IBS 100 Program Reviews 2002 & 2003


December 25, 2003 on Revolution Health - Rating 10 out of 10

IBS Audio Program 100 Stopped Symptoms. If you have IBS you should give this program a try. I had night sweats and had to rush to the bathroom, had IBS for years, and nothing worked. Mike Mahoney's IBS Audio Program 100 took care of all my symptoms and now I sleep like a baby, and am free of all my IBS symptoms. This program is something that actually works. I have been symptom-free since completing this program several years ago, and I am very grateful. Best thing I ever did for my IBS.

December 1, 2003 on Revolution Health – Rating 10 out of 10

IBS Audio Program 100 Does Really Help You -  Having had IBS for many years, nothing really worked until I did the IBS Audio Program 100. Not only did it help my IBS symptoms, but Mike Mahoney understood the frustration and emotional aspects of having this condition. I wish I would have tried this first, after all the wasted time and money on other treatments. You owe it to yourself to try this program. I don't know how it works, but it does, and that's the bottom line: feeling better!

October 27, 2003 on Revolution Health - Rating 10 out of 10

I was skeptical but it really works!!!!! I couldn't believe how down to earth Mike sounds. I felt like he was a long time friend. He really made me feel relaxed and his calm voice made the program extremely easy to listen to. I highly recommend this to all my friends.

October 2003  From Sek –

I did complete the hypnotherapy some time ago and believe it helped me a lot. I have far fewer cramps and I think the constipation is even better...

Oct 2003 From Kandee –

Doing well thank you, and I might add, the Audio program is the best priced value anyone could possibly ask for! I'm convinced that I will be one of the success stories once I've completed the program. 

All I have to do is start listening to Mike's voice and I have an instant "calm" come over me. His voice alone is amazing! I'm hooked and look forward to that daily "time just for me". Even travel does not set me back as I thought it might.

 Oct. 2003  From Kenneth –

I started session 2 and I'm really liking it. ….. It’s always such a release.. and its all surrounded by such total positivity and self empowerment... 

One thing I've really noticed in the last couple of days is just how much negative energy was perpetuating my symptoms. I had really never thought of it before. I thought I was just reacting "normally" to feeling horribly.. its like I only just figured out that I don't have to feel that way, even if my body isn't feeling 100%. – ken

September 2003  From Andie –

I used the CDs last spring into early summer. I was/am mostly a gassy IBSer with occasional constipation and very rare (completely food related) D. I used the program after debating about it for over a year. I am SOOO glad I did. It is amazing to this generally skeptical person that it was so helpful, but it was. It is now about 2 1/2 months since I completed the program and I continue to be doing so much better than before listening to the tapes. I can eat a lot of things I couldn't before, although I still have to avoid dairy, caffeine, and very fatty foods. As Shawn said, it works differently for everyone, but as one user, I was and am very pleased! Best wishes to you with it - think positive and be patient! Andie 

September 2003  From Txmom –

 I just received my discs and have completed two sessions. I can already feel a difference. I woke up this morning and went two hours without even worrying about the rest of the day. It will be so nice to start making plans that do not revolve around the closest bathroom……

I am only on my second session but I definitely feel more relaxed. I tend to be high strung and worry about IBS attacks a lot. The last two days I have felt a lot less worried. I do not feel cured or anything like that but overall I feel better. I think it is mostly a better mental outlook. Does that make sense? I have undergone hypnosis in the past for a phobia disorder. I wonder if this makes my subconscious more open to this therapy. I will keep updating to let you know how I feel. So far I would highly recommend these discs.

September 2003  From Mags –

 ….. I broke down and bought the [IBS Audio Program] and since using them, I hardly ever have D, urgency, general gut yuckiness, etc. anymore. I actually went away for a few days in July, and that was the first time I'd looked forward to going anywhere in years. Last week was the last time I felt bad in a long time. I used to worry every time I had something to do, to the point if I had to leave the house, I would give myself an attack.

…Almost 5 years ago, I couldn't even make it to the store 5 min from my house without anxiety. Now, in July I went for the first vacation in a couple of years that I actually looked forward to. I'm not cured, but I feel so much better and am able to do so many things now. What helped me was the Audio 100. …They definitely helped with the vicious cycle.

 July 2003 from Mags:  …I definitely noticed how relaxing it was from the beginning, and how relaxed I was while not listening, just doing my daily things. I'd recommend the hypnotherapy CDs to anyone.

July 2003  From Ruchie –

The very first time I sat down to do the first tape, I was nervous and fidgety. I didn't know what to expect. I tried it with my hubby in the room, and I kept laughing. Finally, I decided this was important to me, I'm a grown woman, and I can do this...and it was SO WONDERFUL! It was like Mr. Mahoney was talking directly to me when he said "This time is your time..." I felt so GOOD! This idea that it was ok for me to make time just for me...what a revelation! 

I LOVE the tapes! I feel relaxed when I do the tapes. I know I will have some time just for me.

July 2003  From geekgirl –

I'd used hypnosis tapes in the past for other things so I knew what to expect. However I have found these CDs to induce much deeper relaxation than any I've used before. In that respect I was conscious of my surroundings at the beginning and end of a session but not during the middle. That hasn't bothered me - it's just like having a little snooze.

One other thing I've noticed is a sense of journey through it. This has been especially noticeable in the final two sessions - a feeling that as the sessions are coming to an end so are my problems. Today is Day 94 and I'm getting excited about finishing!

August 25, 2003 From - JG

It Really Works

This program was, bar none, the best thing I have used to manage my IBS symptoms. It changed my life. I would strongly urge you to try it. IBS may have no cure, but nothing helped me more than this program in getting me my life back

August 2003  From Galwae  -

I just started side 5 today. I feel more positive and calm about the IBS since listening to the HT: I'm more aware of when/where I'm holding tension in my body and then try to focus on letting it go…

August 2003  From Tim G  -

I am just finding the whole experience ultra-relaxing. I have consciously listened to each of the three lessons (that's all I am up to!!) probably 2-3 times, for the rest of the time I typically fall asleep and my subconscious obviously kicks in.

The defining fact for me is that I am 'able' to fall asleep. Before I started the CD's I found it

hard to get to sleep (thinking about work, etc) and was such a light sleeper that if a mouse broke wind, it would wake me up. Now I am getting a great nights sleep almost every night.

 August 2003 From Nikki in England

I always felt very relaxed when I was doing (the program). I always felt safe.

July 2003  From Kerrie   -

I never felt out of control or unsure and liked it straight away. I have had previous experience with HT though so maybe that helped as I kind of knew what to expect. 

…… On Friday afternoon I listened to the last scheduled session of the IBS Audio Program. I must say I was a bit sad as I have come to look forward to those times.  

To anyone who is considering ordering the program I would say go for it. It has really helped me with the way I deal with my IBS. It just doesn't bother me so much any more and I feel so much more positive…..

July 2003  From Colby –

I just wanted to say I received my tapes, and started them this past Saturday. I have already been able to benefit from the tapes as my ability to relax was nil. Now I have about 30 minutes of the day I am able to let go of everything. Thank you so much for recommending the tapes, I look forward to that time each day.

   June 2003  From POADB  -

Believe me, I read skeptically too. I read the (IBSAudioProgram100) website page for page 3 times, and then even printed it for a deeper/closer look.

Please don't bank on the tapes curing you. They help. and that’s what Mr. Mahoney says it does. Hypnotherapy is known to reduce symptoms, not cure them.

But here's the sweet thing. You will learn about your subconscious, and the subconscious is a magical thing.
Michael Mahoney will explain in the introduction what your subconscious is doing right and wrong. It is designed to protect you, and doesn't like change, so naturally, the thought of you buying the tapes and being skeptical about them, is your subconscious  working correctly.

You will also learn about the theory of how the mind effects the body. And it does. You may already know this due to words: Nerves and Anxiety. Both are things created by thoughts. Excitement is another.

Hypnotherapy uses these techniques to create positive thoughts that create positive reactions in your body. You will fall into a state of mind that will relax you and soothe you. Your subconscious will learn and adapt, and adopt the positive thoughts thus reducing your symptoms.

Medically proven, Anxiety has been linked to Diahorrea. and Depression has been linked to Constipation. If these feelings can be reduced, then so can the symptoms. Believe in the tapes.

….Hypnotherapy has taught me to understand how the sub-conscious works and I have an understanding to the theory of hypnotherapy. But cured, I am not. Symptoms reduced. Indeed. And that is what has made this program worth it, because it has reduced the symptoms and made IBS that little more tolerable…

And by all means, try the hypnotherapy tapes. £65 is well worth it, considering you have a set amount of days.  I was quoted £45 a session by a local hypnotherapist, and he couldn't estimate how long I would need the treatment. But lets say it would have taken 100 days, like the audio program. 100 X 45 = 4500..... Yeah Right!  Go with the tapes.

  May 23, 2003  From Misty 

Just wanted you to know I finished Mike's CD's over a month ago, and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. My hubby would even go so far as to say the same thing, as the results also affect him.

I had been IBS-D for 18 years when I started the tapes. I had tried all else - Bentyl, Levsin S/L. calcium, etc. If anything, I've gone to being slightly constipated (but that's great!) I couldn't go anywhere unless I knew where the ladies room was, was really apprehensive of traveling anywhere by car and flying was out except in an emergency. I'd had many "urgent" episodes where I'd not made it to the restroom in time.

I'm hoping everything stays as such and if not, I'll go through the tapes again. I did enjoy listening to them though!

  May, 2003   From Charlotte A. Tirre, Anderson, IN  –

“You couldn’t pry these tapes out of my hands. You would have to blast my home with me still clutching them. I love these tapes. They are a real life line. Life is bearable now, I am going places and doing things that before I never would have done.”

April 7, 2003  From – AnneSimpson

IBS Audio Program 100

As a last resort I tried this, I had nothing to lose, I wish I had tried it first, not only did it help my IBS, but also my anxiety, insomnia and other parts of my life, I got more confident more active now I am alive again. This guy's voice is wonderful, I still use the program even though my IBS is soooo much better. The best thing, gentle effective and enjoyable. The IBS companion CD helped my boyfriend understand it more too.


■■ July 30, 2002   From Jackie in New Jersey

Re 14 yr. old Son

My 14 yr old son was diagnosed with IBS in January. He missed 18 days of school between January and March. After trying almost everything else, we finally started Mike's tapes sometime in April. He just finished about 2 weeks ago. His IBS symptoms have improved dramatically. We've begun to taper him off the meds (He was taking bentyl and Donnatal). In addition to feeling better physically, he's not as anxious about eating out or even going out. He recently spent 4 hours out on a boat with no bathroom. Three months ago that would have been impossible from a psychological standpoint. He's started running and will be competing x-country when he enters high school in Sept.

The tapes not only helped the IBS, but also helped with his occasional insomnia. As I've said before, this was the best $$ I've EVER spent.

Update: My 15 yr. old son was diagnosed with IBS over a year ago. The ONE thing that helped him the most was the IBS audio tapes. He is almost totally off all meds and managing his symptoms quite well. He still listens to the tapes periodically. 

May 6, 2002 From Zayaka in Puerto Rico –

I cannot remember how or why but my IBS got better and I stopped the librax completely. So my high school days were normal. The only day I can remember I felt really sick was the day before taking the test for university admission; I ended up in the hospital with classic IBS.

When it was time for college I started feeling the pressure but I was excited and happy as well. The first year was ok, looking back now I'd said my IBS did not bother me that much as I never missed a party. Then I left the dorm and started traveling. I got several tickets for leaving the care where I shouldn't and finding a parking space became a very stressful situation. I missed a lot of classes and I understood the whole mind-body connection because as soon as I would drive back home frustrated and fearful of having an attack my bowels just stopped giving me trouble. I even did experiments trying to go back again but had to return once again. The last two years my boyfriend started traveling with me and we arranged class hours to avoid the rush hour and I got better. Then I graduated and it exploded.

I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was entering adulthood and that I chose a very stressful profession: teaching. My first professional job was about 20 minutes from home and every morning I would get there walking really fast to get to the bathroom. On my second job I had a great boss and I was happy to be there but the first day of meeting the kids I did not make it on time. I felt so irresponsible and miserable. At that point my self steem was diminishing down to the floor. I changed schools in the middle of the year and it meant I had to go through a huge traffic jam. Luky me my bf's house was in the middle and I stopped there every morning; even the cats demanded their breakfast from me as they got so used to see me there. I was getting desperate; I knew what I had but could not control it. Different thoughts entered my mind and I started thinking maybe something else was wrong (like cancer or something). Without noticing, my social life had changed: no more concerts, no road trips, no riding in cars with other people, not even visiting my family as in the past. I went from being a shy person to just not wanting anybody on the street to recognize me or acknowledge my existence. Anonymity was very useful as I would have to often make stop or interrupt what I was doing to find a bathroom.

As one morning I was driving to work I ended trapped (my biggest fear)in traffic for some 20 minutes. That day I was going to administer an important controlled test and I could not be late. As soon as I stopped the car my bowels started acting crazy and some minutes later I was inside my car crying like a baby (I don't cry that much) because I had an accident. In fact, like a baby I felt. To me I was the only one living like this and I felt so guilty all the time... not to mention embarrassed and humiliated. That was when I decided I needed help. Went to a gastro again, did test, etc. I was lucky again to find an excellent doc who told me that if everything was ok on the tests he was going to put me on a miracle drug which was very effective on female patients; the following visit he gave me the news the lotronex had been pulled out of the market. Needless to say I gave up all hope and thought my life was going to be like this forever. So I stayed with the librax and the Imodium but the anxiety was still affecting me.

A year passed and I found this BB. What a difference to see how many others were going through the same! I read about Mike's tapes and CBT but I did not think this could help me because I am very stubborn and even though I have never doubted the power of the mind over the body for some reason I thought I was not an ideal candidate. I had no money either so that was a concern. Ok, so I went to a psychiatrist and he gave me a prescription for Paxil, exactly what I did not want, so after seeing that the doc was not an option I decided to do the tapes. At that time I had nothing left to try.

It took me more than a 100 days to complete the program but it has been worth it... every single day. During the first 20-30 days I noticed a difference in my attitude: I was happier. Then my body started changing, the anxiety getting better and my trips to the pharmacy for Imodium and librax were less frequent. Best of all, during that period I had diarrhea about 3-4 times only.

Now, after a couple of months of finishing I feel I did a 360 degrees turn. I went on vacation and jumped on not one, but two boats without having somebody to push or slap me to do it. I've gone on long rides without thoughts of where the next bathroom is and have gotten on cars with other people driving. Dining out is fun again and I cannot wait to see what else I "dare" to do.

To say my IBS is a thing of the past would be untrue as I believe this is something that is part of me. But I feel so much better and to say my IBS is not an excuse anymore is just amazing. My biggest improvement has been in attitude, I do not feel I have to hide behind anonymity as much as I used to and my mind has finally understood that my biggest triggers are my own fears. As a result, my diarrhea is gone and the butterflies in my stomach are not ever present anymore. What a relief!

One last thing: I have the responsibility to write a HUGE THANK YOU to Mike, (others too) for all the support and patience. This whole experience has been a second chance to have a better quality of life and that is what is all about. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Thanks to Mike and his team. This is a great program.

June 12, 2002   From Anna - Scotland

I just finished Mike’s tapes a couple of weeks ago and I feel they've definitely made a positive difference. From reading other peoples posts I know my symptoms were never as bad as some others but now I'm almost symptom free! As long as I watch my diet and don't get too stressed I'm fine.

I've accepted that IBS is always going to be a part of my life but I now feel it doesn't have to have control over my life. Mikes tapes have helped me get my freedom back.

I'd recommend them to anyone! Thanks Mike

  August 5, 2002   From Kate – Manchester England   Update –

I was diagnosed with IBS-D in July last year, having been suffering with symptoms for about 6 months. It was almost all stress-related, and got to the stage that as soon as I knew I had to go out anywhere (even the 2 minute drive to the supermarket), the D started up, and I got in such a state that I couldn't leave the bathroom, let alone the house. I was taking Imodium most days just to try and get myself to work in the morning. After reading postings on this board I tried taking fibre supplements and calcium, both of which helped matters, but I still felt like I was treating symptoms, not the cause...

Anyway, back in November, after much persuading from Clair, Eric and Marilyn I got mikes tapes...and haven't looked back. I got off to a bit of a slow start with them when the only place I could listen was the lounge with headphones on(but where everyone else in the family was), but things improved dramatically when I got a personal CD player, so I could just listen in bed after we'd switched the lights out, without feeling like I was disturbing anyone, or they were disturbing me.

Until I did the CDs, I didn't really realise how badly I’d been sleeping. Within a couple of weeks, my sleep patterns had improved and I was feeling much better in myself, calmer, and finding it easier to cope with the stresses of my work. By two thirds of the way through, I realised I was having problems perhaps one day out of every 10-14 days (instead of 3 days out of 5), and after finishing the program back in march, I have rarely had any problems.

Now I go back and listen to my favourites sides when I feel like I’m getting a bit stressed, or if I notice I’m not sleeping so well. They have a huge calming effect on me.

I no longer use calcium or fibre supplements, and can't remember the last time I took immodium.

Sooo....I know I've said it before...but big thanks to Eric, Clair and Marilyn for all their support and for persuading me to try the CDs. It was by far the best £60 I’ve ever spent.

May 7, 2002 From Kate – 

just wanted to tell you that I finished the tapes today

I reckon that when I first was diagnosed with IBS, and when it was worst, I was having
bad days probably 5 or 6 days out of 7. After that, I tried taking fibre supplements, then
also tried calcium. both of these improved things, but not to the extent that I could go back
to eating anything that I wanted.

Now (and for the past 6 weeks or so) I've had perhaps one bad day about every 3 weeks,
and even that day isn't as bad as I used to be! I’ve stopped with the calcium & fibre, am
pretty much eating and drinking what I want, and rarely have any real probs. The biggest
difference is that I no longer wake up thinking about dashing to the loo, and can now get
out of the house to work without having to rush back in 3 times, and stop en-route!

So....thanks for taking the time last year, in persuading me to get Mike's tapes. It's
changed everything!

August 19, 2002  From Carole

"I have completed your IBS Audio 100 about 3 weeks ago and it has changed my life. I will be forever grateful for your help in making me feel normal again. Since in doing your program, I have been able  to make several long car trips, fairly comfortably. In the past year and half I haven't traveled  more than 20 minutes from my house, so this is huge for me. As a mother of 4 , I had been feeling completely debilitated. Thanks  to you and your IBS audio program, I am 100% better. I still feel some symptoms , but I now feel able to control it. Usually just taking 3 deep  breaths, getting to a quiet place to relax is all I need. …Through the book, The First Year of IBS, I had learned of your program. Thank you again.”