IBS Suffer? What hope for 2020?

Are you looking forward to the New Year or are you dreading it?

Are you expecting 2020 to be better or just more of the same IBS problems?

Please take a few moments to read the following points. They may help you change your life!


1: When a problem is ongoing, it is a natural process to begin expecting more of the same. However this is a self-sabotaging process, because thoughts create physical, as well as emotional reactions.


2: Because IBS affects you emotionally as well as physically, these emotions affect the body, making the symptoms worse or prolonged, or both.


3: IBS is not ‘yours’ or ‘my’. Never use these words when describing your symptoms, because as soon as you do, you own it. You then own ‘your’ IBS and that makes impressions on your subconscious mind and creates a negative responses and expectations.


4: Ask yourself, how do you see the IBS affecting your life: next week, month and year? If it is more of the same, then please continue to read on. If you see a change – as long as it’s for the better, can be sustained then absolutely keep with it and do what you need to do, to follow your more positive expectation. Still read on though!


5: When you think about how long you have had IBS, when it first started did you ever expect it to be so prolonged. I expect the answer to be: No. Because how could you have imagined it to be this way?


So what can you do to make a difference?

You could look at the IBS Audio Program 100 which has a track record of helping IBS sufferers around the world since 1998 with both the physical and emotional symptoms of IBS. Now helping another generation of IBS sufferers.

1: The IBS Audio Program 100 lays a foundation of information and describes the mind / body connection, which goes some way to limiting self-sabotaging processes.

2: Through a structured approach the program helps to reduce the symptoms, and their frequency of presentation.

3: The IBS Audio Program 100 works to help you change your outlook on your symptoms and aids empowering thoughts, which as you know can affect the physical symptoms.

4: Through structure and interlinked sessions the program sessions build upon each other, starting with the introduction foundation session.

5: The IBS Audio Program 100 is listened to over 100 days, though there are some days of none listening. Compared to the time you may have been living with IBS this is relatively a short time, and the sessions are short than some listeners used to spend in the bathroom each day.

6: With its proven benefits for many users over many years, you can be sure you will be following a well-trodden path made by thousands of users before you who found help through this program.

For more information please click here  and read more about this highly acclaimed program, what if does, how it is structured, hear clips, and read some of the many testimonials.

Did I mention it is also very cost effective? It is! I developed it, and priced it to make it affordable. And instructed it to be discounted for the next few days too - making it even better value. 

Don’t let 2020 just be another year of struggle, do something different, do The IBS Audio Program 100

Thank you for getting this far!
I wish you well.

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