Three things that delay IBS Recovery and what to do about them!

Living with IBS brings many challenges, after 32 years of working with IBS sufferers, here are three things you can do, that can make a positive difference.

Many people living with IBS often find their thinking changes, and their hopes and expectations alter over time. From the early days of hope gradually changing to expecting the worst! It becomes more difficult to see possibilities for change - but they are there to be grasped.

When the negative mindset becomes normalized, it creates a sabotaging effect on any hopes of improvement in your IBS symptoms. Expecting the same thing day in and day out, the IBS symptoms slowly getting worse, you may have read about such things happening to other folks on bulletin boards and support groups.

But there are things you can change to help yourself, starting with understanding the expectation of recovery which is a major requirement for getting well again.

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