IBS Audio Program 100 - Review

We are delighted to receive this review of the IBS Audio Program 100


“After months of digestive upset, I was starting to feel nervous even leaving the house. Making it to work on time seemed like a daunting task. I had been to several doctors, including a well-known GI and nutritionist, with no results.

My mother, who has had similar periods of illness throughout her life, suggested the IBS Audio Program by Michael Mahoney.

I purchased the streamed version and experienced relief within a matter of days. I’m now two months into the program, and life has blissfully resumed its normal cadence.

I look forward to the new audio file that appears in my inbox every day as it serves as a reminder that I need to take some time for myself that evening while I listen to the download.

The streamed version has worked without error and is intuitive to use.

I am thrilled!  Thanks a million.”

Kira A

Massachusetts USA
26 April 2019

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