IBS 100 Program Reviews 2004

■ ■ April 28, 2004  From RemedyFind – Goofygut


IBS Audio Program 100
Aside from prayer, this is the one single, most effective treatment for IBS I've found in 14 years with this condition. A psychotherapist by profession, even I was a bit skeptical about the efficacy of the treatment. However, I listen to the tapes almost daily and have for almost 2 years. They are extremely relaxing and very confidence building. There are not enough good things I could say about this product and absolutely nothing negative. As I've told others, if my house was burning to the ground, I would make sure my set of tapes got out with me. This program, developed by Mike Mahoney, is worth more than its' weight in gold !!!


Also:  September 2004  From Goofygut:


I've been dealing with this big "D" phenomena for over 14 years. Most of the time, I just took medicine and whined to anyone who would listen. Then, by the grace of God, I came across these tapes. Even as a CBT therapist, I was a bit skeptical and wasn't excited about spending the money on something I wasn't convinced would work!

Well, lo' and behold, it was the best $$ I ever spent in my life. I've been quoted more than once saying that "if my house was burning down around me, I would be clutching my tapes"!! I initially started listening a couple years ago and it took a few weeks to "kick in" but what a powerful punch when it did. To this day, I still listen more often than not just to relax…
 I cannot say enough good things about the tapes, Dr. Mike Mahoney.



September 1, 1004  From:  Dagenj1 on HelpforIBS

Amazing improvements so far (1/3 program finished) - It seemed like once I hit Session 3, I had BMs daily like clockwork, with absolutely NO D and very little gas and bloating. The funny thing is, I still haven't heard more than like 5 minutes of each of the sessions, I have NO idea what Michael is saying to me while I sleep.


February 25, 2004  From RemedyFind/Revolution Health – Augostura /  Deltri – Rating 9.9 out of 10


This has been the best I've tried
Using the Audio program 100 has made my IBS go into remission. Today I finished the 79th session, and my remission has now lasted over two months. Every symptom I had, from frequent watery BMs, gastritis, gas, bloating, colicky pain, ALL have disappeared.




December  2004  From Suzanne, Vermont - HelpForIBS


Hi,  I wanted to take this time to tell everyone how Mike's IBS Audio Program 100tm has helped me feel like a normal person again.
I have suffered with IBS for many years thinking that I was not normal and feeling guilty when I had to change anyone’s plans or interrupt  family travel to rush to find a bathroom.
My life got to the point where I would travel with a hospital bed pan in my car trunk for fear that I would not find a bathroom in time.
While scanning the internet I came across the helpforibs web site and Mikes tapes. My daughter being a Hypnotherapist checked out the web site and told me to order the tapes immediately.
When I received the tapes I moved into the spare bedroom so I could have all my attention addressed to Mike’s tapes. I saw changes immediately in my thought patterns and how I handled stressful situations. It has  been four months since I finished the tapes and can honestly say I have had only three out breaks of IBS. I even flew to California to visit my daughter.
For anyone suffering with IBS please do not hesitate to get these tapes. You are worth every penny spent and Mike’s approach is so gentle and comforting you will look forward to each session with him. Words are not enough to thank him for giving me back a life I can now enjoy.
Suzanne Bartlett
Sheffield, Vt.



■■ December  2004  From Kathleen M. Johnson


I have suffered with IBS for over 30 years. I was diagnosed as a teenager with Crohn’s Disease and then informed in my 20’s that I really didn’t have Crohn’s  -  I had IBS and Fibromyalgia. I have struggled through never ending pain and diarrhea for so long and didn’t think it would ever end.

Last year I heard about Michael and sent for the program! I’ll have to admit I was very skeptical and my husband was even more so. BUT  I tried it and it WORKED! I am 1000% better. When I’m feeling down or stressed out I put in one of his tapes and feel so much better.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is suffering from IBS symptoms. I am eternally grateful to Michael for his work and dedication in helping end the suffering. Any really, suffering is the only word to describe what one goes through. This program has also had  a positive effect on my ability to deal with Fibromyalgia.   Sincerely,  Kathleen



December 01, 2004   From Faith in Queens, New York –

Hi , I just wanted to say thanks to the people who posted the information about Michael Mahoney's IBS Audio Program 100. It changed my life completely. After suffering from IBS since 2000 I was finally diagnosed in early 2004 ( I’m 24). … I had follicular lymphoid hyperplasia of the ileum. The doctor said it could be a normal variant for my body. Unfortunately, for some reason every time the doctor tried to taper me off the entocort (steroid) my symptoms would return. I was finally able to come off it, after I realized myself that milk products were the problem… the doctor had told me I was lactose intolerant. She told me to take supplements to digest the lactose in foods because lactose is added to so many things is not just in cheese ice cream and milk. It is added to many foods such as cereal , cold cuts, and even canned products. What she didn’t t say is that sometimes lactase supplements don’t work for everyone. so after doing research on the internet I realized that they weren’t working for me. since I only avoided everything with milk while I was on the medication I was better then, as soon as she lowered the dose I thought everything was fine so I went back to eating milk products so you can see what happened. even though eliminating all products for my diet helped me a lot. I still had bloating, stomach pain and mild diarrhea a few times per month. but it was the worry of happening again that completely paralyzed me. eating milk products and IBS caused me to have diarrhea everyday in the morning for about 4 years so even after it diminished greatly the worry of not knowing where bathrooms were located everyday affected my life to the point that I was living in fear of going anywhere I didn’t know before IBS.


So finally I started the IBS Audio Program 100 hypnotherapy program. today I’m on day 86 of 100 and I have a different outlook on life even when I get the urge to go and some mild cramping I can hold until I get to a bathroom, I’m longer afraid of going out as much. my only worry is long trips by car or riding the train. I’m sure I’ll be able to conquer those fears soon. I even had a pap smear done while I had cramping that's how much I have learned to remain calm in the most extraordinary situations. please everyone out there don’t lose hope. IBS can be managed even with symptoms we can have a normal or at least close to normal lives. I don’t need medication, but I used to take Imodium everyday for about 2 years. I was prescribed nulev for the abdominal pain but it is so mild that I don’t need it. as long as I don’t eat wheat, insoluble fiber without soluble fiber, fatty foods or milk products the pain is never too bad. and when it comes occasionally is very mild. please if you need medicine use it. but what has greatly helped me is the hypnotherapy. THE WEBSITE IS  - it has worked for me, maybe it can help you too. God bless I hope I didn't write too much. but everyone out here has helped so much with this debilitating condition if it wasn’t for your help and the IBS hypnotherapy program I don’t know what would have happened to me. I’m proof that IBS can improve and it can be managed in many ways. work with your doctors, have faith, and never give up. God bless everyone. ......

.....if you have any questions feel free to ask. please follow the hypnotherapy instructions, believe in yourself, and don’t ever lose hope. just remember give yourself time to see a difference, don’t expect to get better right away. it took me a bout 2 weeks to see a change. for some people it might be longer, but don’t feel discouraged Mahoney says in the cd that you may continue to improve even after you finish the program.



December 7, 2004  From Ralph in Australia –


I believe that anyone who… struggles with IBS and finds some reason not to try the CD's is seriously depriving themselves of perhaps one of the best options available to them. Just look at all the incredible result reports! And if nothing else works what do you have to lose by trying. I feel for those who are missing out on what could provide a turning point in their lives.


I too am getting great results from the audio program. I have just finished the hypno course, packed the fibre and went  for a weeks skiing with friends.
Hard skiing everyday, followed by much eating and drinking, and I have to say that the digestive system has never behaved better, found I was congratulating myself (and of course the sub-conscious mind) every day on a fine job, and how well I felt. I think the hypno along with increased and regular (used to forget a bit) use of fibre has really done the trick. THANKS MIKE! You've provided a great service for myself and many in need.  All the best 



November 30, 2004 From KitB –


 Just to add my thanks for the improvement that I have benefited from since doing the CDs. The first time round I saw huge improvements. I am IBS-D and got to the stage that I could hardly leave the house. I had a

few "safe" trips where I had it in my head where the public toilets were to run to when I needed and that was that. I couldn't travel to see my family, go to the cinema etc. Not long after I started the CDs things

got much better and I was confident enough to increase my numbers of journeys (car journeys were definitely the stressful trigger that set me off). I was out of work at the time and had time to take proper care of myself. Then I had to move house when my husband got a new job, this involved loads of traveling round when house hunting, I found this really hard …. but I managed, and I managed the new journeys involved to

the train station when job hunting and even living at my in-laws for a time. But then I had a bit of a set back, I had just finished the program and I think upheaval was too much. But as soon as I was able to re-start the CDs things seemed to settle back down again. I have managed to survive the interview process and get a new full time job, cope with the journey into work & even traffic jams (the journey is only 20 mins but I couldn’t have done that a year ago), travel with colleagues on short journeys to other sites, and I have even booked a short holiday for next week ….. so wish me luck but I am sure now I have improved this

much I will be fine on the 3 hour drive.


I am on the last session so just have a few weeks to go now. If anyone is at the considering stage with purchasing these CDs then go for it! They have made a huge difference to me.



Oct 28, 2004  From Amanda  - New York on

"... I have (thankfully) never struggled with depression or serious anxiety, so I've never experienced life on any of those medications, but on day 34 of the program, I feel amazing. I have noticed over the last week or so a huge change in my mood, especially in my reactions to stressful situations. I have not had an IBS attack in FOREVER, so I don't even think about that anymore, but I wasn't expecting all these other benefits. Normally, something like breaking a glass, or having to deal with an extra wait at the pharmacy, or just missing the subway, was enough to ruin my mood for at least an hour. I'd stamp my feet, get cranky and pouty, and not be able to enjoy myself. Now, all three of those things have happened in the last week, and I've been so calm and unbothered. I haven't had to tell myself to calm down or anything ... I just think oh, broken glass, I should pick it up .... oh the pharmacy made a mistake, I'll come back after class ... oh, that train is already leaving, I'll get the next one ...
I feel so Un-Amanda-New Yorker-Stressed out law student! I never thought I was a bratty or moody person before, but looking back I definitely see a favorable change in my general mood.
I love these CDs. I've actually been using them for more than 34 days -- I listened to C (Commentary Introduction) and (Session) 1 intermittently over the summer, before I could commit to a routine (schedule was crazy). I really began the program probably 50 days ago, but have missed days here and there, sometimes a few at  time, and have had to go back and re-listen. I can't wait to see how I feel at the end of the 100 days. ....

I've been better able to deal with the stress of law school, and I've been able to eat a much wider range of foods without experiencing IBS symptoms all the time. Having suffered with IBS for a while, this is a tremendous relief for me, and I am happier all around, because my life doesn't revolve around what I eat and how I feel.



October  2004  Posted by Bev on HelpforIBS


Towards Inner Peace - an "extra" follow-up program.

Hi Everyone,  I haven't posted for quite a while, but just wanted to let you know that I have just finished TIP(Towards Inner Peace) and am flourishing like a daisy in a field!

I was very happy after finishing the IBS Audio 100, but this is something else. Just so peaceful and my stomach thanks me for it every day. Now I'm only listening to a couple of sessions every now and then and my digestion is so good!! After all these years, it really is a miracle.

If anyone is considering getting these CDs go for it. I'm actually putting on weight for the first time in I don't know how many years and may now have to watch what I eat!!   I am just so happy that Mike was put on this earth to help us.



October 2004 From David in the UK


I had been wondering about the second session  and wondered if this was going to be the mechanism for future control. It's early days for me, but I'm finding that I'm far more relaxed than I've been in a very long time. I went abroad at the weekend, and normally the travelling and airports alone would have made my guts do somersaults, but I felt strangely relaxed and energised throughout. Thanks again. Regards, David 



 October 2004   From Miranda-van

 I've been feeling a lot better lately… I made a big step in using the audio program … My gut has been a bit gurgly in the last couple days and I could "feel" an attack coming on... This morning, just as I felt things might turn bad, I sat down and really concentrated hard on visualizing. I used the images in session two  and I was able to stave off my symptoms getting worse. I thought about my gut becoming calm and slowing down and so far no visits to the loo!




■■ October 2004 From Clair, York, UK –


 I'm now about 2-3 years down the line from using Mike's tapes - I can't even remember how long it has been actually! but I am symptom free and at one point I had pretty severe IBS. It all seems like it happened in another lifetime that's how long I haven't even thought about it.  So to anyone out there who is skeptical that these tapes can change your life - I am living proof! and I remember being the biggest skeptic of all told me… I got proved wrong and glad to say so.



■■ October 2004  From Elena, UK


Hi Mike, I completed the IBS Audio Program in January & my life has TURNED AROUND. I want to thank you because I realise now that anxiety was the overriding cause of my symptoms but now I no longer think of IBS and how I'll get thru the day when I wake up- I feel free! I’m so happy, I’ve finished my year out in Japan (amazing), … I’m  going travelling with AND I EAT WHAT I WANT: spices/ bread/ dairy... I want to thank you so much. I feel alive again! Best wishes, Elena



October 2004 From Jack in Australia


Mikes CD's/Tapes are worth every cent, and I highly recommend them to anyone. Mike really knows his stuff. It's a shame he doesn’t get a chance to regularly contribute to the board, as I feel not enough attention is given to the benefits of hypnotherapy.



October 25, 2004  From Ralph on HelpforIBS

It does keep on getting better. I also like to remember some key moments from the tapes,(CDs) my favourites are the pedals/wheel, and if I feel any stirrings, I like to tell myself that
"its ok because my subconscious knows exactly what to do, it's permanently coded there now" !
Also if anxiety is a big issue go back to the cart and well and throw heaps of bags labeled anxiety into it and wave them goodbye. I have just spent three weeks touring around the countryside towing a van and covering about 4000 km, and I’ve got to say my system performed brilliantly, and travel is traditionally pretty good at upsetting routines. All indicators are that IBS is rapidly becoming something in my past, and I am determined that this is the case.



September 2004  From Kac in Philadelphia


I highly recommend the program. I hit a low point a couple of years ago and nothing i was trying was working for my IBS. I decided then to try the tapes with the "they can't hurt" mentality, and they have been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my IBS.

They are very simple to use and very relaxing, and I usually listened to them right before I went to bed every night. I still listen to my favorite sessions now that I’ve gone thru the program in times of high stress to help me get thru. The tapes didn't 'cure' me, I still have bad days - but then even people without IBS have bad stomach days! The tapes gave me some control back at a time that I thought I had none, and that was incredibly helpful.



Sept 2004    From D. in Minneapolis, MN


It seemed like once I hit Session 3, I had BMs daily like clockwork, with absolutely NO diarrhea and very little gas and bloating.

The funny thing is, I still haven't heard more than like 5 minutes of each of the sessions, I have NO idea what Michael is saying to me while I sleep.



August 23, 2004   From Charbeaner  - Schaumburg, IL

I was on a thread called "Miserable, my meds are not working" or close to that, but decided to start a new topic because I want you all to see this. NEARLY A YEAR AGO, I purchased Mike's Tapes and just put them in a drawer because I just didn't think I could commit to 100 days. Well, I am now on about day 12 or so and all I know is I am using 1/2 to 1/3 the amount of meds I was using 10-12 days ago. I don't believe it!!! I don't know how this works, but I am now a believer. I feel so much better, stools are formed, no "D". I am also able to tolerate Citrucel for fiber where before it would cause me to double over in pain. My urgency is completely gone. I know I have only been on the tapes a short time, but I have had no relief from this IBS-d for a year and a half. If I get no further relief, this has been worth it.  Thank you Mike for your encouragement.



August 2004   From Leslie in Colorado


I started Mike's tapes about 10 days ago. I have gone from 5-6 bad days (diarrhea) out of 1 or 2 good days to almost ALL good days with completely normal bowel movements with no discomfort, pain or urgency. So far, I am very encouraged with Mike's tapes and am a big believer that the mind is the mechanism that keeps us well.


 August 12 and 30 2004 From Ralph/RGS

I too am getting great results from the audio program.… I have just finished the hypno course, packed the fibre and went south for a weeks skiing with friends. Hard skiing everyday, followed by much eating and drinking, and I have to say that the digestive system has never behaved better, found I was congratulating myself (and of course the sub-conscious mind)every day on a fine job, and how well I felt, even though I think I was jet propelled down some of those blue runs! Well you gotta have some reaction to beer after all!
I have never followed a particular diet, except low fat, and excluding trigger foods identified (especially reef fish, I consider that a bout of ciguatera poisoning 30 years ago was the start of the IBS), but I think the hypno along with increased and regular (used to forget a bit) use of fibre has really done the trick. THANKS MIKE! You've provided a great service for myself and many in need. All the best.




August 2004   From Sowhynot - Washington State

My story? IBS-C with severe pain. Tried librax and another one like librax (without the librium). Both made the constipation worse and were only moderately successful with the pain. I also hated the side effects. While I've been IBC-C since my teens the pain was a new one.

In examining my life I've been under horrendous stress for the past 18 months; dealing with elderly demented parents - one who tried to kill the other - and who were also taken financial advantage of by crooked professionals. One parent did die, the other had a severe stroke shortly after the death.

Listening to the CDs I found I was really able to control the stress level and eliminate the pain by about 90%. I've also been very conscious of my diet but I was before too (like no onions). Do I still have bouts of the constipation? Sometimes, but not nearly as badly as before. So looking at all the factors I think it's the hypnotherapy that did the trick.



June 30, 2004  From Backfire

Doing great. I'm on day 60 or so of the program. The problems of urgency and running to the bathroom are almost totally gone, and my reflexes to panic every time I hear rumbling in my stomach have disappated. I feel like I am continuing to work toward being 100% normal -- and am very close. Looking forward to finishing the tapes and continuing to get better. I even have a softball game tonight where there will be no bathroom in sight -- before I wouldn't have thought about it -- tonight I'm going happily.





April 30, 2004 on Revolution Health  - Rating 10 out of 10


IBS Audio Program 100  - Very Effective. This program is a blessing. After years of medications that were ineffective, this finally did the trick. My IBS symptoms have been greatly improved, to the point where I don't think about IBS for every waking moment of the day like I used to. And stress levels are reduced as well. So soothing, even my hubby will listen and he doesn't even have IBS. Best thing I ever did for IBS over and above other treatments.



April 7, 2004 From Lori

"I haven't posted to any of the message boards for the past few months and felt kind of bad! I posted a lot more when I was feeling bad, but when I started feeling better, I quit. I want to encourage people to use the hypnotherapy CD's. I finished using them about two months ago. I didn't see any difference for the first 2/3 at least of the program, but now I haven't had a stomach attack in about 3 months. I'm eating pretty normally - I follow some of the IBS diet as needed (mostly low fats, no salad, no chocolate, low insoluble fiber), but otherwise can eat quite a bit of normal stuff. I've had IBS for 35 years, since I was 10. I'm not saying my stomach always feels completely fine, but it's not enough to change my life much anymore. I honestly wonder if the hypnosis can really do this, but I didn't do anything else different!! Hope this encourages all of you who are doing the program to keep at it!



March 25, 2004  From Crampgirl on HelpforIBS

Well, so far I am only on day 14 or so, so really don't know if it is going to help my IBS yet. What I have experienced is just how relaxed it makes me. When I first listened and took the three deep breaths I noticed that I felt better and more relaxed after the breaths. After about day 4-5 I didn't notice a big difference in feeling more relaxed after the breaths BECAUSE I was already relaxed before I even started. I look forward to the sessions and love the time to just drift off with his soothing voice. I am on tape 2. I too sometimes fall asleep so try sitting in a reclining position rather than flat which helps some. I fell asleep a few days ago and the tape had gone beyond tape 2 part I and I woke up to part II which sounds just as good but I shut it off till I'm ready to get there. I had a patch of anxiety panic attacks 14 yrs ago or so when I first got IBS from all the stress of not knowing what was going on with me, physically and also job problems. It was mostly always while I was driving to work (lots of stress there ). Hadn't had them since but then they just reared their ugly head a few mos ago as I had a really scary auto incident and a few break downs on the freeway. Again, only when driving. I'm finding since listening to these tapes they are happening less frequently. I'm hoping for more improvement. At first the price made me balk but now I'm thinking it is really pretty inexpensive when you consider what in person sessions would cost and maybe have someone who really didn't do it right for IBS. Also, think about how much we all spend on pills and potions for this. I would recommend it for anxiety/stress if nothing else.




February 22, 2004  From Vicky Anderson in Canada


 I want to thank Michael.  I purchased his IBS 100 CD's last summer because of gastrointestinal problems.  Not only did he help me with stomach problems and stress, but he even cured my chronic case of insomnia!  I have tried hypnotherapy before, but nothing compares to the care and professionalism that went into these CD's.  MICHAEL PENETRATES YOUR SOUL! 



Feb 2004  From jo –


I've had IBS-C for about the last 10 years. I did the hypno CD's in the middle of 2003 and it made a big difference to me. I would really strongly recommend it. If you have any more questions, let me know ... although, and this might help sway your mind, today is the first day I've been on here in months b/c my IBS isn't a big part of my life any more!



 Feb 2004  From DJW –


I started the sessions yesterday. What a positive experience! Michael's voice is so calming and there's a nice balance of background music. I'm truly looking forward to my next session.



Feb 2004   From Bev in Washington state  –


I don't need a personal visit to a hypnotherapist. Michael IS an "actual hypnotherapist," by the way, who has successfully specialized in treating IBS for over 10 years -- and he's incredible. Why would I need to find a local hypnotherapist? Even if I did find someone locally, I can guarantee he wouldn't have the background in IBS that Michael has. The program has helped SOOO many people… You should check it out……


 I am extremely grateful to Michael for having given me my life back. My positive thinking now has worked wonders for me; hubby sees a different person in me and comments on it often….

Michael is my hero; he really gave me my life back. Without him, I'd still be locked up in this condo, never leaving it. …


(From another post)  …I lost my job over IBS because I could no longer go to the office without spending the entire day in the bathroom. I've lost friends over my IBS, I've been on antidepressants, and I've had extreme anxiety where I was completely home-ridden, afraid to leave the house. I've had it ALL!

You might ask, how did I get better? Glad you asked. I got better when I found these boards -- and Michael. Michael  is the hypnotherapist (see the hypno board) whose program a lot of us have gone through. He got me over my anxiety and able to leave my home and join the living once more.



February 16, 2004  Also from Bev's Success Story; Thanks Michael!
I suffered from IBS long before I got my final diagnosis, just a few years ago. I bought several books on IBS and read them all, especially Heather’s, which I found easier to read and understand. Although she made a lot of sense, and I pretty much followed her program, I was still in denial to some degree about my IBS. I thought I could "cure" my IBS by cutting out the things in my life that were causing my stress. I quit my job, sold my home, and moved to Washington State, where I could pay cash for a home, thus relieving me of stress over money.

What I was not aware of at the time was that my stress had nothing to do with my job, my house payment, or money issues. It wasn’t until I began having panic attacks that I realized my stress had everything to do with my fear of having an attack where I was most vulnerable, away from home and the security of my bathroom.

The attacks were violent and often. I began thinking this was how I was going to die, unaware that this happens to people much, MUCH younger than I, and has nothing to do with my body “breaking down in my old age.” By this time, I had turned down many social invitations and never EVER went anywhere that I knew had no public bathrooms. Invitations to go fishing in the woods were all declined, despite my love of the water. I had been an avid rower and used to compete with several crews, but I had to give it up for my IBS. I lost my social life, I lost my self-confidence, and I lost my friends.

I had realized that I was inadvertently “scouting out” public bathrooms, but I did not know how seriously my fear had overcome my rational thought process until one day when I was up in Canada, shopping at Home Depot, and had a panic attack. Suddenly I felt heat rising up through my body, flooding my face, worse than any menopausal hot flash I’ve ever had, and I thought I was going to faint. I ran to the ladies’ room, where I sat inside a stall, holding onto the walls to keep me from falling over. I was sure I was going to die, right there in a foreign country, far, FAR from my home, not knowing anyone. When the panic finally left me, I quickly left the store, and drove home as fast as I could. That was the last time I left the confines of my little condo in several MONTHS. I was too scared to go anywhere, not even to the grocery store or for a walk in the neighborhood with my husband and beloved puppy dog. Whenever I ventured out, I got a block down the street and the diarrhea overcame me; I had to run back to the condo, just in time.

I again turned to Heather for help. She had tried a year ago to convince me to join the boards and learn about others who suffer and what fixes they had discovered, but I declined. Heather told me about Michael’s self-hypnosis program, and, although I was skeptical, I was ready to
give it a try. I also decided to follow her other advice and joined the boards.

Michael’s program helped me immediately learn how to relax. I had known for a long time that I had a problem with relaxing, but I did not know how to solve it, opting to wear myself out with exercise or jumping in the outdoor spa (which, unfortunately, I left behind me when I moved to Washington State). After several weeks of following Michael’s program religiously, I noticed a big change in myself. Hubby noticed too, and commented on it often. First, my anxiety disappeared completely. I felt quite comfortable leaving the confines of our little condo and
going for walks with hubby and puppy, going grocery shopping – even house-hunting. I wasn’t ready to cross the border into Canada again – memories of that last anxiety attack stuck with me – but I was grateful to feel good about driving 30 miles out of my way to go to the health
food store, shop, and drive 30 miles back home, all without needing a public bathroom. Wow, what a treat. Hubby commented that I seemed a lot happier and a lot less “up tight.” I enjoyed things a lot more, and I had more confidence about our future.

By the time I finished Michael’s program, I had gotten to the point where my whole body would relax the minute I plugged in the earphones; as soon as I heard his voice, I was asleep. I took him to bed with me every night. Even my morning cramps seemed to disappear, and when I did have them, they went away with each elimination. Wow. Unbelievable.

A side effect for me to Michael's program is my newly-developed positive thinking. It made sense to me that the mind controls the body -- ALL of the body -- but for some reason I still didn't get the connection between thinking positively and the body performing positively as a result; I just did not realize the damage that thinking negatively can do. My New Year's resolution was to think positively, and with Michael's help, so far it's been very easy to do. The results have been amazing; I love the comments I get from others about the change in me.

I have a lot to thank Michael for. I have my life back. My so-called friends are gone, but I have myself now, and I am no longer afraid to enjoy myself. My attacks are few and far between, and I can almost always attribute them to something stupid I have done. I have purchased several of Michael’s other programs and am anxious to begin them all. I have certainly come a long way in a very short time, such that I can’t help wondering why I wasn’t ready sooner.



February 4, 2004  From Melissa from New Jersey on HelpforIBS


I'd like to suggest the (IBS Audio Program) hypno cd's. They are a TREMENDOUS help with the anxiety of leaving the house. I know, because I've done them, and I never went anywhere for the fear of an attack either.




January 2004  From Dan  –


Well I've finished the program, its been 2 weeks now since I stopped listening. I have to say I have a bit of a mixed report, no miracle results. I haven't posted since I started, and was very uneasy after my first few listenings.

Well I came to really like listening though the only time I found to do it was when going to sleep at night, so I almost always was asleep before the cd stopped.

I think I'm functioning a little better I have ibs-d and there is considerably less "d" lately. However I find my mind racing to negative thoughts about getting an attack from different foods, maybe more often than I used to! I get obsessive about getting sick, either ibs or food poisoning, which I've only had once in my life, but has stuck as a fear.

So, I may do the program a 2nd time in a few months, and maybe I'll try doing it earlier in the day, as I did like being conscious for the cds, and even calling up some of the imagery when I wasn't feeling well or found myself in negative thought patterns. That was hard to do when only my subconscious mind as they always say around here had listened to the track. Thanks to all for listening and to those of you who pushed me to keep trying when I wanted to give up on the program. Dan