When Is enough, enough? & The magic of YET

When does change come into your life?   Is it effected by you or by external demands?

Do YOU decide that something needs to happen to bring change, or do you wait and see what the universe will bring?

Do you instigate changes, or have them forced upon you?

Maybe you just sit tight and hope the situation will change or pass of its own accord?

The IBS Sufferer who is afraid to socialise, or to make plans because so many have been canceled in the past. You have tried everything else, or have you?

The Anxiety sufferer, who has to deal with the panic, light-headedness, the dread and fear which anxiety brings, and many other symptoms too.

The insomniac, who dreams of being able to dream, working through tiredness and mind fog every day, and the expectation of another sleepless night looming.

The stressed person, who believes they have reached their limit, not knowing if stress is from the past, present or future, or may not even know how to view it, but just keeps pushing on without any plan, now just content to get home after another day of survival.

Wherever you are in your journey through life, it is important to recognize if you don’t do something different, the same things will keep happening, and deepening and the emotional, physical, relationships price you pay, continues to increase.



Effective change needs to be decided by you, driven by you and sometimes pushed through your fears and perceived limitations.

Enough is Enough Blog by Healthy Audio Hypnosis

Change often means embracing new thinking, it can often mean stepping into your fear and frustration.  Change can and does bring challenges, but it also brings huge rewards.

If by now you have said to yourself, ‘I can’t change’ then I would simply ask you to add the word YET, to the end of your thought.   I can’t change YET!  It feels different, try it.

Say to yourself or out loud, ‘I Can’t Change’ feel how that makes you feel, and feel the feelings that 'internal speak' creates within you.

Then say I can’t change YET!  Notice how it feels, and feel the new feelings.

As soon as you say can’t, add Yet to it.  By saying can’t your internal speak puts up more barriers, you give up before you even try.

But the word YET is almost magical!  It breaks down barriers, it leave everything open to new possibilities. You self-empower, you ask for help, you look for help and you look to learn new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

And yes change can be scary, but staying in that place where nothing is happening, only more barriers being added by sabotaging belief systems, that place is far more scary in the long term.

The future will come, weeks, months, years from now, times that seem distant now, they will arrive into your life.  And when they arrive, you want to be able to look back and say, yes, that is the day I started to change, and as for all of us, there will be some failures, but if you learn from them, they too are useful.  But there will be many, many success too. 

So whether you start change through New Year resolutions, or on a birthday or anniversary, or if you wait until circumstances push you, you will ultimately be able to say:  ‘That is the day, I said Enough is Enough!’  And then life starts once more!

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