About our hypnosis programs

Our hypnosis programs are condition specific.

We develop our hypnosis programs.

Sometimes taking many years to develop our symptom-specific hypnosis programs, using our own tried and proven research processes and development ideas.

Our policy encourages user interaction and feedback in all our programs.

Then we revisit our work again and again if need be!

We use seasoned professionals for all our programs, and when needed, we use a professional musician.  

Sample testing our work and asking for feedback from users living their everyday lives with their condition.

We prefer not to test in sterile, non-interrupted research environments therby using our program real in-situ conditions.  

Coupled with that, we developed a hypnotherapy program-specific OPSIM protocol recommended listening schedule to maximise potential outcomes.

All our work

All this takes time. Investing in programs ourselves and in our products, meaning everything is our ownwork.  

We choose not to copy others' work and pass it off as our own in whole or in part.

Believing instead in bringing our original ideas and hypnosis products to market ourselves for the benefit of our customers. 

That way, our programs are not only health condition specific, but we have no shareholders to answer to. This makes us more relaxed in our approach.

Nor do we have to make bigger and bigger profits from our hypnotherapy programs, so we pass those savings on to you. 

Being cost-effective and realistically priced means we offer our hypnotherapy programs for your, and our mutual benefit.

This relaxed approach, means we can focus on delivering the best hypnosis programs, which means you benefit from them. 

We have been providing hypnosis programs since 1998.

As we have been around a long time, it proves our approach is realistic and can be depended upon, just like our hypnosis programs.

We know from experience and feedback that we have helped thousands of users over the years in over 45 countries to live better, happier more relaxed lives.

And that, in short, is what our hypnosis programs are about.

Hypnosis products from Healthy Audio Hypnosis.

Some of the products from Healthy Audio Hypnosis