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Healthy Audio Hypnosis Blog by Michael Mahoney

  • Are you anxious? Do you know how to reduce Anxiety

    Lets take a look at Anxiety. Many people use the term anxious far too loosely. It is an uncomfortable condition which affects millions of people. T...
  • When the emotional balloon didn't go pop!

    When people are in emotional turmoil, or when their internal energies are drained and they simply don’t feel up to facing life’s challenges, they ...
  • Has the Anxiety Hurricane struck you today?

    That often unspoken feeling when your head is telling you to be calm and yet your body and emotions are telling you something different.  Wanti...
  • IBS Sufferers – Don’t say you are ‘fine’ when you’re not – and here’s why!

    The mind and body are inseparably connected. Your internal speak, can help you to overcome emotional and physical problems. The first step is to be honest in your words and replies to others.