The IBS Audio Program 100  - English - MP3 Version.
Picture shows a medical doctor holding an app to the camera pointing to the screen which reads IBS Audio Program 100 Session 01
IBS Audio Program 100
IBS Audio Program 100
IBS Audio Program 100 private patient trials
IBS Audio Program 100 private patient trials
IBS Audio Program 100 private patient trials
IBS Audio Program 100 private patient trials
The IBS Audio Program 100  - English - MP3 Version.

The IBS Audio Program 100 - English - MP3 Version.

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Welcome to the IBS Audio Program 100 


 Are you sick and tired of Irritable Bowel Syndrome's impact on your life, relationships, career, social life and other areas? Then read on.

 The IBS Audio Program 100 was developed specifically for IBS.

It is a systematic approach to dealing with IBS. 

We have a lot to say about our program, but here is the short version
(For the longer version, scroll down)

Worried looking woman with IBS

IBS Audio Program 100 Structure: The short version!

The IBS Audio Program 100™ is structured over 100 days (Or 60 Days if you prefer) with a listening schedule for each day (including some days off). This structuring is a unique process developed for this program, which maximizes outcomes.

The entire program is available in MP3 download or streamed version.

The IBS Audio Program 100™ contains 1 x introductory Session and 5 x interlinking hypnotherapy sessions, each building on the preceding one.

It is a systematic approach to dealing with IBS. 

Sessions vary in duration but average 25-35 minutes (much less than many IBS sufferers spend in the bathroom each day!). This Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment system needs a little time and patience, remember:

  • you didn't develop IBS overnight; it took time,
  • you didn't build your emotional triggers overnight; they took time too,
  • and you didn't make negative-driven thoughts overnight either; they also took time.
  • And it took you time to develop negative expectations too!

So it makes sense it may take a little time to get things back in the correct order! 

The IBS Audio Program 100 also includes the following:

  • a progress log
  • listening schedule
  • symptom checklist, and,
  • other valuable irritable bowel syndrome information

Listen daily, where you will be undisturbed—just fitting your listening time into your daily schedule at your convenience. 

Remember, it is an investment in yourself; you are worth your time!


We make it easy:

It's like having personal 'one-to-one' sessions in the comfort of your home - priceless!

  • Without the one-to-one high-cost sessions
  • MP3 version = One payment/you own it! - no monthly/Quarterly fees 
  • No cancellation fees, no deposits or hidden charges
  • No travelling, which means less expense and less stress
  • No rushing for appointments, meaning less stress
  • Use at a time convenient to you.
  • Listen in your own environment.
  • No data collection as you use the program - ever!
  • Remember our cost-effective, structured IBS treatment program when all other options have failed - even better, start it today!
  • Helping around the world since 1998 - Our products speak for themselves!
  • It is a structured program.
  • Including an informational booklet with a progress log, listening schedule symptoms checklist and more.

We understand IBS and the misery it causes.

The IBS Audio Program 100 was developed following years of work with IBS sufferers. We listened and understood the impact of IBS on their lives.

We also listened to individual life journeys through the diagnosis of IBS and beyond, thereafter working therapeutically with them.

We spent five years developing this program plus three-year patient trial follow-up - we take IBS very seriously!


Screen shot of all six IBS Audio Program 100 sessions

We wanted to do something about the symptoms, such as


Stick man with hands on hips looking perplexed
  • Pain
  • diarrhoea
  • constipation
  • Alternating bowel movements
  • cramps
  • bloating
  • gas
  • nausea
  • incontinence, and the
  • anxiety IBS brings to many
  • the fear of urgency
  • fear of going out
  • the draining of confidence
  • the distress of telling co-workers and loved ones and 
  • we wanted to help remove embarrassment too
  • and many other common IBS symptoms too.
  • And we wanted to help increase confidence and reduce IBS anxiety too.
  • if IBS anxiety affects your life and enjoyment, please read on.

After five years of development and three years of patient piloting, we released the IBS Audio Program 100 in June 1998

Many people have used the IBS Audio Program 100 before you!

Hundreds of thousands in over 45 countries and three languages have used this program. 

Since 1998, the IBS Audio Program 100 has been tried and trusted.

We are celebrating 25 years this year and plan to be here much longer.


I want to thank you for your IBS 100 program which I completed recently. I am so delighted with how effective the course has been for me, & how different my days are as a result. Only someone who has lived the daily grind of uncertainty that IBS brings can know the sense of relief & optimism that comes as a result of having a body that works well again. It was worth persevering. I am really grateful.

EF, Wiltshire UK 22 Nov 2022

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This is the MP3 Downloads version.

(Note: To use it on your smart device, download this program to a desktop and sync your files. Or add them to your iCloud storage.

If you are unsure how to do either, we suggest one of the streamed versions:



You no longer have to 'just put up with IBS' - Fact!

Don't try to fight or force IBS recovery; work to tame, understand, and master it!  

If others can do it, why not you?

Woman wearing headphones listening

     Testimonial: "It's worth the price! This is an excellent tool for "gaining control" of your mind over bodily function!" Joe R, USA

     If IBS impacts your life and relationships, work or study, the IBS Audio Program 100 is for you!

    This program took eight years to develop, test, trial, and bring to market. No wonder it is the leading program of its kind, tried and trusted.

    When you've tried everything else, use this Irritable Bowel Syndrome Program.

    This Program is made for home use and is easy to follow!
    You may quickly become one of the thousands of users saying, "I wish I had done this years ago". 

    Did you know hypnosis has 38+ years of clinical research behind it, recognizing it as a valid IBS treatment option?

     This is the longer version - and worth the read if you have the time

    More about the IBS Audio Program 100

    The overviews of the commentary introduction session and five therapeutic sessions found in the program are as follows:

    IBS Audio Program Introduction Session

    Commentary Introduction:  Length Approx. 24m:47S

    It provides detailed information about hypnotherapy, the specific process being used for the audio treatments, and irritable bowel syndrome information.

    • It acknowledges the physical and psychological combination that characterizes IBS pathology, triggers, and symptoms.
    • It aims to treat IBS and the problems in your life that have resulted from it, including anxiety, social fears, depression, fatigue, and worry.
    • Sets a stopping point for the emotional drain of IBS, effectively saying, 'this is as bad as it gets' from this point on, IBS symptoms will not progress as you learn and work to improve your understanding and control of mind and body.
    • The subconscious begins to understand, and physical changes follow.
    • Emphasis on the safe, gentle, non-invasive aspects of IBS therapy and its record as a gentle form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment for many conditions for many years.
    • A trusted Irritable Bowel Syndrome Treatment System which has earned an excellent reputation. 
    IBS Audio Program 100 Session 01

    First Session:  Length Approx. 32m:58s 

    • The foundation session. It allows you to take the time to reduce your stresses and apprehensions, become familiar with the hypnotherapy process, and re-learn that you are always in control.
    • It offers a gentle introduction to reduce anxieties and emphasize calming thoughts, thus decreasing the negative thought patterns that trigger IBS physical responses.
    • It helps manage IBS symptoms and enables you to understand the benefits of allowing both mind and body to work together towards their goal.
    • The commentary introduction and this session together create the foundation upon the program to be built upon. Once you know the foundation is in place, you can move ahead confidently. 
    profile picture of a young woman with wind swept hair, looking relaxed

    "Coolest Thing EVER. I am telling everyone about this (the IBS Audio Program) even my mom wants me to get this for her - she doesn't suffer from IBS but she liked how it calmed her. I will be ordering again soon - I even love the fact that it explains IBS to those around me."

    IBS Audio Program 100 Session 02

    Second Session: Length Approx 27m:19s

    • This addresses the subconscious and conscious thoughts that can trigger IBS symptoms.
    • Creative imagery and suggestions teach you to exercise control over these thoughts.
    • It uses the power of suggestion to aid you in learning to control the speed of peristaltic waves of the GI tract, leading to regular bowel movements.
    • You begin reclaiming control by using the mind to regulate the body.



    IBS Audio Program Session 03

    Third Session: Length Approx 24m:26s

    • This uses imagery and suggestion to bring control to the entire digestive process, from start to finish.
    • Furthermore, allowing you to begin taking control and mentally search for areas within the GI tract where there is IBS pain or discomfort and then reduce these symptoms while continuing to use positive thoughts.
    • Negative thoughts decrease and are replaced by positive thoughts, which help develop new coping strategies.
    picture of a smiling girl, holding a had written not to the camera, reads Thank you IBS Audio Program 100

    "Just in the beginning stage [of the IBS Audio Program 100] but have noticed a definite improvement. More helpful than the health psychologist I am currently seeing. I highly recommend it." Patricia -BP


    IBS Audio Program 100 Session 04

    Fourth Session: Length Approx 23m:01s

    • It uses metaphor suggestions and imagery, which help view the journey through IBS as a trip nearing an end.
    • Acknowledges the struggles of the past, the many steps the journey has required, and that while there may be a step back occasionally, the progression will continue.
    • Acknowledges old thought patterns and allows them to be released, enhancing positive thought patterns to achieve continuous improvement.
    • It emphasizes that while memories of old thought patterns may remain, you don't live in the past. Instead, you live in the moment.
    • At this stage, your work is paying off; likely, the IBS symptoms will steadily improve, a sense of order has been reached, and progress should continue.


    IBS Audio Program 100 Session 05

    Fifth Session: Length Approx 19m:32s

    • Encapsulates positive moments from the five previous sections of the program.
    • Reaffirms the effects of the program.
    • You are encouraged to review this session occasionally after the program ends to optimize your positive changes.
    Picture of a woman overlooking a picturesque valley, with arms outstretched above her, with her thumbs up, donating victory, happiness, achievement
    Outcomes may vary from person to person. Please consult your medical doctor if you have concerns about using this program.

    ...I'm on Day 48 of Michael Mahoney's wonderful IBS hypnotherapy course - Oh am I glad I ordered this!!!! My anxiety levels are practically nil again, what an enormous relief!...


    The content and listening order of the sessions are both critical.

    The IBS Audio Program 100 gives you the structure necessary to allow a progression to the easing or ending of many presenting IBS symptoms. 

    The listening schedule uses a specific structured approach which includes repetition and moving between sessions in a structured way. We suggest your use this method of listening to maximize your outcomes.

    After the program is concluded, we encourage you to listen to the final session for an additional time to ensure the learned processes are embedded in your subconscious.

    The program is successful for many users in reducing or even eliminating the presenting symptoms altogether and often also reduces the severity of presenting symptoms as progress is made through the program. As we are all different, outcomes and time frames may vary.  

    • Patience is also required!  
    • Don't try and rush it! Don't try to do anything; listen!
    • You will be guided through the program in a structured, gentle way.  
    Please have your symptoms diagnosed by a Gastroenterologist or Physician before starting the IBS Audio Program 100™. It is important to remember that you cannot self-diagnose IBS, and many severe conditions have symptoms similar to IBS. In addition, outcomes may vary from user to user. 

    Get your IBS Audio Program 100 at a sale price today!

    IBS Audio Program 100 in 45 seconds:

    Black and white picture of an old pocket watch

    I recently did the IBS100 self-hypnosis series, and it’s given me the most help of anything I’ve tried

    stick man happy and dancing with joy. His arm are up over his head getting into the moment

    At a glance

    • The only clinical hypnotherapy treatment resource using the OPSIM™ method (structured listening explicitly developed for this and other complete programs).
    • It was explicitly developed for the physical symptoms of IBS & also the emotional aspects too!
    • Alleviated symptoms of thousands of IBS patients resistant to conventional medical IBS treatments.

    IBS Audio Program 100

    • Clinical trials for over 20 IBS symptoms with three-year follow-up results show continual ongoing improvement after completion of the program. 
    •  Also, in-situ unsolicited testimonials verify program effectiveness outside the hospital or therapeutic rooms. 
    • Use in the safety and comfort of your home—no travel, appointments, traffic, or embarrassment.
    • Cost-effective: SAVE £, $, €, ¥! comparable to less than one session of private IBS therapy.
    • Our IBS Audio Program 100 can be used alongside other IBS treatment methods or stand-alone.
    • They are often used when all other treatment options have proved disappointing.
    • The American Gastroenterology Association has approved clinical hypnotherapy as an IBS treatment method since 1996.
    • In the UK, clinical hypnotherapy has been a successful IBS treatment method for over 38+ years. Our program has 24 years of online success and 29 years of success in Michael's practice.
    • Available in convenient, immediate MP3 download format or Streamed versions.                      

          Listen to the sound clips and read a selection of reviews below

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          Sound Clip   Introduction

          Sound Clips Session 1    Session 2     Session 3    Session 4    Session 5


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          If you are still not convinced


          Endorsement From Jeffrey Roberts,  August 1, 2008, For the IBS Audio Program 100®

          Jeffrey Roberts, founder of the IBS Association as featured, on the IBS Self Help and Support Group website, www.ibsgroup.org, Michael Mahoney’s IBS Audio Program 100®  Roberts comments that “Sufferers continue to see this type of clinically proven technique as an affordable and safe way to alleviate and control the most troubling symptoms of IBS.  The IBS Audio Program 100® has a great deal of clinical evidence to support its use and we consider it as a primary tool to help sufferers.”


          If you are still not convinced

          bookmark this page, try whatever other options you feel necessary, and when you think the time is eventually correct, please revisit us.

          We never intend to sell hard - you will know when you're ready!

          Our IBS Audio Program 100 is often imitated but never beaten! We have a reputation for excellent products, good service, and innovative, affordable products.

          Our program developer Michael Mahoney even received an invitation in 2011 to attend the Queen's garden party at Buckingham Palace in recognition of his Innovative Health Solutions. It sounds like he had a great time! 

          Please read our blog post,  The IBS Journey.        


          Get your program at a sale price today!


           * We reserve the right to amend or withdraw discounts without prior notice.

          picture of two laptops facing each other, with the images of two none descript people reaching out towards each other, one from each laptop, shaking hands. Donating friendship and happy to work together.


          We wish you well on your journey of gentle change.
          The Healthy Audio Hypnosis Team



          Click the testimonial link below; we never asked for them! But we are very grateful to them!

          This message is for Michael Mahoney. I can not thank you enough for this IBS series. It is effective, thoughtful, sensitive and caring. I can feel the kindness, the empathy and the knowledge of the IBS condition that you so eloquently portray.
          I have already used what I’ve learned one day when I started to feel some GI disturbance and diaphoresis that typically signal a ‘flare up’. I repeated some of the suggestions and ‘talked myself’ into a calm state with complete resolution!!!
          I look forward to each evening session and I must admit I do fall asleep halfway through on occasion and on those days that I must skip my session according to the schedule, I miss it. Again, many thanks for this incredible product.
          Frances USA
          18 June 2022

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          The The IBS Audio Program 100 - English - MP3 Version. is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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