Social Fairness

We believe strongly in social fairness.  

We operate on several key values, honesty and fairness being among them.  Society isn't always fair, many people suffer because they cannot afford good healthcare or nutritional food. 

There are many discussions about how to 'level up' and how to 'make things better'. Some attempts are successful others are not.

As a company managed by caring individuals we wanted to make a difference. It might not be world changing, but for those we can help, we might change their world, and that is good enough.

We are aware we are limited in the things we can do to help, but we are willing to try, maybe we will not always be successful, but we have determination - (another of our values), to try!


So on that basis.  If you need help and you genuinely cannot afford our standard pricing, or our discounted pricing, use the contact form on this site or email us at  healthyaudiohypnosis@gmail.com with 'Social Fairness' in the subject box. 

Tell us what you can afford, and which program you would like to obtain and we will look and see if and how we can help you. 

The Healthy Audio Team.