Confidence & Self-Esteem Support Program - MP3 download
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Confidence & Self-Esteem Support Program - MP3 download

Confidence & Self-Esteem Support Program - MP3 download

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Confidence & Self-Esteem Program



  Have life issues battered you? – perhaps a job loss, serious illness, or other adverse life events?

  • Do you feel hopeless and worthless, each day seeming a trudge?
  • Do you feel empty, alone, despondent?
  • Are you unhappy? Do you fail to find happiness in things you once did?

Having confidence and feeling confident

is about having trust in your abilities and capabilities and that you can meet life's challenges. Likewise, having faith in yourself and earning deserved confidence from others too. 


It is about your sense of self-worth and your self-respect.  

Building confidence and self-esteem are done by learning, doing, and understanding. 

Has your confidence and self-esteem have been knocked down, it cannot be easy to regain them. Yet, both are important to help us live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Asking for help to build them up again is not always easy. So, this confidence and self-esteem support program is to help you to help yourself.   Just a few clicks away, our confidence and self-esteem program is here to help.

Confidence and Self-Esteem audio program by Michael Mahoney

This confidence and self-esteem audio program contains the following:

  • Eight full-length sessions
  • a bonus music track, and
  • structured listening schedule (PDF).

Providing a structured listening program for home use.

In these demanding times, confidence is vital to reducing worry, helping to see new opportunities and generally feeling in control of your life. 

Start today - take the first steps to a more confident future you!

When building confidence in yourself and your abilities, consider this confidence and self-esteem support program.

We never hard sell or pressure you in any way. We want you to develop and grow your confidence and self-esteem so you can make the most of your life.  

Words have power - chalked on blackboard.

Confidence and self-esteem are fragile, so protecting them is vital.  

Developed by Award-winning UK hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney, the program is structured and easy to use. 

Experience is a serious consideration when choosing your program. After all, it is an investment in yourself.

This program is delivered with confidence, sensitivity and understanding.

                                                                Sound clips:  

                                      Session 1Session 2Session 3Session 4                                                             

                                                              Session 5

                                     Session 6  Session 7  Session 8  Session 9

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Product Description

How do I build or rebuild confidence ?… is a question often asked. So often, Michael Mahoney, an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist, decided to develop this audio program to guide listeners on how to build confidence in themselves and their lives.

How do you build trust and self-esteem?

As you learn how to build or rebuild your confidence, you will notice that your self-esteem grows, too, which is a crucial motivator.

Both confidence and self-esteem are encouraged in this confidence and self-esteem support program, as well is learning how to relax.

Being relaxed, you become more open to the suggestions in the program, and if you enjoy the learning, you remember much more, too.  

So, you gradually become more aware of your growing confidence, and as you do, you want to do more, and as you do more, your confidence will grow further, and an upward positive spiral is created.

It is a process, and our confidence and self-esteem support program is structured using our unique ongoing progressive session induction method or OPSIM for short, to encourage this deeper learning.

The short answer to how to build confidence is one of structure, learning, and understanding. The confidence and self-esteem program helps and encourages you in a structured, gentle way.

Easy, gentle, and enjoyable, start your journey to better confidence and self-esteem today.


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Program Overview

As mentioned earlier, the program is structured. You can start anywhere if you prefer, but our structure is like a map; it guides you to make the most of your journey through the sessions. Planning and structuring also build foundations to build upon; we recommend using the listening schedule provided. 

Suggested Listening.

Accompanying this program is a suggested listening schedule that should be followed as closely as possible.

It is a specific OPSIM (Ongoing progressive session induction method) listening protocol for this recording. Listening this way helps you make the most of this recording.

Listening to the sessions several times, revisited at critical times in the program, encourages the learning process of human understanding.

(Note: To use on your smart device, you need to download this program to a desktop/laptop and sync your files or add them to your iCloud Storage)

If you are unsure how to do either, we suggest you purchase the streamed version, which will send daily links to you - eliminating the need for downloading and syncing - Click here to go to the Streaming Version.

So start your journey of being more confident today with just a few clicks!


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The Confidence & Self-Esteem Support Program - MP3 download was developed with people like you in mind. We structure every program to maximize outcomes for you.

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