Anxiety - The thief of happiness

Anxiety is not only the thief of happiness,

it is also the thief of time and special moments, it robs us of the now - being in the moment.  It also manages to take root in our thoughts if we let it. 

Anxiety is no respecter of age, background, or race. Once in our lives it often rules every waking moment.  However there is hope!  


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Change begins when you begin to push back the anxious thoughts.  Words and thoughts have power.  Change your words, especially your internal dialogue, and change happens.   

Every thought creates a physical response. So change your thoughts and you change your response. 

It sounds simple. It isn't.  It has to be worked at, and it has to be structured, but change is possible.   After all, it is only a thought you need to change, one step at a time. 

Until you do something different the same things are going to happen.

You might be familiar with that feeling, when your head is telling you to be calm and yet your body and emotions are telling you something different.

When you want to be anywhere other than where you are in that moment when the anxiety ambushes you. 

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Sometimes anxiety seems to appear out of the blue, rapid and unforeseen, at other times feeling it, sensing it in the distance, advancing emotional feelings of dread which seem to be heading your way.  

You try and avoid, maybe trying to change your thinking, maybe moving to another room, or starting a conversation.   But somehow the dread of anxiety is still monitored, you haven't stopped observing it in your minds eye, your concentration isn't fully on your attempted method of avoidance. 

And each time anxiety is felt, it deepens the groove of belief that nothing can change.   But it can!

Nothing comes out of the blue - everything comes from somewhere

There are times of course when anxiety has to be listened too, it is after-all a mechanism to keep you safe. You should never ignore stress or anxiety when there is good cause to listen to your instincts and when situations demand vigilance. 


But we are not referring to that obvious, real anxiety. We are referring to the feelings of anxiety which are just a habit in our thinking and belief system.

When all is said and done, you have never been physically hurt by the anxiety or the panic it brings. But that is of little comfort. 

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Your body and mind react to the force within, seconds feel like minutes, minutes like hours, and when it eventually passes, you are left shaken, uncertain, it takes time to recover - but you will, and you do.  And the pattern repeats itself, time and again, and the groove of negative expectation and feelings deepen still further. 

Breaking that pattern is the answer to making change.

By taking time for yourself, learning new ways of thinking and feeling in a structured way is a great starting point to challenge existing thinking and to change them to something positive. 

Our Anxiety Audio Program 120 (GAD) was developed to help in the process of change.  It is something you will have to work with and it will take some time, but it isn't difficult.

Of course,  it's much better to work towards developing relief and comfortable thoughts and feelings, than simply working towards maintaining how things are at present. 

From award-winning clinical hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney, this home use audio program brings together many years of providing support and guidance to his clients and referred patients. 

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 It's a large, structured and easy to listen to audio program comprising:

  • A clear introduction. It explains easily how to get a beneficial understanding of the mind/body connection.
  • 2 x ‘familiarization’ sessions, helping you to become comfortable with the process of working towards your goal, gently and easily.
  • 2 x ‘resource library sessions (Between them containing 19 short but important explanations and descriptors to help as you go through your program).
  • 10 x structured interlinked audio sessions.
  • 1 x track of ambient music for self-relaxation.
  • a structured listening schedule using Michael’s proven OPSIM approach.
  • symptom checklist and more. 
  • You will be doing something different! This program guides you step by step, it is structured,  gentle, easy listening!
  • All structured sessions are complete nothing taken away because it's discounted,  and general running time varies between 15 and 30 minutes approximately
  • MP3 download and Streamed Versions available.
  • Priced competitively reflecting the time, and experience that has been put into the development of the program.
  • Content is hypnotherapy based, informational, using imagery/awareness, suggestion & consideration and options of choice.
  • It took a little over 3 years to develop and structure the program we offer today.
  • It was developed by Michael Mahoney an award-winning, clinical hypnotherapist with over 36 years in practice experience and 25 years experience in developing and bringing to market innovative health solutions.

If anything in this article has made sense, there is a good possibility our Anxiety Audio Program - (GAD) will make sense too.  

So take a few minutes to look at our GAD Anxiety Audio Program – take a peek at its structure, the length of the sessions too.

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