We will add to this page as we go on.

All our products are easy to use.   Our OPSIM programs have recommended listening schedules, some with informational booklets. We have MP3 and Streamed programs too. 

However if you need any clarification on anything if it's not listed please let us know.

Q: How often can I listen to hypnotherapy 

A: we recommend you listen on those days shown in our listening schedule included in our programs.   If you are listening to single tracks, then once a day should be fine but if you do want to listen more than once a day give yourself 6 hours between listening. Also we recommend you take a day off from listening occasionally.

Q: How do I know which program is right for me

A: All our programs are condition specific, meaning they are developed for the condition mention in the program title.  If you are unsure if you need Stress or Anxiety programs for example.   Ask yourself this question, are the majority of your symptoms in the present if they are then Stress program is best choice. However if your Stress is more placed in the future, then Anxiety.  This is a rough guide. If you need help deciding, please email and let us help. 

Q: Which IBS Program is for me?

If you are an adult then the IBS Audio Program 100 is for you, It is available on MP3 Download or Streamed.

The IBS Audio Program 60 is for Children from the ages of 8 - 13 years