I am Love


I am here, there and everywhere,
From the earliest of times, I have influenced humankind.
I am in words and actions,
I am in dreams, touch and sounds.

My influence is wide and deep,
I can touch everyone,
No one is immune to me,
My presence is sometimes denied, yet I often win through.

I am an invisible bond,
I am often chased,
And I am infectious, I am free to everyone.
I cause pain, turmoil and despair,
I also give hope, encouragement and strength.

I have shaped history, causing wars and conflict,
And I have prevented them too.
Time and again I have brought opposites together.

I bring colour into lives, and the world,
I bring immeasurable happiness and the deepest grief.
To know these things is to know me,

When I am gone, lives are empty,
When I am embraced, life is complete.

I am love,
An encourager and motivator,
I am in a babies cry, a mothers hug,
I am in kind words, and deeds,
I am present in smiles, glances, and the briefest of touches.

Millions of poems have been written about me
Songs lament my passing, and also rejoice in me being found,
I am in, and am, for everyone.

Once found, life changes forever,
When lost, I leave a permanent scar,
And yet, I am a risk worth taking,

I am the nurturer of hope, happiness, well-being and contentment.
I am the strength in decisions, unselfish acts, and self-preservation.

To know me, to experience me, to live with me, is to be fulfilled.

Never take me for granted, however,
For I too need nurturing. I am strong but can be hurt and broken.

Work with me and I will be your life's companion,
I am precious, I am love, and we deserve each other.

By Michael Mahoney copyright June 2019

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