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Insomnia treatment system - Immediate Streamed

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The Insomnia Audio Program 60



  All files in this program are sent immediately to you. Use as you wish, or use the recommended structured listening schedule included. 

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This program was developed to aid in the re-establishing of a natural and restive sleep pattern.  From time to time, we all have bouts of sleeplessness, but after a few nights, we know they will pass,  but insomnia is about continuous sleepless nights, developing extreme tiredness, expecting not to sleep, and for some, it can become a self-fulfilling cycle. 

Insomnia can be destructive, increasing your frustration and your inability to focus and concentrate, leading to increased dangers in everyday life.  Insomnia affects relationships, work, college, and so much more.

Although no treatment method can claim to be a definite cure for insomnia, this Insomnia audio program may be the next best thing, providing you with the tools you need to address sleeplessness. 

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This insomnia program has interlinked audio tracks and a structured listening schedule. This is included for information purposes. This streamed version delivers all file links to you immediately.

The program uses the acclaimed On-going Progressive Session Induction Method or OPSIM to ensure the listener can optimize the listening experience. Note the schedule includes days of none listening; this time allows the subconscious to assimilate the session information.  

Delivered over 9 audio recordings. This recording uses relaxation, imagery, suggestion, consideration, motivation, encouragement, and more, all delivered gently and easily.

Note: Sound clips are listed at the bottom of the page

Track 1

is as you would expect from the introduction, this is a relatively short track, as this recording assumes the listener will:

  • a: has researched the insomnia condition, and
  • b: does not want a replication of information that can be obtained elsewhere through books, the internet, and medical professionals or fellow insomniac. Instead, we settled on setting the scene and introducing the program. 

Track 2
Is an explanation of the mind-body connection. Did you know every thought produces a physical response? You must be aware of this vital connection, which is inseparable and touches the mind, body, emotions, expectations, emotional energy, and much more. Michael explains this complicated process in a simple informative way to help the listener understand what may be happening inside, and by knowing and understanding, the listener is empowered and can apply this understanding all the way through this recording and beyond.

Track 3
This track is a gentle introduction to relearning to relax but also aids the listener to begin following the sound of Michael’s voice. It is important that you listen to tracks 1 and 2 because track 3 begins the process on a subconscious level. Just lie down or sit quietly and follow Michael’s voice and the music. 

Track 4
Builds familiarity into the process, gently and comfortably encouraging the familiarity process to develop and deepen. 

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Track 5
Using creative imagery and suggestion, the listener is taken on a journey which in part suggests being bathed in calmness, and the negative thoughts and expectations, tensions, etc., are released, and the listener is soothed by the gentle suggestions contained in this track. 

Track 6
Builds the expectation of sleep, and this is important. This process is calming and soothing and continues to guide the listener into greater relaxation, calmness, and feelings of positive expectation for a restful night’s sleep. 

Track 7
Uses the listener’s mental space encouraging creative imagery and suggestions. You are guided into deeper levels of your own inner being. Relaxation and expectations of restful times are encouraged, along with other suggestions and imagery.

Track 8
More imagery and deepening the process, some future work, enhancing the expectation of restful sleep, and lots of imagery to encourage the listener to embrace the feelings of positive rest and sleep once again. Packed with imagery and guided by Michael's familiar tones. 

Track 9
Encourages more deep imagination and uses mental space and time to create the internal world of rest, sleep calmness, and positive expectation. This final session brings the listener to own the familiarity and the well-being brought about by their willingness to learn and develop new ways of thinking. 

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Once you have listened to the recording in its entirety as recommended, you are free to listen to your favourite recording(s) at any time until the streaming option expires, which is 12 months from the purchase date.  Ample time to listen to the program multiple times if you wish. 

Insomnia audio program... Final thoughts!

It Aids the listener to re-establish a quality sleep pattern.

As you know, insomnia can be destructive to the individual, increasing frustration and inability to focus and concentrate, leading to increased dangers in everyday life. Insomnia affects relationships, work, college, and so much more.

Our hypnosis insomnia audio program is a multi-session structured recording with a listening schedule to maximize user benefit. 

We do not pretend there is a quick fix to insomnia, but we do realize that insomnia needs to be dealt with gradually and steadily over time.  

The structured approach in this program is an aid to gradually re-introducing the positive thoughts and expectations to build, grow, and maintain restful sleep patterns.

This insomnia audio program...

uses hypnosis, relaxation, and suggestion to aid restful sleep.

Sound Clips        Session 1          Session 2          Session 3          

                         Session 4          Session 5          Session 6          

                         Session 7          Session 8          Session 9         



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