IBS Audio Program 100 - For Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment Program.

Millions of people around the world live with IBS, for many, the condition prevents them from living a full and happy life. With feelings uncertainty, insecurity, frustration, not to mention pain, bowel discomfort, bloating, urgency and many other symptoms, making this common digestive disorder a considerable drain on both physical and emotional energies.

Contrary to the beliefs of some, IBS sufferers cannot ‘snap out of it’, ‘pull themselves together’ nor is the problem ‘all in their head’.

IBS Audio Program 100

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is real, and it is a problem for the sufferer, their families and loved ones, it is also a problem for the medical profession and the researchers for there is no easy medical answer to the IBS.

IBS also causes problems for employers through increased absenteeism, lower productivity due to presenteeism, it often leads to people giving up promising and enjoyable careers, it causes absenteeism from school and college, impacting learning, exams and college entry, in short IBS can impact the entire future for those living with it.

And yet, all is not lost, science continues to gain further understanding, pharmaceutical companies see it as an area worth investing in. It may be just a matter of time, but they have been saying that for 30 years!

Remarkably, for over 30 years hypnotherapy has been proven to help reduce the symptoms of IBS. The IBS Audio Program 100 was the first home use program of its type and has been helping many IBS sufferers for the last 22 years.

Way back in 1998, the IBS Audio Program 100 was released after 8 years in development, specifically developed for both the physical and emotional symptoms of IBS.

Back in the day, the physical symptoms were largely identified as being the main problem, but we realised that was not the case. Emotional symptoms were, and still are as important as any physical symptom of IBS.

With a listening schedule, progress log, symptoms checklist and other information, this program is available on MP3 download or Streamed version direct to your smart device each day.

When you are ready to try something different, something that has been used by tens of thousands of people before you, we are here waiting – and have been for 22 years!   Oh, and we have a sale on at the moment too!

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