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This page gives information about any and all discounts and offers we are currently running.  Please note, discounts cannot be back dated.  

We have over 25 years experience of providing health based digital products. For example, our IBS Audio Program 100 has been used by IBS sufferers in over 40 countries.  Just think 25 years experience, and we plan to be around for a long time yet. 

Discounts and Offers from Healthy Audio Hypnosis

Discounts and Offers

When you have decided which offer to use, click the yellow box above to take you to our best selling programs.  Use the codes at check-out.
Offers include programs such as the IBS Audio Program 100, Anxiety Audio Program 120, Stress, Insomnia, Burnout and others.
Please note we reserve the right to remove or amend offers without notice. Also the discounts cannot be applies retrospectively.


Currently we are running a - Better than 45% off SALE -  this applies to our most popular programs.  And it covers both MP3 Dowloads and Streamed Versions of the programs.   Full Programs for only £41.00

Start Date 1 February 2024 - Statue (Live):  Time Limited Offer 


EXTRA DISCOUNT  (This is in addition to the SALE ABOVE) Brilliant!!

Use code:  special10 at checkout for AN EXTRA 10% off. This extra discount can be used with all our programs and our single titles too. 


Start Date 01 February 2024  - Statue (Live):  Ending Shortly


Program Deal: Buy One, get One Half Price.

Our programs are great value, and we have made things even better.

Use code Special50 at checkout to claim this great deal. Don't miss it!

 Start Date 01 March 2024 - Status (Live): Very Limited time offer


Get your discount today. We reserve the right to discontinue these offers without notice.