When IBS symptoms get too much - we are here to help!

Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome ruling your life? 

Stress and anxiety, social change, return to work or college can make things even worse.  We know because we have been helping relieve IBS since 1998 

Life is rarely easy at the best of times, but when IBS symptoms begin to flare, life suddenly seems to get much worse.
And why is it that people can't understand or even pretend to understand. Sharp remarks, even if said jokingly can hurt,
  • pull yourself together
  • it's all in your head
  • how many times have you been
  • hurry up we're late now and so it goes on.
After a while it gets tiring, emotionally you want to scream. Frustration, worry and anxiety make symptoms worse, and the circle of symptoms gets deeper. 
You become more aware of people being aware! Will there ever be a time when things will get better?  You begin to think this is how life will always be, you begin to question if it is all in your head, and so it goes on and on!
The lockdown has had some fortunate side effects for some IBS sufferers,
  • no need to worry about travelling on public transport
  • no worries about ringing in sick on those most difficult days
  • no worries about getting caught in rush-hour traffic
  • no worries about being in meetings with a growling stomach or holding in gas. 
  • The teacher not in front of a class of children. 
  • It doesn't matter so much if you feel sluggish or have an urgent need to go
  • Retail workers away from customers and the list goes on!

But now, lockdown is ending,

unemployment is rising rapidly, society opening up again is adding old and new pressures on everybody.  You have to be your best version of you that you possibly can.   So let us help you!

The IBS Audio Program 100 has been helping people since 1998

  • Immediate MP3 download or
  • Streamed directly to your smart device.
  • A clear introduction
  • 5 x Therapy sessions - developed for the IBS condition
  • The IBS companion - a recording explaining IBS to others, such as relatives and co-workers, so you don't have to
  • A progress log
  • Symptom checklist
  • Suggested listening schedule

Our IBS program developed by award-winning clinical hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney was specifically developed to deal with physical and emotional symptoms of IBS and is currently on offer, but

If you need a little more help
use code: extra10  at checkout for a double discount!
The IBS Audio Program 100 has stood the test of time, used by people worldwide since 1998, and it comes with: 
  • IBS often responds well to structured mind/body therapy.
  • IBS is not a life sentence, however, it might feel at this moment. 
  • Stop fighting the IBS, and start managing it. 
  • By managing it, you take its power away, and you use if for you positively
  • This change brings a renewed confidence to live life differently
  • success breeds success
  • And it is discounted at the moment too!

The program is structured, it is gentle, easy to listen to and available on MP3 download or can be streamed to your device.  We have masses of testimonials from people around the world stating how it has helped them. 

So when you want to do something different we are here to help. 

Why not start today? 

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