Living in the moment

Right here at this moment, is where life exists.

The past has gone, the future may never come, so now is all that matters.

It’s natural to share memories, and sometimes wanting to relive them. However when and if we do, we find that ‘the moment’ or ‘the experience’ cannot be relived, not exactly as we remembered.

And the reason is pretty obvious: through the passing of time, we have grown, we have more experience, more knowledge, more life skills, more education, different perspectives, morals and ethics to name a few life changers.   Also, memories are subject to change, and to embellishment.

A memory is unique,

and you only have one original memory, after that, it’s a memory of a memory, and then a memory of a memory of a memory and so it goes on. Each time it is remembered, something changes it, our new way of thinking interprets the most recent recollection to fit with the thinking we have now, at this moment.

We can however learn from memories, both good and bad. Both are part of our learning and living experience.  But we have to recognise there is no going back.

One of my favourite bands Noah and the Whale, in their song ‘Give it all Back’ repeat the following

Yeah, I’d give it all back just to do it again,

Turn back time, to be with my friends – tonight.

And yet it’s not possible (as far as we know at the moment of writing)

Best to leave it in the past, remember them fondly, learn from them and then move on. Also, we need to remember that any individuals in our memories have changed too, they have new talents, life skills, morals and ethics so they are hugely different to how we remembered them.  The brash kid, now mild-mannered and respectful; the young tearaway now a respected pillar of the community.

The past has gone, never to return. 

Looking to the future, we can hope we have one, we can work towards it, make plans and enjoy the anticipation.  But as we know there are few guarantees in life.  So when you look back to the past, or to the future, remember you are doing both, while living in the most important moment, Now!

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