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Scripts PDF Ebook - 15 complete scripts for the busy hypnotherapist.

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PDF version of Michael Mahoneys' Hypnotherapy scripts ebook

Hypnotherapy Scripts (Making Life Easier - Volume 1)

138 pages from cover to back page 

Don't you just sometimes think " wouldn't it be good to have versatile scripts " that you can just pull down from the shelf and use when you need it.  Each of the scripts in this PDF has been used successfully in my practice. 

15 full tried and tested scripts 

Bridges to cross
Space Release
Chapters of Success
Deep Blue
Inner Island
Inner Security
Inner Univers
Letting Go
Parachute Time
Removing the Walls of Self Sabotage
Positive Reservoir and Flames
Silver & Golden Cotton Threads (Bonus Script)

The PDF has links from the contents page which take you straight to the script without having to scroll down. Simple. 

Using it just once with a patient has more than paid for itself. It is my hope you get many years of successful therapy sessions from it. 

Volume two - due to be released mid-2022 - email us if you want a pre-release notification and early-bird discount.

 Only to be purchased by trained and qualified hypnotherapists in practice. 

The Scripts PDF Ebook - 15 complete scripts for the busy hypnotherapist. was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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