Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60 - helping to make life easier!

Our Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60

was developed to aid the reduction of pain, and improvement of mood for the OA sufferer.  Also, the program may help users obtain improved sleep too. 

The program focuses not only on pain management but also on lifting mood and releasing negative expectations and therefore contributes to pain reduction further, which helps to live life more fully. 

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Link to Osteoarthritis Audio Program 60

 Our OA program was developed to be an aid to existing treatment or to be a stand-alone aid when other methods and treatment options are lacking or lost their effectiveness. 

The program is structured, with interlinked session and a suggested listening schedule to maximise user outcomes.  

It is available on immediate MP3 download or Streamed version direct to your smart device, doing away with any MP3 download synching to smart devices. 

Can be used by men and women. When you feel you have tried everything else try this!

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  • Ideal for home use.
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to listen to
  • No appointment fees
  • No huge ongoing costs,
  • No appointments to make
  • No travelling or parking costs
  • No rush or fuss.

For more information click here or the picture above.

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We care because you matter!

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  • Hi, I am interested in your osteoarthritis program 60. Please email me whenever it’s available. I own your IBS 100, Stress and Insomnia programs and love them.



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