IBS Audio Program 100 CD Sets upgrade to MP3 or Streamed Version! OFFER!

Over recent months we have been asked if it was possible to upgrade the IBS CD Set to a download option.

A: We recognize that technology moves on, so we looked at how we can help, and we think we have an answer, over and above the question!

The answer is simply Yes you can, and more!

We put together a special discount code for this very question, which gives 70% discount off both the MP3 Download Version and also the streamed version of the program.

Important note:

If you go for the MP3 version, please be aware, upon Apple’s insistence, MP3 files have to be downloaded to a desktop device and then added to you smart device by syncing.  If you are unsure how to do this please do a search ‘adding MP3 files to xxxx (whatever your device is).  Before ordering. Please check your device requirements before ordering.

If you go for the STREAMED VERSION, you will receive clickable links every day (in 24-hour intervals) until the program has been completed in its full sequence of listening.  The streaming will end 365 days after you place the order.   This is enough time to listen to the program 3 times in full if you wanted to, and plenty of time to listen to your favourite tracks after completion.


Q:   OK great, so how does it work?

A:   Firstly it’s not for everyone!  This offer is to people who have purchased the IBS Audio Program 100 CD Sets in the past.  

1: Send us a copy of your purchase confirmation, either a photo of receipt or copy of an email from supplier - ensuring their name and date of purchase are visible.

2: Send the Proof of Purchase (PoP) to

3: Within 24 hours (We hope to do it much quicker than this though) we will send you a discount code for 70% off, the already existing discounted price!

4: Go to go to >Catalog tab, go to >Irritable Bowel Syndrome drop-down menu and >select the version you want, enter your code when you get to payments – make the small nominal fee for your version and that’s it!


As easy as that! 

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