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Stress seems to be everywhere we look.

image of stick man with arms on hips looking unsureThere is one thing that we should never do although it is tempting to do so, and that is to ignore it, because we do so at our peril!

Stress Relief and Management is as important now as its ever been.

Stress was called the killer of the 1990s and here we are in 2023, where things are worse! It simply doesn't make sense.

Stress damages your health, families, careers, relationships and more besides, however the great thing is we can do something about it.

We weren't born stressed, we have learned to be stressed and if we can learn stress responses, we can learn to do something different. 

We are offering you our Stress Relief and Relaxation Program 80 at a big discount.


Prolonged negative stress can make you sick, bring disease and distress, and even lead to death.

We created the stress relief audio program 80 after many years of working with men, women, teens, and children who had experienced stress, worry, or pressure in various ways. 

Stress management takes a little practice - do not think it will just go away! Many folk make the error of thinking they will or can 'deal with it' themselves. Stress management is healthy and beneficial, it just takes a little time and practice to do it right.

Stress Relief Audio Program 80

This program aims to assist you in managing stress, developing relaxation, and reducing distress and strain.

Happy stickman with arms above his head smiling and dancing

What do you receive? The Quick Look

14 x structured sessions - yes 14! (full length - nothing taken away!)
1 x Session of ambient music
A recommended listening schedule to maximize outcomes!

If you want to see all the detail of our Stress Relief and Relaxation Program just click any picture in this post.
* We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.

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