IBS Treatment System

Since 1998 the IBS Audio Program 100

has been helping IBS sufferers with the physical and emotional symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, including Pain, IBSc, IBSd, IBSa cramps, gas, nausea, confidence, anxiety and much more. Click here for full program information

When you have had enough of living your life around IBS, and you want to do:

  • something different
  • Something that won’t break the bank
  • and has a great track record, do this program.

Today, 22 years later we are still helping people to live better lives.

The program was brought to market after 8 years research, development and patient piloting. It is widely tried and trusted. It is structured, gentle and easy to use. And it’s currently got 50% Discount!

Some things have changed and developed over this time however:

For example:

  • we have users in over 40 countries now.
  • The IBS Audio Program 100 is now available in a streamed version, direct to your smart device daily, as well as immediate MP3 download (English version)
  • It is also available in Danish, and Hindi MP3 Downloads
  • Developed for the IBS condition by Michael Mahoney, a multiple Innovation and Research award winning clinical hypnotherapist whose work is recognized internationally.

But what hasn’t changed in this highly acclaimed IBS program

Is the structure and content.

Why change something that has proven so successful to so many, over so many years?

To celebrate 2020 we have discounted the English versions by 50% for a limited time.

  • GBP £37.50
  • USD 49.00 
  • CAD 64.00
  • AUD 70.50 (all approx. as conversion rates fluctuate)

It’s a New Year, time to do, and be different.

Don’t remain in the past, don’t let 2020 be the same as previous IBS years.

We made this program, it’s waiting for you, it has helped many before you, and you won’t see 50% discount again for a real long time!  Start your journey today!

We have done all we can. Don’t miss this opportunity. For program details click here.


Note: we reserve the right to withdraw this offer without notice.


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