Now we have the time!

Current events will continue to change our way of living and thinking for a long time to come.

Unexpectedly we now have the time to adapt, and learn new ways of thinking and doing and being. The majority of us have had this abundance of new time thrust upon us and with it a new dawning realisation that we now have the time to do those things which we have been promising ourselves we would do when we had the time, when we get around to it when we get this, that, and the other done, and out of the way.

The majority now have the time to get stuff done, to learn new ways of thinking and being. Time to learn a new skill, time to read, write a novel, build an online business, get fit, learn to cook, and a thousand and one other things besides.clock ink stamped on open palm of left hand of an adult

But, and of course, there is often a ‘but’ it might be that now you have the time you may not want to do all the things you were planning to do if you had the time. It might be puzzling on the surface but deep down, you probably knew you never wanted to do those often spoken about things, those things were maybe for other people to hear. 

If that is the case, perhaps this avalanche of new time has arrived at, yes, the right time.

Instead of spending time doing something you never wanted to do in the first place, for someone else, instead, use the time to let go of the reason or need to please other people, doing so will lessen or eliminate inner conflict between head and heart, consider how it will feel when you are unburdened of that conflict, and feeling new feelings of self-empowerment, spending this gift of new time doing your own thing, things you want to do for yourself, to enrich you, develop you, meeting your needs and wants.

Doing so frees you from the draining inner conflict, strengthens you, nurtures you, and develops you, for the new times ahead which the pandemic and its impact on now and the foreseeable future will bring.

You might want to use the time to help you to manage stress or anxiety.  Or if the concern of the present events has made IBS symptoms worse then for all three, we have a home use structured programs to help.  And all currently discounted!

Stay safe!

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