When do you give up?

How often have you given up on a task only to regret it later on?

  • How often do you doubt yourself and your abilities?
  • How often do you decide that the task or the relationship or the job is just too difficult? 

When do you start listening to the internal or external voices which breed doubt within you, leading you to simply decide they are right and so you give up?

Many people give up when they are just a few steps away from success. Some people don’t see the success waiting for them, so they see no point in continuing.

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Others are frightened of success because success brings change, and change is often seen as threatening, so abandoning the journey avoids change, but sabotages what could have been, simply through fear of imaginings.  Others simply enjoy the journey they are taking, believing the journey is the goal itself. 

Completing something, anything can often give us a buzz, a high, a feeling of self-congratulation, but it can also be the end of a familiar journey, and that means we have to find something new to learn or achieve or focus on, and that can bring new challenges as well as new excitement.

Conversely, we sometimes have difficult journeys and when completed, we reflect on them with mixed emotions and then learn from it and move on. 

I find it strange that people seem to have the strength of completing difficult journeys but not always beneficial ones.  Is there a mindset which we plug into which makes us believe we have to be seen to complete difficult journeys in life, which is expected of us, and so we do?image of tiles spelling the words moving forward

Why, when we come through difficult situations in life, do we not give the same drive and motivation to our positive journeys?  Is it perhaps that we have more choices, more opportunities to decide for ourselves what we will and will not do, and that makes us think more, rather than follow our intuition as we often do in difficult times? 

Each of us I suspect has our own answers and thoughts about this, I do know however that we have responsibility for what we do and what we don’t do and, for what we think and feel and how we behave. 

The world is full of people who have achieved either in a quiet gentle way, without fuss or limelight, and those who make the biggest noise possible to attract attention.  

There are plenty of people in the process of working to make more of themselves, ignoring the voices of distraction and negativity, and there are people who have simply yet to learn that they can be more if they decide to take the journey of change, and don’t give up.

In my opinion, it is always better to have tried and failed, than never to have tried and faced a future of what-ifs.  We learn from failure, in fact, everything we can do today is a result of failing in the past, and yet so often, our lives show us, when we persevere, when we learn from our mistakes we can make a difference to our own lives and the lives of those we love, and even the lives of total strangers!

Stay Safe!

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