Stress Relief Audio Program 80 - MP3 Download
Stress Relief Audio Program 80 - MP3 Download
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Stress Relief Audio Program 80 - MP3 Download

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Stress Relief Audio Program 80


A quick look at our Stress Relief Audio Program 80.

14 x structured sessions - yes, 14! (total length - nothing taken away!)

1 x Session of ambient music 

1  x Recommended listening schedule to maximize outcomes!

What is Stress?

It seems straightforward, but the answer is often difficult to quantify. That's because we are all different, and our tolerance and interpretation of stress are widely different too.

People often describe stress as anxiety, worry, pressure, strain or distress. 

The author of this Program, Michael Mahoney, interprets stress as: 'When internal or external demands have outstripped internal resources, whether those demands are actual or perceived.   


woman looking strain away from the camera

25 June 2024

Good evening Michael. I am nearly at the end of my stress relief session and it's been marvelous. You've been an absolute Godsend for me with this and helped me cope with my cancer diagnosis so much. 

Regards AB, Bishop Stortford
Hertfordshire UK

Stress Management

Prolonged negative stress can make you sick, bring disease and distress, and even lead to death.

We created the stress relief audio program 80 after many years of working with men, women, teens, and children who had experienced stress, worry, or pressure in various ways. 

Stress management takes a little practice - do not think it will just go away! Many folk make the error of thinking they will 'deal with it'. Resist that way of thinking because it isn't healthy! Stress management is healthy and beneficial; it just takes a little time and practice. 

Stress Relief Audio Program 80

This program aims to assist you in managing stress, developing relaxation, and reducing distress and strain.

You were not born stressed; however, you may have learned to be overly stressed and worried for various reasons; the good thing, however, is if you have learned one way of thinking, you can learn something different!


Please take a few minutes to listen to the sound clips below and then scroll down to see more about the structure of the Program,   

 Sample Clips:   Session 1Session 2Session 3Session 4Session 5


14 x structured sessions and 1 x track of ambient music and suggested listening schedule.

(Note: Like other MP3 files, to use on your smart device, you may need to download this Program to a desktop/laptop and sync your files or add them to iCloud storage.

If you are unsure how to do any of this, don't worry, we have an immediate streamed version, which sends you all your files immediately to your smart device - eliminating the need for downloading and syncing and all the other techy malarky!).  

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Stress and strain

Stress weakens your immune system, leading to physical and emotional problems if not resolved

Protecting your immune system is critical, especially in these unusual times. Persistently high-stress levels lead to immune system impairment and effectiveness

In short, stress management can help protect you from infection and disease.


According to recent statistics from the American Institute of stress 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress! 


Stress Relief Audio Program 80

(All for a fraction of the price of one-to-one sessions, giving you huge savings)

We use hypnosis to develop new positive coping mechanisms and subconsciously reinforce existing inner resources.

It promotes mental and physical balance by instilling relaxation to relieve worry, strain, tension, and other physical symptoms. While also encouraging more positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Hypnosis has been found to be beneficial in reducing the physical and mental symptoms of Stress, anxiety, IBS, insomnia, and many other conditions too. 

What is the Stress Relief Audio Program 80 about?

Un-surprisingly, it is about stress management, relaxation, and assisting in developing new coping strategies.

The Stress Relief Audio Program gives you various options, new considerations, and many more to help you learn new positive ways of thinking and feeling.

Positive stress exists, and we want to preserve its benefits. However, our stress relief programme 80 is frequently helpful in the negative area.

So, what distinguishes our stress relief hypnosis programme?

Simply put, it's different. It is structured because the sessions are interconnected.

Structure aids comprehension and retention of new information, options, and considerations.

This stress relief hypnosis programme also employs the 'ongoing progressive session induction method,' or OPSIM for short.

In the 1990s, stress was called the killer of the 90's; however, here we are in 2023, and we still haven't mastered stress or strain!

Life's demands are challenging enough without adding unneeded stress!


14 x structured interlinked tracks and 1 x session of ambient music.

Session 1: Commentary Introduction (approximate running time 20:29) 

The mind and body connection are inseparably linked.

They respond to internal and external stressors that may be real or perceived.

The mind and body connection changes our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

This introduction outlines this process, helping you understand what is happening inside yourself, and gives a foundation to build upon.

You are encouraged to use this introductory session as a reminder and reinforcing process to help obtain maximum benefits.

Session 2: Learning to Be More (approximate running time 17:54) 

An easy-to-listen session designed to encourage participation in your healing.

Learning and relearning to relax is the key to successfully managing stress.

This recording is taken from our confidence and self-esteem program because it fits well into this Program. 

Time taken here will help you understand the process better.

It also paves the way for you to become more aware of your ability to feel rested and relaxed, meaning you can expect those feelings more often.

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Session 3: Moments of Relaxing Emotions ~ MORE (approximate running time 20:38)

Silhouetted man with arms out wide with the word motivation over him.

This session continues the process of developing relaxation and reducing stressors.

The gentle imagery encourages you to release demands, stresses, worry and negative expectations while encouraging positive use of inner space.

The process of unburdening allows for positive thoughts and considerations to be poured into space once filled with negatives.

Session 4: Letting Go (approximate running time 20:21)

This session brings awareness of how negative thoughts and expectations can resonate within us.

The process used in this session will help you to take in gentle suggestions. 

Revealing to you that even though you may have made progress in the past and then perhaps faltered and returned to the familiar negative thought patterns, now you are different.

Now you are taking a different path, choosing another way of moving on.

You will be gently reminded that you are doing something different and structured and being encouraged positively, and the outcome can be different.

Session 5: Each Moment (approximate running time 17:49)

This session encourages you to use your new thinking to overcome obstacles and limitations that have held you back.

Recognize that there may have been times when you needed to rest, recover, or be still.

But now you realize you can be so much more! You're changing now, feeling stronger, better, more accessible, and more in command.

yellow little cuddly toy smiling no strain or worry in him

Session 6: Reflection (approximate running time 15:33)

Those days when it perhaps felt you were uncertain where to turn or what to do.

Or how to climb out of those difficult times of worry, pressure or distress are far in the past; the rungs of the emotional ladder are much closer together now.

More easily climbing higher into emotional well-being, general happiness is much more accessible, life more pleasant, and thoughts more positive and sure.

Session 7: Confidence (approximate running time 20:07)

It is not difficult to develop confidence; you must create a belief in yourself.

Allow yourself to be in touch with your awareness and understanding.

You are reconnecting with your innate ability to learn and relearn new ways of thinking and feeling.

You are now learning to have renewed confidence in yourself, knowing that you can and will accomplish the tasks you set for yourself gently yet effectively.

Session 8: Light of Consciousness (approximate running time 26:58)

Using imagery and suggestion, this longer, gentle session encourages you to go deeper into relaxation.

Furthermore, using colour allows negative thoughts and expectations to dissolve and be replaced with other calm and positive thoughts and feelings.

This session builds on previous sessions and helps anchor the learning, allowing you to be more relaxed and balanced.

As a result, the mind and body work together to meet challenges more quickly.

Session 9: Parachute Time (approximate running time 20:56)

blackboard with chalk words, word have power.

This session uses the gentle imagery of drifting slowly and quietly into relaxation to encourage you to let go of the negatives.

As if beneath a massive safety parachute. You will be reminded that whatever needs to be changed in your life can be changed and that whatever needs to be released can be released.

You can embrace every positive emotion while acknowledging that negative emotions can provide learning and understanding before being removed.

Session 10: Inner Universe (approximate running time 26:05)

This session encourages you to create an inner universe through metaphors to reinforce positive suggestions and learning.

You'll benefit from a plethora of pleasant imagery that gently eases you into relaxation.

At the same time, you continue to progress by letting go of stress and demands, allowing negative thoughts and attitudes to fade.

You will be free to develop new positive thoughts, pathways, and ideas as you move forward positively.

Session 11: Dilution of Negatives (approximate running time 21:31)

This session encourages you to relax completely by using gentle guided imagery.

As this relaxation becomes more and more a part of you, broaden and expand it.

Through the new relaxation technique, you will reduce stressors, worry, and negativity.

You are guided by gentle imagery of clouds and sunshine, which assists you in reinforcing control in your life while releasing burdens.

image of VIP with the I being a morph character. Denotes worry and strain free importance

Session 12: Golden Threads (approximate running time 20:26)

Memory and emotion support each negative thought.

This session employs imagery and suggestions to help you let go of what no longer serves you while also inviting your new internal robust support system for sustaining and improving positive thought patterns.

Session 13: Your Uniqueness (approximate running time 18:06)

Everyone has a purpose in life!

We are meant to be in many places, including relationships, social interactions, and all aspects of our lives.

There is a place for you wherever your journey takes you.

But you can also find better places because we aren't stuck; we are constantly changing and progressing.

Your individuality is the key to success in all life aspects.

Session 14: Bridges to Cross (approximate running time 22:01)

A reflective session in which imagery and metaphor are used to maximize the benefits of the journey through this Program and in life. Problems have been resolved, released, and released.

Positives have been accepted, and suggestions and ideas have assisted you in finding your way.

You are constructing bridges to overcome problems; your new resources enable you to make even more bridges to greater success.

Session 15: Ambient music (approximate running time 31:10) Not included in the listening schedule


Be quick. Our special price won't be around long!

Lets work together to make things better! get rid of worry and stress

Let's work together to make things better!

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