely. It is an uncomfortable condition which affects millions of people. The good news is that Anxiety is manageable and there are lots of things that sufferers of anxiety can do to get help, and to help themselves.

We are all familiar with the feelings of anxiety, for example when we meet new people perhaps, or have to give a presentation, or take a job interview or driving test, perhaps starting a new school, these sort of events we come across, and deal with.

For most of us the feelings of anxiety are short lived and after the event we calm dhealthy audio hypnosisown and feel comfortable again.  However for about 10% of the population anxiety can turn into a frightening condition which may feel as though it is taking over their lives.

Some people have what is called ‘generalised anxiety disorder’ which does not relate to any specific event or occurrence but the feelings of anxiety are with them all the time, for others it can be triggered by some event or thought pattern.

People with generalised anxiety often begin to feel anxious from the moment they awaken.  Some of the symptoms can be: dry mouth, sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, sweating, a tightness in the chest, nausea, diahorrea, loss of appetite and general fatigue.  This is not an exhaustive list.

Some causes of anxiety can be physical, for example drug withdrawal, hormonal imbalance and low blood sugar amongst others. Some anxiety may be through psychological factors, feelings of pending doom, some medical professional believe it is combined with our personality type. For some it may be a learned response to some thing or someone in our past or present environments, or in the future. 

If you have been feeling anxious then speak to your medical doctor and get checked out physically. Speak to your doctor too about any concerns you have in your life.

Prescribed drugs may help in the short term to help you feel more comfortable, be aware that some drugs take a period of time to get into your system and have the desired effect. 

Alongside drug treatment you may be referred to a counsellor or therapist in Cognitive behaviour or for hypnotherapy in some cases.  There are various types of anxiety conditions, your doctor will be able to diagnose you from his experience, your symptoms and what you tell him, so always be honest and open.

Also the anxiety sufferer can help themselves by, taking more exercise, developing relaxation techniques, setting small goals.  My experience with anxiety is generally once the individual is aware of the condition, and its symptoms, and they understand the things they can do for themselves they generally progress well. 

The journey through anxiety is not always an easy one, but with determination and new found belief in themselves they begin to feel better.  Also it is important for anxiety sufferers to remember that there are millions of others with similar feeling, and as unpleasant as the condition is, not one anxiety attack has ever hurt them. So remember anxiety is a common condition, it can be treated successfully with medication and other therapies, including hypnosis.    

When you are tired of looking, tired of suffering, tired of anxiety ruling your life, take a look at our Anxiety Audio program.   A full structured and interlinked program develop specifically for the general anxiety disorder condition.  

anxiety audio program

Welcome Offers on hypnosis mp3 downloads and CD Sets. Posted on 10 Jul 15:14 , 0 comments

Welcome to Healthy Audio Hypnosis

Our newest site is offering discounts on both our MP3 Download programs and also our CD Sets.  Our products are professionally developed, we use professional sound engineers on all our major programs, we research and develop our ideas and after trials we bring them to market. 

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