Adding Streamed files to your free iCloud Storage

Below is a step by step guide to downloading Streamed files to your iOS device iCloud storage. At the time of writing Apple gives all iOS users 5GB of storage for free.

For a PDF version of this page please click here.

Note: We have endeavoured to make this as simple and as up to date as possible.  However due to ever rapidly changing software and device versions we are unable to provide extended technical support, nor do we take any responsibility for any outdated steps in this process.   If in doubt please contact your device manufacturer or a trusted technical person for assistance.  

Step 1:

Find your order email sent to you from Healthy Audio Hypnosis. It will look like the the screen shot below.  

Click the link as indicated below. 



Once you have clicked the link you will see the following. Click the program folder as indicated by the arrow.

 Step 2:


When you see the names of files you will want to add your booklet.  Click the down arrow as shown


 Step 3:

The PDF document will open.   Then click the Up arrow at the bottom of the screen.   (Alternatively see step 9 for an alternative to this)


 Click the up arrow (Arrow in a box)


Step 4:

Once you have pressed the up arrow in the box, scroll from the screen from the bottom to see various options available to you. Choose add Bookmark.  Your PDF will be in your Bookmark folder.  The location of this and other folders may vary depending on your i-device and software version.


Step 5:

Now its time to add the download files to your home screen. This is usually the easiest option. So go back to your main files, go back arrow, or back to the link we sent you, and click on the side (play) arrow as indicated by the red arrow.



Step 6:

Then you will see the black panel ready to play.   Resist the urge to press play for now, and instead press the up arrow in a box at the bottom of the screen.


Step 7:

When you have don that, the following screen will show.  We are adding to the home screen so click as indicated by the red arrow


 Step 8:

When you  press to add to home screen.  You are asked to name your file IBS Intro IBS-Session 1 etc.

Repeat the process of adding the other session to the home screen.

When you have done that, go to the home screen, and find your files - they will look like those indicated and usually on appear on the last home page (if you have multiple home pages.





Step 9:


Click on the link as you have done in the previous steps, but this time the document will open.  To save the document to your device click the open book symbol as indicated by the red arrow.   You will need to refer to the listening schedule in this booklet if you are going to follow the recommended listening schedule.  (Some people just leave the tab open for easier access)



 Step 10:

Go to your books folder on your main screen and open your PDF file from there.   


 All finished :)  Enjoy your program