Living with IBS - Do something different

The lock-down and now the opening up of society again...

...have caused or increased stress in millions of people. For those living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), this additional stress can bring increased IBS symptom severity and frequency.

Worries about ourselves, our loved ones, stress about returning to work to name a few all add to the problem of living with IBS, making life even more difficult than it is already!

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iPhone and earphones with IBS Audio Program 100 on screen

If your physical and emotional symptoms have increased during the pandemic, you are not alone! We know how stress and strain can affect the IBS condition. 

Our IBS program has been helping bring balance and improved quality of life to many since 1998. 

IBS Audio Program 100

  • 1 x Introduction session
  • 5 x complete sessions which are structured to optimize outcomes.
  • Available on MP3 download
  • or Streamed directly to your smart device daily
  • A booklet with a listening schedule, progress log, symptom checklist is also included.
  • Free IBS companion recording including – Helps others understand the IBS journey!

 All for £47 for the MP3 version

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This program has been used by people around the world for years. Tried and trusted! 

  • Ideal for home use.
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to listen to
  • No appointment fees
  • No huge ongoing costs,
  • No appointments to make
  • No travelling or parking costs
  • No rush or fuss.

So when IBS is getting you down this is the program to use.

Ideally start using straight away before the symptoms worsen, and impacts your life further.

Click here to see lots more information.  It might be the best thing you do today. 

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