Burnout Audio Program 75 |Burn Out | Fatigue |Adrenal Fatigue | Streamed Version

Burnout Audio Program 75 |Burn Out | Fatigue |Adrenal Fatigue | Streamed Version

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The Burnout Audio Program 75

(Developed for burnout and adrenal fatigue sufferers)

This is the streamed version.   

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Available on MP3 download and Streamed versions. This treatment system can be used as a stand-alone program or part of an existing health/recovery regime.  This program is an aid to recovery - you don't have to walk the walk of recovery alone!

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Do you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet life's day to day demands? If so, you could be heading for burnout.

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress. When you also perceive that you have little control over the source of the stress, then its negative effects are amplified further.

Although burnout, often referred to as adrenal fatigue, is most often caused by difficulties at work, it can also be the result of difficulties in other areas of life, such as parenting, caring for an older relative, excessive exercise and romantic relationships.

People who have experienced burnout know all too well how long it takes to recover. Fatigue seems to linger forever, and we have a difficult time resuming our normal activities. The time to recover from burnout varies and depends on the severity of the burnout, the individual, and on the level of support received from work and our loved ones. 

The sooner you identify burnout symptoms and act upon them, the better! Our program is designed to speed your recovery and the quality of your recovery by helping to rewrite harmful thought patterns which may be aggravating or sustaining the condition.

The reality is that even though the fatigue that accompanies burnout is often felt in the body and despite that, the condition has clear physiological markers such as disturbances in the levels of several stress hormones the good news is that most of the time burnout is a state created by the mind.

Your mind is creating this feeling of fatigue and lethargy to protect you from overwork and the damaging effects of prolonged stress.

Why is this good news, you may ask? The reason is that if the mind is creating the state of burnout, then we can also harness the power of the mind to address the root causes of the condition and to speed recovery from it.

Burnout is not an indication of weakness or an inability to cope. On the contrary, it is often indicative of being dedicated to working professionally, having a strong work ethic, being caring and sensitive to the needs of others along with a reluctance to let others down. High prevalence groups include health care professionals, business executives, people working to tight deadlines, the self-employed, teachers, generally anyone who is constantly busy, including mums and dads.  In short, no-one is immune from burnout, if the right circumstances present themselves. 

Michael Mahoney, the creator of the highly acclaimed IBS Audio Program 100, has put his mind to address the pervasive problem of burnout.

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Michael's 34 years experience as a therapist, in treating thousands of patients many of whom report symptoms of fatigue and burnout, along with his occupational health experience, as well as the latest scientific research, have gone into this program.

With a structured approach, paced over 75 days (with some breaks included) this programme includes:

  •   1 x Introductory session
  •  16 x Interlinked sessions
  •   1 x Suggested listening schedule
  •   1 x Booklet
  •   2 x Bonus Resource library sessions (with 17 short tracks in total)

This is an impressively structured program. It addresses the problem from several different angles and gives your subconscious the time to learn and adjust to new information.  It is structured and progressive. 

Compare the cost to 16 x in-office sessions!

Sessions And (Approximate Running Times)

  • 00: Introduction (31:40)
  • 01: Calm (22:14)
  • 02: The Tree (25.:33)
  • 03: Immune System: House Building Metaphor (24:15)
  • 04: Mindfulness Physical (21:58) 
  • 05: Dominoes of Thought (21:01) 
  • 06: Journey into Starlight (33:47)
  • 07: Plug Pathway (25:58)
  • 08: Light Room (20:35)
  • 09: Town Council (35:17)
  • 10: Room Of Comfort (23:13)
  • 11: Space Release (19:31)
  • 12: Bubbles And Ripples (17:55)
  • 13: Veils Room Of Sleep (43:18)
  • 14:Revisit Room Of Comfort (13:02)
  • 15: Positive Reservoir (18:37)
  • 16: Re-Validator (20:27)
  • Bonus: Resource Library 1
  • 01: Emotional Pot Of Energy (17:36)
  • 02: The Mind And Body Working Together (5:23)
  • 03: Each Moment (3:43)
  • 04: Every Thought You Think Produces a Physical Response (2:27)
  • 05: Balloon Of Energy (2:46)
  • 06: Conscious And Subconscious Working Together (1:08)
  • 07: Don’t Say Can’t (1:48) 
  • Bonus Resource Library 2
  • 01: Now And Then (4:17)
  • 02: Shadow Fears And Mind Armies (5:23)
  • 03: Perceived Setbacks (6:13)
  • 04: The light At the End Of The Tunnel (6:44)
  • 05: Orbits Of Thought (1:47)
  • 06: Unfamiliar Is Not Wrong (1:54)
  • 07: Perfectly You (2:30)
  • 08: Take A Day Off (3:28)
  • 09: The Old Wizard (1:47)
  • 10: The Onion Of Thought (1:25)

The length and structuring make it more effective and makes the results more durable.  We have a proven history of creating health focussed audio programs going back to 1998.  

As you can see it is a comprehensive program which is designed to aid improved sleep, reduce physical tension, and most importantly to address the most common thought patterns that lead to burnout and which often keep us stuck there once the condition sets in.

The reality is that recovery from burnout will likely require you to make some changes in your work life or your relationships.  
However, we believe this program, when combined with such lifestyle adjustments will speed your recovery and help to get you from feeling fatigued to fantastic.

Adrenal Fatigue

for individuals with AF one of the most frustrating things to deal with is the lack of acceptance of the condition by the medical profession.  AF presents with a collection of symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, aches, digestive problems to name just a few. 

As our adrenal glands produce numerous hormones which are essential to our existence the medical profession may use a term adrenal insufficiency, a recognition that inadequate production of one or several of these hormones, often as a result of underlying disease or surgery.   For more information do a search on a respected medical site.

This program will focus on Adrenal Fatigue - the best treatment for which is stress management in all guises and quality sleep. We have to relearn despite the pressures and demands and deadlines made upon us, we are only human, not robots or machines.  Taking time for you, taking part in your own healing can be natural and satisfying.     This program is an aid to help you achieve these important aims. 


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ME/CFS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS a poorly understood disorder, characterized by prolonged fatigue which cannot be explained by any underlying medical disorder. The fatigue caused by CFS often worsens with mental or physical activity, but for reasons unknown doesn't improve with rest.

The usual treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome focuses on symptom relief. Although this program was developed to address Burnout and Adrenal Fatigue, there is considerable overlap between the three conditions.

You may find this structured program a valuable contribution to your existing CFS treatment when undertaken along with lifestyle changes/enhancements.

Like all self-help health resources if you are in any doubt about using this program please consult your medical professional before use. 



The Burnout Audio Program 75 |Burn Out | Fatigue |Adrenal Fatigue | Streamed Version is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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