The world has changed – let's change it some more!

We are all aware of the impact on life and society this pandemic has brought into our lives.  Society has changed, how we interact with each other will be different for a long time to come.Picture is of a glass world hovering over open hands of a human

We have to think about social distancing, for the safety of others as well as ourselves.  The way we now have to think about shopping, socialising, travelling and so much more will remain a learning process for months yet to come.  It is in our nature to seek and have contact with others, but we now have to think about the risks. 

In short, our thinking has had to change.  But it may have changed more than you think, and if not I urge you to consider the next few paragraphs as they might change your life and the lives of those around you.

Yes, our thinking has changed, the way we live our lives has changed, but, there may be a silver lining to all this.  Just as social norms have changed, lets us consider changing our expectations.

Let us begin to think differently, in a creative way rather than just a reactionary way.  Why do we do things in a particular way, can we change them to a better way?  Do we have to do them at all? Can we find better ways of doing things rather than cling to long-held beliefs and habitual actions?

Something that might have been overlooked is that the old ways of thinking have also been pushed back.

We are in a new framework of thinking. 

In the past we were expected to do things in a particular way, we had to abide by the accepted norms or face ridicule or worse if we failed, or got something wrong.  But not now, let’s begin to recognise it’s okay to make mistakes while learning when trying new ideas and developing new concepts.

There is no better time than now to think about doing something different. During the lockdown, many of us went online and learned new languages, new business skills, wrote books, learned needlework and whatever else took our fancy.  We began to challenge accepted norms.

I have worked hard at thinking outside the box as they say for more than 25 years, in the development of my health programs for Irritable Bowel Syndrome the scourge of millions of lives around the world. Back in the day, I was told it couldn' be done, my friends, some family members, researchers and large corporate companies too, but they were all making one huge mistake.  Their thinking was confined to expected norms. In short, they boxed in their thinking and thereby their creativity, if it didn't conform to expected norms, they couldn't see it or imagine it, in this case, my home use health program for IBS, The IBS Audio Program 100.

How wrong they were, now this program is used in 45 countries and is available in three different languages, changing lives every day!

And I adopted the same way of thinking for my health programs for Cancer recovery, Anxiety, Osteoarthritis and many more.

The point is now is the best time in living memory to do things differently, to push back barriers and limitations which has held us back for a lifetime.  The old adage, 'necessity is the mother of invention' certainly applies nowadays.

So what's stopping you thinking differently? Trying new ways, and finding better ways of thinking, being and doing.

In these new times, let us learn to think differently, whether its how we live our lives or the goals we set ourselves it doesn't matter. We should all just consider doing things differently.  Asking is there a different way, a better way, a quicker way, a more rewarding way of doing x, y or z?

In some quarters this is called disruptive thinking. Changing the accepted norms, and with it, also comes the excitement of change.

Old norms have largely been swept away due to the emerging 'new normal'.  You may think differently about changing habits or routines, we no longer have to accept that the 'expert' has the only right way.

Now, is the time to change your thinking, challenge old ways and limitations, it isn't quite a brave new world, it is quite scary, and learning to change and challenge our ways of thinking takes a little time and might feel wrong initially. But in this case, if thinking differently feels wrong, remind yourself it is only unfamiliar!

Thinking of ways to help yourself, society, friends and family live happier, healthier more enriched and balanced lives can only bring good.  And that is where I hope one day we can look back and say to ourselves and others, that while the pandemic changed lives and society, it also presented the opportunity for a huge amount of good to enter the world too.


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