Has the (GAD) Anxiety Hurricane struck you today?

Hurricane of GAD Anxiety

That often unspoken feeling

when your head is telling you to be calm and yet your body and emotions are telling you something different.  Wanting to be anywhere other than where you are in that moment when the Anxiety ambushes you. 

Sometimes out of the blue, rapid and unforeseen, at other times seeing and feeling it in the distance, that advancing emotional hurricane of dread of which you are in its direct path. You know it’s going to hit you, you just don’t know how hard.

You try and avoid it the best you can, but so often you know it’s going to hit and when it does, you fight it, you know it’s going to pass, you know you have never been physically hurt by the panic but you know emotionally it will take its toll. 

Your body and mind react to the force within, seconds feel like minutes, minutes like hours, and when it eventually passes, you are left shaken, uncertain, at times a shadow of your former self, it takes time to recover - but you will.


The hurricane has passed,

but the strong winds of rattled emotion still buffer you, emotional debris trying desperately to be brought together, to appear ‘normal’ whatever that means, to those around you.

Perhaps sometimes you are successful and no one notices, at other times it’s as if your body is reacting, screaming 'look at me', notice me, I’ve survived, yet again, but I will need time to rebuild, to compose myself again, to meet the challenges of the outside world, which has been taking my attention and my input before, during, and after the internal storm struck, pounded and moved away. Please give me time to recover you sigh.

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Sufferers of General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

might recognize the similarity between a hurricane and the internal storm we call Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).  And yet while you may never want to become a storm chaser, there is an audio program that has helped many GAD sufferers.

From award-winning clinical hypnotherapist Michael Mahoney, author of the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100, his GAD Anxiety management program is a powerful aid in meeting and beating Anxiety.

This home use audio program brings together many years of providing support and guidance to his clients and referred patients. 

woman on trampoline Ad Anxiety no more


It's a huge, structured easy to listen to audio program comprising:

  • A clear introduction. It explains easily how to get a beneficial understanding of the mind/body connection.
  • 2 x ‘familiarization’ sessions, helping you to become comfortable with the process of working towards your goal, gently and easily.
  • 2 x ‘resource library sessions (Between them containing 19 short but important explanations and descriptors to help as you go through your program).
  • 10 x structured interlinked audio sessions.
  • 1 x track of ambient music for self-relaxation.
  • a structured listening schedule using Michael’s proven OPSIM approach.
  • symptom checklist and more. 
  • You will be doing something different! This program guides you step by step, it is structured, and gentle, easy listening!
  • All structured sessions are complete and general running time varies between 15 and 30 minutes approximately
  • MP3 download and Streamed Versions available.
  • Priced competitively reflecting the time, and experience that has been put into the development of the program.
  • Content is hypnotherapy based, informational, using imagery/awareness, suggestion & consideration and options of choice.
  • It took a little over 3 years to develop and structure the program we offer today.
  • It was developed by Michael Mahoney an award-winning, clinical hypnotherapist with over 35 years in practice experience and 25 years experience in developing and bringing to market innovative health solutions.

If anything in this article has made sense, there is a good possibility our GAD Anxiety Audio Program will make sense too.  

And the great thing is:

  • there is no demand on you to purchase it. 
  • There are no ticking clocks, telling you your special offer deal will expire in the next 10 minutes, or,
  • that you will be missing out on extras that are worth unrealistic amounts of money either.
  • We never try and pressure you to make a sale; we want you to make an informed choice.

So all we ask is you take a few minutes to look at our GAD Anxiety Audio Program – take a peek at its structure, the length of the sessions too and then decide.

Notice also it is on offer at the moment!

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