What’s stopping you?

How many goals and dreams do you have stored away, collecting dust in the dimmest recesses of your mind?

  • ‘If only,’ you might say, or
    stick man looking at camera with arms out raised abouve head
  • ‘One day perhaps’ or
  • ‘When the time is right.’
  • ‘When I can afford it.’
  • ‘When I get a job.’
  • ‘When we move home.’
  • ‘When the kids have grown up’! 

These and other familiar statements are often excuses, reasons to hide behind to avoid stepping out of our comfort zone.

We want to change ourselves, our lives, and our way of living, and yet we are stopped, not by the false justifications mentioned above, but simply because we are afraid.

  • What happens if it doesn’t work out? 
  • What happens if we fail?
  • What if we get into debt?

And so, it goes on and on, and on, until one day, you wake up and realise you have missed your chance, someone else has got there before you, and the only difference between them and you is that they didn’t hide in their comfort zone, they pushed aside their excuses, their fears and had the passion and the drive to achieve what they wanted to achieve.

Of course, it is easy to blame others or situations for not being just right for you, and if that makes it easier for you to carry, then go with it, but somewhere in the deepest part of your knowing, you are aware that you missed your chance, and you have live with it.

picture of a finishing line painted in white on the road, and the word start standing in block letter on the road above the word finish

The other person, the one who got on with things, the one who eventually achieved their goal, and perhaps your dream and wishes too, is the one who took a leap of faith in themselves.  

As an entrepreneur, I know from experience that the universe guides you through new ventures; yes, you make your plans. Of course, you hope you stick to them.

Still, unforeseen influences will push, guide, and cajole you into doing something unforeseen, and usually, in my experience, these unexpected influences typically make a good plan, a great one.

You don’t have to have all the answers before you start, for new skills and opportunities somehow find their way to you once you start moving. 

Ideas come from deep within or from the universal field of consciousness; wherever they come from, they are real and make things happen.

But you must start your new plan, believe in yourself, and move towards your goal. You cannot steer a stationary car; you have to have some motion to steer yourself in the right direction. 

Also, if things don’t go according to plan, don’t use it as an excuse to give up; persevere. My old school motto was perseverance, keep trying, and you will succeed. 

The old cliché is true; you only fail when you stop trying.  Whatever you want to do or be or change, you have the power within you to make it so.  

Have the courage of your convictions, trust in yourself, and ignore the doubters and naysayers, for they often express their weaknesses and fears, not yours.

Continue on your dream/goal, and when you achieve it, maybe you will be the one that accomplished what the doubters and the naysayers were too timid to strive for.

Fear is temporary, but regret is forever. It is better to have tried and failed than not try at all, but as my old school motto has confirmed to me over the last 40 years, perseverance pays off. 

When you hit a bump in the road, or something doesn't work the first time, keep trying, persevere. Look and see if the way is blocked for a reason, is there a better route to take?  Sometimes, and I have found this happen to me many times, my plan needed adjusting and the adjustment, led to even greater success.  

When you speak your dreams and wishes out into the world, the will encourage you to chase them!

Thought: The question was, what’s stopping you?   What or who is it, and what can you do to change it?



Picture of Michael Mahoney Hypnotherapist
Michael Mahoney

an award winning clinical hypnotherapist who has been in practice for 37 years (and counting). He is the author of the award winning IBS Audio Program 100 and other hypnosis based programs.

In July 2011 he attended the queens garden party at Buckingham Palace, in recognition of his work creating innovative health solutions, referring to his many years researching and developing condition specific health programs. 

To work with Michael or view his hypnosis health programs click here.

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