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IBS Audio Program 100 for Adults - MP3 & Streamed versions.

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A photo of a male doctor with a stethoscope around his neck, dressed in white coat, holding a mobile phone to the camera. On the screen reads IBS Audio Program 100  session 01 - www.healthyaudiohypnosis.com. The other hand is pointing to the screen

IBS Audio Program 60 for Children - MP3 Version

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Anxiety Audio Program 120 - MP3

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A young white woman, dressed in light brown jumper, with black jeans sitting cross legged in a forest on dried leaves. Looking into the camera with worried look.
Photo of a young white woman, lookiing right off centre of the camera, sat on a high backed wicker chair. She is looking slightly up, with her right hand coming up to her chin. She is looking pensive.

Stress Audio Program 80 - MP3

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Insomnia Audio Program 60 - MP3

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white woman laying in bed with an eye mask on. indicating difficulty sleeping.
Man and child on snow sledge going down hill - showing a better life after beating burnout

Burn-out Audio Program 75

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Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 - MP3

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A drawing of a knee depicting inflammation in red showing the benefits of the Osteoarthritis audio program
Photo of a young woman in the mountains stood on a boulder reaching up in self congratulation, with the words confidence and self esteem audio program placed above her. An advert for the Confidence and Self-Esteem program by Michael Mahoney

Confidence & Self-Esteem

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Emotional recovery after breast cancer - CD or MP3

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Photo of woman looking anxious holding her hands to her head. The words Emotional recovery after breast cancer have been written above her head in reference the audio program of the same name.

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