Once upon time … there was stress!

Once upon a time ...

in a land much different than it is now, I worked for a company which no longer exists, becoming a casualty of the early 1980’s recession. Back then, the technology we now take for granted did not exist, we had to make do with comptometers (unknown I suspect to those under 40 years old) to do calculations, computers were big bulky things filling a medium size room, ledgers and accounts were filed on paper, the very thought!

Yet I remember one aspect of that time vividly.

Stress was prevalent, whether it was because the company was floundering, or that is how it was generally, I do not know, but at times you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Directors seemed to totally lack any personality management skills, some of them lacked personality altogether.

I remember scowls and raised voices when the figures did not make good readingHealthy Audio hypnosis programs. As a youngish lad in those days I found it interesting why people reacted as they did. You may recall my tale mentioned some time ago, of how one stressful event at that same company lead me to view life in a totally different way.

The young Mahoney noticed

that stress was contagious and it would build as tempers would fray, and arguments became common place, especially as month end arrived and the accountants had to explain to the financial director why the figures achieved were not those projected.

In those days, or at least in the environment I worked in (though in fairness I was sheltered from many issues by protective, mindful colleagues) it was not uncommon for offensive language to be slung about, leveled at those who had no impact on the statistics produced or the standing to answer back.

Sometimes bullying was near scandalous, but in those days, that was the norm, whereas now it is something frowned upon, and now illegal in employment and common law, and very welcome too!

I remember seeing grown adults cry due to stress. I worked in offices where some people smoked 40+ cigarettes a day, back in the days when smoking was still seen as being socially acceptable,  I saw individuals still drunk from the night before after trying to drown their sorrows, dealing with stress in destructive ways.

I knew then that I didn’t want to be in this environment. And eventually as the company closed I was made redundant, and grateful for it, although it was scary at the time.

Those days have helped to shape my life;

I understand the effects of stressful environments, bullying and poor coping strategies. Little did I know then that I would go on to do occupational health, become a clinical hypnotherapist, do research and patient trials, or develop self-help audio programs which help people around the world.

Stress today is just as destructive, to individuals and families and to the economy. It needs to be understood, and dealt with, otherwise Mother Nature will stop us. If we ignore the physical and emotional signs of stress we do so at our own peril!

Happily, the not so good old days are well in the past, yet my learning of those days remain with me and have been built upon, and are put to good use helping others avoid the traps and temptations of trying to avoid stress, and giving them an emotional tool kit to manage it instead.

On the back of my own personal experience, knowledge gained over many years of in practice learning and sharing, Occupational Health experience and much more, I put together the Stress Audio Program as a practical tool to help those living with unrelenting stress.

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