IBS Audio Program 100 - Celebrating 25 years!

Way back in 1998, after eight years of research, development and patient piloting the IBS Audio Program 100 was released into the world. 

It was the first home-use IBS program brought to market, and it continues to help people around the world to this day.

So why have IBS sufferers embraced this IBS program?   

As its author, I believe there are multiple factors, certainly the fact it took so long to develop comes through in its delivery, and the gentle encouraging session contents are delivered with care and understanding.

Because I do understand the impact IBS has on people’s lives and what they have to deal with, and how it affects family and social life, work or education time too.

IBS Audio Program 100 sessions on mobile screen fronts

The program has multiple sessions and is structured in such a way as to maximize outcomes.

It includes a free recording called the IBS companion; an informational recording developed for those who don't have IBS but want to understand more.  Over the years, this one recording has reportedly saved marriages, jobs, careers and university places! 

There is an accompanying booklet included, containing a progress log, suggested listening schedule, and other useful information.   

And certainly, one thing that helps, is that it has always been affordable.  There are no recurring monthly fees for this program.

Also, the program was developed because there was a need for it. It was as simple as that, I wanted to be part of the solution, and I believe the years working with IBS sufferers gave me an in-depth insight into the IBS condition which users to this day recognise.

It was intentionally developed specifically for the IBS condition, aimed at both the physical and emotional aspects of IBS.    And yet, back in the day, I felt I was somewhat of a lone voice as far as the emotional aspects of IBS were concerned.  Very few in the medical profession took the emotional aspects of the IBS condition seriously. 

The number of times IBS sufferers came into my NHS GP-based practice, in tears and anger feeling they hadn't been listened to.   As if they didn't have enough to cope with, without feeling they weren't being listened to or believed! 

Thankfully that kind of medical consultation is becoming less frequent for the IBS population, and the importance of a good ‘bed-side-manner’ is being addressed.

Also, I took my time developing the program, but it wasn't easy.  I was surrounded by folk telling me to 'get it out there'.

Others were telling me it couldn't and wouldn't work, if the doctors don't understand it, then I had 'no chance'.  

But I did have a chance, a good one, and to cut a long story short, I succeeded in my aim.  I brought the IBS Audio Program 100 to market, and now 25 years on, it is in three languages and used widely around the world. 

I often tell my patients, to speak about their dreams and wishes, because once you have spoken about them, they tend to encourage you to chase them. And for me at least, this dream was achieved.

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